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The GOP Tax Cut Is Just as Bad As We Feared it Would Be


The GOP Tax Cut Is Just as Bad As We Feared it Would Be

Frank Clemente

A little more than a year after President Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans enacted their tax cut costing $1.9 trillion, all of the bad outcomes critics predicted from the law are coming true: Benefits are flowing disproportionately to the wealthy and big corporations while working families are paying the price. But as we unhappily mark the law's first anniversary, a further, unanticipated consequence has emerged that threatens the health care of tens of millions of Americans.


Well, the big budget deficit prodded Nancy “PayGo” Pelosi into action.

Yet it won’t stop the vast majority of her caucus from getting all bi-partisany and voting for more military spending.

This entire tax/deficit/balanced budget farce is sickening.


If Trump isn’t hounded out of office by Monday we are all saps.


This is the peoples fault as well as the republican congress. We listened to Paul Ryan tell us they would have to make cuts to social security, medicare, and medicaid, and we did nothing.