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The GOP Tax Plan Is Igniting a Movement for a Moral Economy


The GOP Tax Plan Is Igniting a Movement for a Moral Economy

Sarah Anderson

While Republicans may succeed in scoring a short-term win for their donors, their tax plan is sparking a new moral movement against inequality.

The Poor People’s March in Washington, D.C. (Photo: Wikipedia/ Creative Commons)


My dearest hope is that this movement grows and care, compassion, and regard for each person becomes a creed evident in American and worldly life and governing principles. This analysis gives hope; may the acts of all of us bring it to fruition.


99% of humanity regards economy as a subset of society, a moral, ethical life being its own reward in continuity, stability, sociability, mutuality and long term strength rather than ‘power’.

Our strength is largely ignored by the mainstream devolution of predation and greed, their own poisons.

Our diversity is one of our strengths and in that the resilience to leave behind the immoral, the poisonous while we walk through it. Simplicity is an art. The ancients and contemporary who embrace them, though scorned and snubbed by the ‘privileged’ ignorant, provide excellent and necessarily poetic arcs over and through the machinations that the shortsighted drive societies into.

Time for a renaissance - and the diversity of the world’s ethnicities in conversation and mutual education and support. Could you imagine the bedrock that could provide? The possibilities are endless, always have been and always will be. Not the “american dream” but homosapiens actually becoming homo sapiens sapiens - truly self-aware of being-aware


What arrogance! What ignorance! I have long suspected that many, if not most, Senators think this way. This old fool has only confirmed it. I wish he would try living hand-to-mouth for a few months. He would then begin to understand the reality of trying to just survive in 2017 America. There isn’t anything left over for booze, women or movies, Chuck!

By the way, Chuck, what gives you the right to pass judgement on people who have never had your privileged status? You and your cohorts in the Senate are hopelessly and totally out of touch with reality!


The “investing” Grassley refers to is the 1% investing in politicians who will do their bidding. Most DC politicians DO think this way since they are the politicians that the 1% invest in. Since the dawn of the 21st century the 1% have had enough dough to buy all the goods and services they need, so further tax reductions for the 1% will enable them to buy more more politicians than ever in the US AND abroad.


Agreed but a Movement For A Moral Economy needs to begin with some effective teeth in it: Total, rolling, non cooperation. Now.



The first priority of a moral economy should be sustainability.

That might mean egalitarian access to technology like the internet and renewable energy grids or, more likely, a push toward an economy in which everyone learns to live with less.

Good ass luck with that. Last time I checked, rampant, short-sighted greed ruled the day.


Who owns the land,water,air and all the natural resources-be owners not slaves-don’t buy into all the elite BS brainwashing----think outside the box----SUPPORT THE COMMONS!