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The GOP's Plot to Destroy Our Democracy Is Coming Into View


The GOP's Plot to Destroy Our Democracy Is Coming Into View

Sonali Kolhatkar

The Republican Party has once more demonstrated that it has no respect for democracy and is determined to hold on to power by any means necessary. GOP state lawmakers in Wisconsin this week engaged in a brazen power grab in the form of bills that were introduced, debated and voted on with breathtaking speed in order to cripple the decision-making powers of Gov.-elect Tony Evers and Attorney General-elect Josh Kaul.


I guess the Republican Party’s shift to the right eventually had to reach this point. Once the moderates in the party were essentially expelled there were no people remaining to stop the momentum toward fascism. The US government at the federal level no longer works because it is two-party system but only one major party supports democracy. It appears the Republican Party is now beyond reform. Voters need to follow California and basically relegate the Republican Party to being a minor party. Runoff elections in California are now usually between Democrats. In New York the Republican Party has no power base as the Democrats have finally taken over the state senate. In California and New York voters are voting for democracy and against fascism. These are two states that voters around the country should follow.


I suggest a change in the headline, to “The Kochroaches Plot to Destroy Our Denocracy Is Coming Into View.” Brand R is of course walking point, but can count on Brand D to bring up the rear as always. Big Money donates to both, and Big Money usually gets what it’s paid for in the US.


Republicans will never be happy with a democracy.


Doesn’t this get into amending state constitution territory?



Your suggested, revised headline is supported in detail by two powerful, recent books:

  1. Dark Money by Jane Mayer

  2. Democracy in Chains by Nancy MacLean

Everyone who cares about U.S. democracy and representative government being corrupted, subverted, and changed into plutocracy and un-representative government should read or skim these two books!


America turned away from the constitution long long ago. Since that time it was no longer a representative government: media control, arms rights infringement, no right to peaceably assemble, overt endorsement of religion, election rigging, party control of the separate branches - effectively eliminating checks and balances, party politics which amount to a one party system - and creation of the federal reserve bank handing off congressional constitutional responsibility in the process, congress un-involved completely in war making process, financial corruption across the board, disenfranchisement of minorities, Democracy? Not quite.


Um, seems like W. Bush and company destroyed our country long ago. Obama helped by not prosecuting war criminals and then continuing to carry out the Bush/ Cheney war machine plan abroad. Along with further sweeping grabs of power for the executive branch (anyone forget about the 2012 NDAA?) further empowering our current fascist overlords… just sayin’.


Did anyone foresee gerrymandering would be the basis for an attempt to totally
depower a Governor, though this is happening in Wisconsin and Michigan?
And it may be a successful attempt?

And in this way, even the framework of our government as a “people’s” government will
be taken from us without any way to put it back together again.

We have no leverage over officials holding office – and there is no promise of that without
a long way to go to remove all of the GOP from office – and every last right winger.


It is patently obvious, the GOP has not only exorcised all democratic principles - they’ve fully, willfully abdicated their rationality. They’ve morphed into a cult of criminal insanity. By these actions Walker and Wisconsin republicans have effectively kicked the electorate in the groin. The people must return to a standing position, then collectively unleash hell upon the ‘pushers of Koch.’


Drive the vermin to the point where they beg and plead to be sent to Hell for relief.


Isn’t there a Constitution in Wisconsin? Since when does one branch of government get to rewrite the purviews of another, in a co-equal system?? Bizarre.


While the Rethugs would gladly destroy “our democracy” - as would the vast majority of the elitist Dim Party - “our democracy” has never existed in the US. if you were not a bourgeois white man. Think of the “democracy” of ancient Greece as a good example. If we are going to seriously take on the oligarchs, plutocrats and corporatists who own and run the U.S. empire, we have to develop a language that is accurate when describing the political-economy of the U.S.