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The GOP Tax Scam Two-Step: Explode the Deficit With Cuts for Rich, Then Screw the Poor


I’ve been contacting my Dem representatives and I, too, get ignored each time, with one exception, that I received a letter from my representatives thanking me for my input about foreign aid.

My letter to her was about taxes and healthcare. It said not a word about foreign aid.


I thought it just did happen.


In their defense, not a single Democrat voted for the bill in the House, zero in the Senate. The press isn’t interested in covering the issue in the same way it covered healthcare either because it is harder. Bold numbers saying who loses coverage is easier than doing the math this bill entails. That’s why Chuck Todd cut Pelosi off last week when she brought it up in an interview.

If it means anything, my teaparty rep responded to me six months after I sent him an email on healthcare. He basically told me he was doing great things on taxes. So I don’t think your experience is unheard of, especially if they are responding to a high volume of input. Attend a public meeting–more engagement.


Maybe it’s time to start burning the assets of the Republicans and the 1%, mobs in the streets carrying torches and axes. I am that enraged.


Today is the start of the next Great Depression. These things happen regularly once the old generation that remembers the last terrible depression has died off.

The stock market shall have a great week this week. Then…

Many, many government programs will be cut. That’s part of what will precipitate the depression. Unemployment can easily rise to 50%.

The depression will stop, first, when no business as usual can be done. In particular, banks and worse will no longer be physically able to run a foreclose auction on any property, just like in 1934. Further, they will no longer be able to attach the salaries or assets of college student lifetime debtors who have been in default for 30 years running, because half the country will be employing these good people with a poison pill system. Their housing is free but not quite theirs legally, their car is free, The lifetime debtors show up for work and get only $75/week cash but everything else comes out of the private economy. When the lifetime debtors want a new business loan, well, they just start the new business, their community takes the calculated risk with them and decades later these lifetime debtors probably retire pretty well. But they don’t own anything that can be attached by the vampires.

Second, the community has to run its own inherently corruption-resistant elections at a local level. I recommend the Cambridge, Massachusetts city council form of single transferable vote, with the use of 1 million transferable microvotes replacing each 1 transferable vote so the transfer is smooth and then recounts are easy.

So, run a neighborhood election sooner, rather than later. “We the people, in order to form a more perfect union,…”, not you the few un-American crooks.




Most of us have paid into Social Security and Medicare all our working lives. The money in the trust fund is ours - not the governments. So if RepubliCons “cut” it, isn’t that the equivalent of stealing and could we sue them for it?


Remember the cornhusker kickback? Seems so quaint now doesn’t it.


This isn’t just a tax bill. It’s also a healthcare bill. It’s also an anti-abortion bill.

The Senate version contains an amendment that classifies fetuses as legal persons for tax purposes. This is a step toward overturning Roe v. Wade.

This bill will take healthcare away from people. It will increase the body count of the poor in the class war. They are literally killing us and celebrating.

It’s time, folks.


Get it trending. Make it happen. As Joseph Ettor said, “The workers are more powerful with their hands in their pockets than all the property of the capitalists…”

Shut. It. Down.


I understand exactly how you feel and am immensely frustrated because I don’t feel there is anything I can do - at least that is legal.


Yes! Anyone that remains silent about this travesty is guilty of financial treason to future Social Security recipients.


Before this is over, we may ALL have to start thinking beyond “legal”, since the ones who are imposing their will on us are doing it illegally.



I live on my Social Security, pay my mortgage, a loan, car repairs, utilities, medication deductibles and food. I depend on Medicare for the majority of my medical expenses.



They already ARE complicit!


The nefarious and surreptitious thing about this tax scam is the trillion $ debt! I thought the conservatives were suppose to be financially, conservative! But this insouciant attitude by the CON/SERVATIVE PARTY shows that the corrupt, Republicans really do not care about the national deficit.

Folks, in my view, what will be next will be this: because of the trillion $ deficit, the next con will be that they will have no choice but to cut military spending…WRONG! The Republicans will have no choice but to cut Social Security and move the age requirements.


A few days ago there seemed to be Republicans who had reservations about voting for the bill on the basis that they were fiscally conservative. I really wonder what went on in the last few hours to make them change their minds so definitively.


An overload of outrage, disdain, and desperation created by the oppressors can be a powerful motivator for the oppressed to bring about change…


Never have so few done so much for so few.


All this is just the bottom line target for complete globalization: Crush any organized labor and reduce the world’s workers to a level playing field. Welcome to the political wet dream of both parties and most of the rest of the “civilized” world’s dreams of oligarchy…


Real foreign interference in our national elections is a farce. The rest of the world is getting fed up with our destroying their economies, their political structures and our MSM bleats “FOUL”!! Not so!
The US has been outright meddling in scores of countries for decades. We have no right to cry foul. We hide behind “American Exceptionalism” and “Human Rights”. We are a total disgrace. We have the president and the policies we have because more than 85M registered voters didn’t vote and a corrupt political system that has elevated $$$$ over everything else. Survival of the fittest. Kill them all and let God sort them out. Welcome to the world we have created. A good primer is:
“Killing Hope” William Blum U.S. military and the CIA interventions since WW2.