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The GOP Tax Scam Two-Step: Explode the Deficit With Cuts for Rich, Then Screw the Poor


Heard also today that they intend with doing away with medicare , medicaid and the hospice program.


I heard the biggest reason it passed was that there was a provision in it called life begins at conception- wtf does that have to do with taxes! It does not- but soon they will order birth control and abortion to be illegal and sneak that into a tax bill!


Did not know about that one- but did hear that there is a provision calling all fetuses as full citizens.


Yeah me too as with millions! Also they are calling on an end to hospice programs covered by medicare I heard. Plus an over fifty per cent cut to public education, and most money going to charter schools and the military.


Why do billionaires need welfare from the government? This is applying to individuals as well as corporations!


That;s the whole idea of it- it is immoral . Sad is too lame of a word.


I would pay extra if it means helping people and I am just a regular commoner as they call us.


Entitlement is when it is not earned. I agree- calling it an entitlement is something someone with an elementary education only would believe. I have called and written about that many times. It’s both sides calling it that by the way! Also, today I was called a “common folk” by an elitist twerp who said he was an aid at Warren’s office.


How about no salary , no health care, and no businesses for the liar in chief? Also, no ss, no medicare, no pensions for them .


Gee, what type of work do you do? I doubt that most people in the US would like to move to Mexico.


Yes, it does make sense. These pieces of crap support “social reform” also known as eugenics.


I have gotten letters from Senator Warren- and they are detailed and intelligent as well.


I understand that completely, and you have earned that.


As Ghandi said in so many word: A society is only as good as the treatment of its animals. These types HATE the environment they live in- so they are immoral and only care about money. Money can buy everything according to them. Their goal is to push the masses into an early grave, and use their superior genes ( as they think since they are insane) to rule the world! I heard a woman from Georgia ( a rethug) call into C Span and said this was all the fault of public education - that the “good” kids will overun the “bad” kids with the help of private ed. WTF???


I doubt it- one of reasons why they want more guns in their hands is so they can run the progressives down.


They did??? I thought they were all for that always have been.


Guess what? That might be their intent but when people can’t pay their bills due to not enough pay then they cannot eat. Do they want to build a mass grave- or is this threat of nuclear war is really what this is all about?


An aid in a member of congress’ office said today that social security and medicare will be cut and might be completely gone in ten years. All to support the oligarchs.


I don’t get it: How can a fetus pay taxes?


Good point!!!