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The GOP's White Supremacy Now Has a Smoking Gun

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/06/gops-white-supremacy-now-has-smoking-gun


Yes it is a decades-long strategic project of the GOP to promote racist dog-whistles and increasingly overt racist initiatives to skew the electorate as well as the mind of the voter.

The blatant gerrymandering alone should be enough to make plain to ANY voter that these operatives are crooked. IF such stories were simply reported accurately and with the weight they deserve.

The influence of white supremacist ideology on the “mainstream” corporate media – “visible” mostly in what is made invisible through biased “reporting” of news – is a key piece of the larger project.

Add vote suppression to all this, with everything resting on the foundation of the ways the “Founding Fathers” skewed the Senate and the Electoral College to serve the slave-owners, and the political apparatus for a vast and extremely ugly white supremacist project is in place.

Top it off by packing the courts with corporatist fascistic ideologues, enabled by gerrymandering and skewing our “representative” democracy. Sprinkle with half a billion guns in the USA and another decades-long project of propaganda, “lobbying” and “campaign finance” bribery.

Finally offer up an “opposition” party that never even points out most of this, while it submissively cowers in abject acceptance of the most blatant procedural abuses while promoting a “middle way” of neoliberal austerity, hollowing-out of the economy, and unprecedented concentration of wealth in a tiny predatory colonizing oligarchy, and all the pieces are in place for…


This is much bigger than white supremacy. Todays gop have high-jacked our republic, using any method they could, stealing, lying, intimidation, and pure bullying (I’m sure I’ve left some out).
Meanwhile the masses and the “opposition party” watch the house burn down as if it were entertainment.


Kolhatkar sez:
“But we are finding out that in Trump’s America, even congressional authority is severely limited.”

In a dirt-filled coffin in an undisclosed windowless basement somewhere in the U.S., The Dick of Vice smiles approvingly.

I wish this article had explained how undercounting assists the supremacists. It’s after 1:30 AM here, and my brain is too tired to work it out. I get that there would be fewer districts and fewer representatives. What are the mechanism that would be activated that guarantees outcomes favorable to these people?

The following facts drive the issue:

  1. Representation is based on census counted residents adults and children - whether they are qualified to vote, or are citizens or not. It stated that way in the constitution. (Except for the slave days when black slaves counted as 3/5 of a white man)

  2. District boundaries are drawn so that they enclose equal numbers of people (for the US congress, it is total US pop/435 = about 700k

  3. In what would appall people in any other democracy, these boundaries are drawn by the ruling party of state government in a manner for partisan gain. Most state legislatures are Republican ruled, and Republicans seem to be the most unapologetically bald-faced in the way they draw boundaries for their gain. (Of course, there being only two viable parties really helps too - even just one more party like Canada has would monkeywrench the gerrymandering process)

  4. In the US, partisan affiliation is starkly divided - urban areas are almost all Democrat, suburban/small town and rural areas largely Republican.

  5. The objective of Republican gerrymandering - the “perfect” gerrymandered map - would be to carve up the population into districts with 100% Democrat voters, and districts with less-unanimous, but still unchallengeable Republican majority of voters. Mathematically, this will guarantee a permanent larger number of Republican districts than Democrat ones and permanent Republican rule.

  6. But judges in many states are getting tougher on gerrymandering. District lines with very contorted boundaries are no longer being permitted. Districts must be reasonably proportioned in dimensions.

  7. So, if urban populations (where most people afraid to answer the citizenship question live) can be undercounted, those well-dimensioned district boundaries can be drawn further out into the hard-core suburban McMansion belts.

  8. Et voila! Permanent rabid-Republican power!


That’s just it. There are no guarantees in a fair election, and that’s the way we would want it.

Thank you, Yunzer. You have made it all clear.

Have you ever managed to get to Sensei Bros for the world’s best sandwich? I was there more than 20 years ago but I still think about that eggplant sandwich. Sorry, I digress from the serious topic at hand. But this is what I think if whenever I see your name. Forgive.

You are sickeningly right my friend. Hopefully we have experienced the apex of this movement and are ready to right the ship.

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Thanks gandolf, I’m starting to feel like I’m on this island by myself. Everyday thinking this new event (and there’s always a new event) is sure to stir the masses into real action, only to hear why we can’t do that from them, or how the dem party is going to take care of it. From most of the dem party…crickets or worse like chairman Neal.

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I’ve got a great idea! You mention this nightmare as being “entertainment”. Yes, it IS and we should just follow this kind of descent into a future where we turn the country into a gigantic “reality” TV show for the entertainment of ourselves and the whole world. After all, we “elected” this piece of garbage, Trump, after his many years of exposure to dumbass Uh-meriKKKans on “The Apprentice”. Tens of millions watched this consummate fraud and asshole and concluded that he would make a great president even if he walked down 5th Avenue and shot someone dead!
So, let’s quit with the idea hat we have anything like a democratic republic left and just admit that it is all a sham and that our real destiny is to become a regressive county that cares more about spectacle than taking care of the great majority of its people.
Hell, if the people in late Rome (which we resemble more and more) had TV they would have done the same thing. Bread and circuses for everyone! Forget the commonwealth and just live for the spectacle! The Chinese can tune in the show as they watch their ascendancy and our collapse into geopolitical irrelevancy.
Trump is the perfect symbol of what we have become - an overstuffed oligarch with an enormous ego and breathtaking greed and incompetence. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was right. Trump is not just some loathsome anomaly - he is the walking clusterfuck that we are becoming as we turn our backs on all of the potential we still had and become Trumpland.

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I can’t believe you progressive editorial authors. Quit talking like the “mainstream media outlets” are are news outlets. They are not. They are propaganda outlets for the Money. Period. Quit being stupid or naive or brainwashed or whatever it is.

They are not giving the level of racism in America the attention that it needs not out of laziness or lack of professionalism or even naivete. They are sandbagging the issue on purpose. They need to keep the status quo appearing responsible to a certain degree and the existence of rampant racism works against that perception. It’s intentional.

Excellent description.

Sorry Bruce, while I can agree and empathize with many of you’re points, it’s just not in me to quit and give up. I wouldn’t be able to look my grandkids in the eyes if I did.

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I understand. However, I would recommend the trilogy of Dr. Morris Berman who emigrated to Mexico but continues to write about this country. His trilogy ended with the book “Why America Failed”. There is little in it that I disagree with. I’m less and less capable of believing that this country is “exceptional” enough to reverse course. I can only wish your grandkids the best possible future as the realities of what we have done continue to come due.

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Thanks Bruce, and thanks for the book tip, I’ll look for it.

“Every person living in the United States currently has the constitutional right to be represented in Congress, whether or not they are eligible to vote. “

…and have enough capital in your bank account to pay your “representation fee”.