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The GOP's Disgraceful HEALS Act Will Cost Millions of Jobs and Protect Bad Employers While Failing to Help People

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/28/gops-disgraceful-heals-act-will-cost-millions-jobs-and-protect-bad-employers-while

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It’s not a glitch; it’s THE feature. While I see little constructive thinking here as to how to proceed, I give most CD readers credit for recognizing that much.

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A friend has an ulcer issue----his doctor is not doing calls??? I am still waiting for my fed refund sent in March----no answer at the IRS???

The thieves are hard at work while everything falls apart–

Democrats should be fighting for some real issues like MFA----don’t pass this crap bill-----people are in the streets ------look at all the money they are handing to these giant drug companies.

We should have healthcare centers in every neighborhood

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Yes the GOP sponsors the bill, but as we have seen happen repeatedly, the spineless or complicit (take your pick) Democrats will vote to pass it “as is” because THEY, are just as beholden to the oligarchs that put them in office as the Republicans are. End of discussion!

They have intended to cause massive job loss since 1986 - their ultimate goal is to outsource all the good jobs and most of the crappy jobs to friendly authoritarian countries companies. They wouldnt be unhappy if all the working people currently in the country were forced out of it. It would cover up their real scheme.

They also have a scheme to force millions of urban residents out of their homes and blame it on Dems. Its lNG export, which is supposed to triple or more the price of natural gas. This is going to mean massive redevelopment destroying the original affordable housing that tenants have a right to stabilized rent if they continue to occupy it. This sill strike at the heart of almost all Democratic leaning communities in cities. After the buildings are razed, market rate million dollar condos will be built.