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The GOP Tax Scam Two-Step: Explode the Deficit With Cuts for Rich, Then Screw the Poor


The GOP Tax Scam Two-Step: Explode the Deficit With Cuts for Rich, Then Screw the Poor

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Mark my words: As soon as the Republican tax bill passes, Republicans are going to insist on cutting Medicare and Social Security to cut the deficit," said Sen. Bernie Sanders


Tweet from Norm a few minutes ago.

There has never been a more outrageous, revolting, unfair process to pass a corrupted bill in the history of Congress. That Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Jeff Flake, John McCain, Lindsey Graham have endorsed this makes anything positive they have done get erased. Unconscionable

Could it be that they are voting on a bill no one has seen?

Norm Ornstein & Thomas Mann published a book in 2006, “The Broken Branch”. Here are a couple of book reviews. The country is going down the drain so fast that even 11 years ago, the legislative branch was in failure mode.

Editorial Reviews

From Publishers Weekly
Until recently, one could be forgiven for thinking that the present Congress is essentially an arm of the Bush administration, according to Mann and Ornstein, nationally renowned congressional scholars from the Brookings Institution and the American Enterprise Institute, respectively. Their book argues persuasively that relentless partisanship and a disregard for institutional procedures have led Congress to be more dysfunctional than at any time in recent memory. Looking back to the arbitrary and sometimes authoritarian leadership of Democratic speaker Jim Wright and the Abscam scandals of the 1980s, the authors demonstrate how they presage the much worse abuses of power committed by former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay and superlobbyist Jack Abramoff. In outlining more than 200 years of congressional history, Mann and Ornstein sometimes allow just a sentence or two to explain the policies and philosophies of an important politician or even an entire party, even as they catalogue deviations from obscure points of procedure in extensive detail. Their book may be useful and enjoyable to the specialist, though recent conservative pushback on issues from the Harriet Miers nomination to warrantless wiretapping and immigration will make some wish the authors had had the opportunity to add a postscript. (Aug.)
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

From Booklist
Mann and Ornstein are affiliated with different political parties and work at rival Washington think tanks, but they share a fascination with Congress and an abiding dedication to the First Branch’s productivity. With this book, they stage an intervention. Over the past 20 years, they assert, legislators have increasingly subordinated earnest deliberation to partisan tribalism, eroding that branch into division and dysfunction. Although careful to remind us that the root causes of this decline lay in an escalating dialectic of majority arrogance and creative rule bending perpetuated by both parties, the brunt of Mann and Ornstein’s criticisms are of the current Republican majority. They are not afraid to name names: House Speaker Dennis Hastert, for example, is repeatedly singled out as guilty of putting party before duty. The majority of Mann and Ornstein’s analysis, however, examines incremental yet insidious tweaks of congressional procedure: three-day workweeks and innovative methods of arm-twisting. Both a plea for a return to dignified deliberation and a brave discussion of which legislative behaviors need to be changed, this book is timed for the upcoming congressional elections. Brendan Driscoll


It helps to think of the people doing these things as in league with foreigners. Where did the billions needed to throw national elections come from? Multinationals?

Somebody apparently has been hacking many of our elections for years, and that’s why the polls in states with black box voting machines are seriously conflicting with actual results, while the polls in neighboring states with paper ballots are generally pretty accurate. I’m not saying that a foreign dictator with whom our nation is often in conflict did everything, but he tried. More likely, widespread felonious election stealing is mainly a domestic crime.

Multinational corporations are getting all of the financial benefits of this totally invisible (until voted upon) tax bill. United States citizens will sooner rather than later be paying off some crushing debts that will rival Greece’s recent disaster. 50% unemployment and runaway inflation are two of the possible debt-reducing tools. Also, no more medicare or social security (but leaving those particular taxes still intact) will do some of the debt reduction job. Selling off Yellowstone National Park will make some money for debts. When a few more bridges collapse at rush hour, we save money. Finally, if another Hurricane Maria hits one of the states and not Puerto Rico, zero help to the victims plus runaway cholera epidemics is one tactic.


“The driver of our debt is the structure of Social Security and Medicare for future beneficiaries,” Rubio claimed.

This is a flat out, bald-faced lie. Social Security and Medicare are earned benefits. People pay a Social Security (FICA) tax and a Medicare tax during their working lives, i.e., they contribute to the program. When they retire, they are entitled to the benefits.

Further Social Security is “off budget.” This means that it’s legally separate from the rest of government spending which is “on budget.” Current Social Security tax revenues are used to pay current Social Security benefits. Social Security has been running surpluses since the mid-1980s. Therefore, Social Security doesn’t contribute one cent to the government on budget deficit or debt!

In fact, when Social Security runs a surplus as it has for decades, and the government runs an on-budget deficit, which it has since President Reagan except for two years at the end of the Clinton Administration, then Social Security is required by law to lend those surpluses to the US government to finance its on-budget deficit. It does this by buying Special Issue bonds. These are special issue bonds because Social Security can’t sell them to any other lender. These bonds become part of the Social Security Trust Fund (that Al Gore wanted to put in a “lock box.”) Current Social Security benefits are paid for by current revenues and by drawing down its surplus, i.e., redeeming its Special Issue bonds.

