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The GOP Tax Scam Two-Step: Explode the Deficit With Cuts for Rich, Then Screw the Poor


Or the unPATRIOT Act…


Damn good question!


This is the next step to civil war…


Sadly true for many, but what is even sadder, many will not even have Social Security and medicare by the time they retire if the REPUBLICONS are able to implement their corrupt agenda!


That one was pushed through Congress with the help of Democrats…


Good points. Remember when Republicans railed against social engineering? Yeah, that was funny.


In a democracy, when our representatives stop reflecting the will of the people, the people need to take action, and the only viable action in an advanced nation is to withold labor, the only vital thing the masses have that can actually make the ruling class listen.

The gun bill after Sandy Hook had massive support from the people, but no legislation was passed.

Now, this tax scam is deeply unpopular, as is repealing net neutrality, but these things are happening despite that.

Our political system has broken down. I honestly don’t see any effective way to protest this other than by not giving the elite what they need: our labor.


The GOP has no ability to read a bill. They vote by label to show their loyalty to their owners. Taking away health care, food, social security, medicare is their way of puffing up their ego with enjoyment at how “special” they are with their extra plane or billions parked off-shore tax-free. Often includes sexual abuse and massive prisons. Fascism is here big time.


Sadly, the history of large strikes in this country is not one of hope. This is especially the case when conservatives are in charge. Just read about Grover Cleveland and the Pullman Strike. Or, think about how Trump and his ilk played white voters pre-election regarding black lives matter (of course, here at CD, we aren’t supposed to discuss the central role Trump’s racial appeals played in the election–it’s all cuz Hillary was a neoliberal!). The same would occur with a general strike and a compliant media would only enable Trump.

My preference is to take Congress in 2018. Work to get progressives in state legislatures too. Policy changes in democracy occur when you control the levers of power. Just my two cents.


Screwing the poor does not make much sense as an objective, I can’t see how doing so could provide much if any satisfaction to anyone. What I suspect is that the purpose of all this is to weaken and disorganise the poor sufficiently that those pushing these actions will be able to impose their version of the future on us without our being able to resist. It would be good to know their long-term plan in order that we can better focus on our interests. It could be useful to know which of their buddies they intend to screw as they work to meet their objectives.


But isn’t it clear now that the levers of power aren’t working for the masses? That our representatives don’t actually represent us? If we could see it in Stalin’s circular logic about representing the working class in the USSR, we should be able to see it here.

Btw, Trump seems to have just admitted to obstruction of justice on Twitter. The man is very, very stupid.


This is my radical/Revolutionary comment that I made on the New York Times’ Editorial Board Opinion piece, “A Historic Tax Heist” this morning — and which they published:

Alan MacDonald

Wells, Maine

5 hours ago

"The only positive in this bill, which allows massive looting of average Americans to support the tiny 1%, is that this brutal abuse of power and facade of democracy by both Vichy parties will greatly advance we the American people’s understanding and efforts to work together for an essential Second American people’s peaceful patriotic “Political/economic and social Revolution Against Empire” —as our fore-fathers did only a dozen years after both the British and French Empires agreed to end the facade of contesting efforts [1763] and to allow the American ‘subjects’ to be ruled by the British Empire while the French Empire in a compromised position was allowed other colonial possessions (and ‘subjects’) to rule and loot.

As Bernie should have rallied the majority of we Americans “Political Revolution Against Empire”

And as Pat would have shouted if Tom had taken the Paine to edit his cry: “Give Me Liberty from EMPIRE or Give Me Death”

NY Times link:

Again, I must point out to the serious principled Left that the NYT as well as the Washington Post appear to be surprisingly open to serious criticism of our government being ‘called-out’ as an Empire if this truth is expressed clearly and honestly —Who Knew?


Spot on!


I understand what you are saying, but Republicans won the White House (without a majority) and control Congress, largely due to gerrymandering and a nice assisst from voter suppression. All of this is within our constitutional framework though. Sadly, they have a majority on the Supreme Court again now too.

What I think is that we on the Left are our own worst enemies. We love to protest, make our voices “heard,” fight against the “establishment,” and piss on ourselves when our heroes disappoint us. Hell, I just engaged in a comment thread here at CD wherein people were talking about abstaining from voting as a half-assed protest! Bernie is a sellout now and Pelosi is a right wing stooge.

What I respect about conservatives is they understand the point is to become the establishment. A lot of Republicans I know didn’t like Trump, but understood he was going to advance their agenda even if not fully. He was going to go after illegals, kill free stuff like Obama phones, put conservatives on the court, and piss liberals off most importantly. When I brought up the importance of institutional control prior to the election here at CD, I was told I was pushing “fear voting,” as if there weren’t legitimate reasons to fear. To paraphrase the old saying, Republicans look for one reason to to vote for their guy, liberals look for one reason not to vote for their’s. I think there is truth in that old saw.

The above being said, my hope is that Virginia offers us a way forward. Establishment money (Majority Forward PAC etc.) supported a variety of candidates at the local level, and boots on the ground made a huge difference. Hopefully the Left can take that united focus into 2018 because I think that is what it will take.


Oh yeah, I agree–the man is very very stupid.


Possible fix:



You might consider re-locating to Mexico. I lived and worked there and I rented a beautiful home on the beach, in Mazatlan, Mexico that was around 2000 square feet and came complete with a part time maid for $500.00 per month which included all utilities. I had to return to the US, but there thousands of Americans living there comfortably on a pittance compared to what it cost to live in the US.


"Reformed Statue of Liberty:


Make repubs in senate and house pay with their jobs just like they make all else except the corporate and wealthy pay, possibly with their lives.


In essence they can vote against the tax scam knowing it will pass and save them zillions; it lets them off the hook and they can still look good. I’m watching though.