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The GOP Tax Scam Two-Step: Explode the Deficit With Cuts for Rich, Then Screw the Poor


The Koch Brothers!


Already not enough people are working full time, and the only way to run the government is to have revenue- so why cut taxes when there is not enough revenue? These morons hate the government- what did the government do that was so bad to THEM- when they got rich in this country?


And present as well. And anyone who remains silent is guilty of treason because of demolishing public ed, fire fighters, police and anything that is not designed for the military contractors not the soldiers by the way.


Trump just gave a speech in Utah and said that this was his way of saying Merry Christmas! What if he gets in again? It looked like he was about to say Happy Hanukkah then he stumbled and said holiday! So… I guess other religions or no religion will not be recognized! Wake up people!


They were really big on the anti-social engineering kick in the 90s. It was a phony, of course.


Of course they are complicit- they did little to inform the people about it. It was organizations like Move On and Bernie’s Our Revolutions that informed people. Also, why would we want future generations- we have TOO MANY people already and that is at the heart of these disasters.


Yeah I know it was phony. Hey, even Helen Keller was for social engineering. Gee, I hope I do not live to a very old age.


I hadn’t heard that. They made a number of deals to capture various senators and reps–pressure on everyone, ANWR to get Murkowski, etc. but the whole bill is a gift to Republican donors and not so much about abortion as about a Christmas tree bill to sneak in everything they could. They are certainly despicable people who should be removed from office and prosecuted for crimes against humanity and the Earth (a thing now at the ICC).


Absolutely! The Earth is not for sale and neither are we.


Children can be claimed as dependents for a substantial deduction.


You are correct, most people living in Mexico, from the US, Canada, and England have some kind of retirement income and the point is that one can live very well in Mexico on retirement income compared to the US. I meant many while in: Cancun, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas. and San Diego selling real estate. Which very few Mexicans can afford, but most Westerners with only a moderate retirement income can afford to purchase a condo and retire comfortably, but the caveat on purchasing a home is in most cases, you lease the land.


The principle my argument stands on is obviously too high a concept for you to grasp.

Join “correct the record” or some other “liberal” group who services these corrupt millionaires by cheering Corporate State Democrats on.

What the hell else is new?


The principle that I see is - someone else has to pay extra and out of the ordinary but not yourself. ( plus in the process let’s make it at the expense of Democrats, which you highly dislike)

I wonder if you are a Republican, after all they hate Democrats


Your pathetic posts aren’t worth my clucking time.

Bugger off.


Yet you replied . I wonder how much extra taxes you have paid ever.

This resembles right wing destructive narrative of if you like taxes why do not you pay more, which is bound to negate and cripple any government planning or process. Pure demagoguery.


You really need to optimize your theoretical effectiveness at propaganda by focusing on people who don’t have a fucking clue what is going on.

In other words, preach to the choir.


Thanks for the tip but I am not in propaganda business.