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The GOP Tax Scam Two-Step: Explode the Deficit With Cuts for Rich, Then Screw the Poor


I’ll be at the bottom of comments but; so what? Will this be the shot heard round America, the one that sparks real action? I have my doubts just because the democrats were on board with about 80% of the scam themselves. We all pay taxes for social security and medicare by our employer and ourselves even when we don’t make enough for regular tax to be taken out. They call this entitlement!!?? WTF?? This is our money we all paid in while we all worked long and hard. These are NOT F**KING ENTITLEMENTS!!! They use the term to cover up the fact that they stole our money to pay for corporate subsidies, endless wars, lavish retreats, caviar, whores, hotels, on and on. So anytime you hear mention of “entitlements”, stop, and remember its code for abject theft, plain and simple.


Sit ins can be most effective if the whole nation sits for a week. But again we’ll run out of food shortly if trucks don’t run. Everything else though doesn’t count as much as food and its delivery for distribution.


Cut Medicare and Social Security, OVER MY DEAD BODY!


Sen. Sanders offered an amendment that would have protected Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security from being cut.

Every Republican and three Democrats voted against it.


Dear Future,

  They started targeting Social Security (once known as the third rail of politics) when they had drained all available funds from the easier targets: sub-prime mortgages, pay day loans, credit card debt, student loan debt, cut wages to the bone. "What can we do next? How about Medicare and Social Security?"


Every Democrat voted against the bill, yet you managed to blame them as well? Lovely. [quote=“Psychedelic_Chicken, post:11, topic:47204”]
millionaire Democrat,

Why stop on millionaires? Would you personally pay extra in taxes ?


So…the wealthy give themselves a tax cut and will try to push the bill on to the middle class and poor. Why don’t we just give ourselves a tax cut…nay-- a tax holiday? I mean, why should they get the bailouts and cuts and we have to foot the bill? I say, let’s have 2017 be the tax-resistance year, and return to our proud roots.


It should be noted that the Senate bill also contain a provision that allows drilling in the ANWR.

Yes, in a “tax reform” bill.


I think you are being naive thinking the Democrats will take over in 2018. There’s too much working against that - gerrymandering, voter suppression, Repugs manipulating the voting booths. I hope I’m wrong but I’m not holding my breath.


Corporate wealth is being siphoned off by a kleptocratic class that has neither earned nor generated it:


Republicans deal in many things, but ‘facts’ concerning what is good for our citizenry, the working classes of our society, are not one of them.


Not being naive at all. As I note, it’ll take a united front on all parts to wrest at least some control of state legislatures and gain a house of Congress. But I’m skeptical of large strikes and sit-ins, whatnot, given history. The Pullman strike isn’t the only example of large strikes that started favorably, but ended with strike leaders in jail and public support behind the ownership class. It’s just too easy to disrupt large strikes and take advantage of slip ups by a few (not to mention, good sabotage is sabotage that doesn’t get uncovered until too late).


Just to be clear, it was a point of order to a Senate Amendment, not an amendment. (This is no different than his drug importation “amendment” to the budget bill earlier this year that wasn’t an amendment at all, but reconciliation instructions for the Chair. Progressives got that one wrong too.) All it did was ask for a ruling on whether or not McConnell’s amendment (SA 1720) violated the Congressional Budget Act. The point of order went down, but the Chair ruled the amendment out of order anyway. Had it passed, it would not have changed the outcome whatsoever.


My post up above was sent in haste without edits and I lost a portion of it. Discount it, here’s what I meant to say:

Just to be clear, the amendment was a point of order to SA 1618 by McConnell. (This is no different than Sanders’s drug importation “amendment” to the budget bill earlier this year that wasn’t an amendment at all, but reconciliation instructions for the Chair.) The vote was whether or not to grant approval to waive the Congressional Budget Act with respect to Sanders’s point of order amendment, not a vote on the amendment itself. The Congressional Budget Act was not waived by the majority and the Chair ruled the amendment out of order anyway. Had the CBA been waived, it would not have changed the outcome whatsoever.

That said, Durbin is fairly solid on Social Security and his vote against waiving the CBA it was no doubt tactical (protecting other members). Basically, he sacrificed his vote knowing that if the point of order were to pass the full Senate (it wouldn’t), Republicans would have used it as an immediate excuse to wreak havoc on other programs under the CBA during reconciliation and blamed Democrats. That, by the way, is why it was McConnell that introduced Bernie’s point of order amendment for consideration.

Just want to provide some background legislative analysis.


Every mention of the deficit plays into Republican plans to make it an issue, which it really isn’t. As long as people think it is, the right can create enough cover to do the second step. But it’s not just a 2 step; there are others. Republicans never seem to think the deficit is important when they want to cut taxes and increase spending on the military, police, and prison psycho-industrial complex. It only becomes a crucial issue when the issue is spending money to help people.

By increasing the deficit and making it seem important, the right can also justify reducing protections of people and the rest of nature. It’s as if domestic Nazis drastically increased the deficit all through the 1930s so it would be impossible–or seem impossible–for the Roosevelts to fund the war effort with deficit spending, and thus allowed Germany and Japan to conquer most of the world and consolidate and begin to profit from their gains before there was any chance of US opposition. Too little, too late.

Climate catastrophe is similar–we need to fund massive and immediate changes in every aspect and direction of global civilization–clean safe renewable energy, small-scale, low-meat, organic food production, reforesting the world, complete change in emphasis in our political-economic system…

In any case, to avoid climate catastrophe we need to tax the rich into being middle class, because it’s become ever clearer that the rich are the cause of the ecological crisis (and all our other parallel crises). The longer we wait, the more damage we cause to the world.


Creative, Larry.


I’m with you on this Ridgewalker.

We’ll need every able bodied man and woman to join the 99% Militia forming, so, get ready to stand your ground with the rest of us.

These MFr’s want to steal from us, they’ll have to pay the price.


Senate to Main Street, eat cake!


I heard today from our member in congress ( a dem) that people collecting ss retiirement would see benefits reduced or they may have no benefits at all even though we paid in to them. SS is also supported by younger generations and many of the younger generation members do not agree with supporting their elders in retirement!


We are in big time- always have been!