Thus, Senator Rubio is clearly, openly and blatantly lying about Social Security’s finances. Let’s see of the capitalist, corporate media or even Commondreams calls him on it.


If We the People do not remove each and every one of these conspirators that allow this bill to become law, we shame our children and grandchildren and all future generations.

If the Democrats do nothing to organize the masses to physically remove these criminals, they too are complicit.


Celebrating tonight with some bud a little brew, pizza (fattening as hell you bet) and fruit pie for dessert. As AJ Conservative of the WP said on NPR as I was driving home “This is government for the few by the reckless.”

So let’s celebrate the tax cuts for the 1% (including our pretend prez) on the backs of the 99%.

Now, back to my party to forget this nightmare for one evening, and spend with my son and father.


In addition to outrageous and extreme gerrymandering, the people in charge of elections in several states have deliberately used easily hackable voting machines running highly questionable software.  For example, Ohio in 2004 used machines provided by Diebold, whose CEO at the time was a Bush ‘Ranger’ who had bundled million$ in contributions for Bush’s campaign.  Bush won Ohio in part by getting small majorities in districts that had voted DamnocRatic for decades . . .


When I was growing up, politicians stumbled over each other to assert their commitment to Social Security. They were very afraid of the senior vote. I wonder what correlations we might discover if we were to plot a timeline of when politicians stopped pledging to safeguard Social Security and when they stopped being afraid of the seniors, and when electronic voting machines were introduced. Just speculation on my part but it does seem reasonable to not be afraid of the electorate if you have control of the electronic outcomes.


To pull off a scam of that size can not happen, simply because there are many more of us than there are of them. Congress critters think they can’t be held accountable for their actions, because of the laws and a conservative court. Not so. Working people know where they live and some kind of justice will prevail. Just look at past history. I don’t think they will roll out the guillotines again, but something drastic will happen.


Party on JB!


Need I say the obvious? Okay I’ll say the obvious. The corporate cock sucking Republicans suck.

That said.

I highly doubt that a single millionaire Democrat, who benefits personally from this tax scam, will voluntarily return any and all windfalls.

They will fake utter contempt for the tax bill that will put a whole bunch more money in their pockets.

Not all Democrats of course, but each one of the Corporate State Democrats. All smiles to the fucking bank, just not in public.


Assuming this passes and the Democrats eventually control both Congress and the White House again and don’t raise the taxes back on the rich and reduce them on the poor and middle class then you will know what the truth really is. And I can assure you the Democrats would never do that. Once again the Democrats get to play the part of the opposition when in fact they belong to the one corporate party same as the Republicans. This good cop/bad cop Kabuki theater is just so predictable.


Would not be surprised… remember Obamacare? Nobody ever read either.


Ever since he showed up in DC, Paul Ryan has been posturing to give the speech announcing Social Security and Medicare cuts to manage the deficit. GOP control is now giving him the opportunity to realize his dream.


I sent this email to my two Republican senators just a few minutes ago:

You voted for the tax bill anyway. I don’t know why you invite constituents to contact you about their concerns when you just ignore them, all 75% of us who wanted you to vote against the tax bill yesterday.

We will not forget that Republicans did this to us, and we have no respect for you remaining, none. Just contempt.



Yep and this really obomber grand bargain only repugs passed instead demodogs


The past history I’ve looked at seems chock full of countries and empires where a tiny minority ruled over oppressed masses and lived in great opulence whilst those around them were destitute or starving. Ancient Rome was built on slavery, in Sparta slaves out numbered the elite by 7 to 1. Both empires endured for hundreds if not a thousand years.


Could it get a HELL of a lot worse?

Please read this and reply if you know the answer, otherwise we could all be paying thousands more in taxes.

I was just about to sign up for health insurance through healthcare.gov. Toward the end of the application, it asks me to agree with several statements, one of which seems to say that in order to qualify for premium tax credits, I need to claim the personal exemption on my taxes for 2018. I checked irs.gov and this seems to be a requirement built into ACA.

But this tax bill eliminates the personal exemption! So does that mean everyone who now qualifies for a tax credit to help pay for health insurance will be required to pay it back?


The fact that he is (they are) lying must be brought up at every point by the media, AS WELL as the implication that the real reason they plan to cut social security is so wealthy people can take more of our money.


Vile, despicable psychopaths intent on punishing people they are sworn to help. Want to strangle every one of them but don’t want to spend the rest of ones life in jail. The Republican Party is a collection of gangsters, so it’s a two pronged problem. First, get local control of election officials to insure an honest count of ballots. Then, on Election Day, drag everyone to the polls to vote against them. It’s established that when voters turn out, republicans lose. Look at McConnell, with his satisfied smirk grin. What kind of person would take satisfaction from doing what he and his colleagues have done? A vicious psychopath, that’s what. These are demented, sick people who deserve to burn in Hell forever.