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The Gospel According to Donald Trump


The Gospel According to Donald Trump

Tony Norman

On Thursday, former FBI Director James Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee and said out loud what a majority of Americans concluded a long time ago — that President Donald J. Trump is a liar.

Mr. Comey did not resort to euphemisms when he accused the president of defaming him and the bureau he once led. At that moment, Mr. Trump was at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference across town, basking in applause.


Organized religion is a matrix of stories that can be interpreted by “the faithful” to suit each member’s needs. As long as the faithful continue to cough up dough to support the respective organized religion, the leaders thereof don’t really give a rip how the the faithful interpret the stories and care even less about the faithful’s behavior.

The GOP and Trump regime are expert at creating a never ending stream of stories that enhance their ability to exploit the organized religion demographic. Despite being the world’s most prolific originators of fake news, Trump and the GOP have given the faithful a license to demonize all messages originating elsewhere as fake news.


It’s hard to know which has damaged Christianity more in the USA, fundamentalism or conservatism, but at this point it’s very difficult for me to see Evangelicalism as a religious movement at all, but only as a political identity.


I’m not sure if one party’s supporters do this more than the others, but I wonder: how and why can an ordinary citizen/voter treat a political figure (usually a president or presidential candidate) with worship?

They will repeat the sociological nonsense that comes out of their mouths, e.g. “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

They will contort their own cognitive practices to justify or at least mitigate the president’s crimes (often against humanity or Earth) and scandals.

They will look the other way or turn it into a positive when it is not possible to do this (e.g. Bush being a drunk and having legal problems means he’s an ordinary guy, or Trump being a white-collar criminal means he’s savvy, better at the game, and all those losers who play by the rules are just jealous.)

Seriously, and not rhetorically–what is there in the psychological constitution of ordinary people that allows them to worship politicians, and makes them believe they need to?


You probably should ask supporters of Bernie Sanders that question. Here is quote for the NY Times today." Mr. Sanders rallied his youthful, often-raucous coalition Saturday night at a gathering dubbed the “People’s Summit,” where supporters hailed him in worshipful language."

There are probably a number of theories on this type of worship-lime behavior. One theory to explain the worship of Trump even though he lies all the time, something that goes all the way back to the early days of the John Birch Society, is that the lies are accepted because they contain a message against the elites. The probably works also for Bernie who continually talks about the 1%. Bernie is pretty truthful for politician but does say somethings that challenge reality such as there will be a political revolution for his agenda. Or even claiming he still has a pathway to victory near the end of the primary when it would have required him toi get about 90% of the votes in California. Perhaps humans have a need to worship a living person, or at least many humans do, and occasionally a politician comes along who can fill that need.


Bernie has/had a lot of fans, but I’m not seeing them take his faults and try to contort them into evidence about how wonderful he is. I did see that a little with Obama, however.


Perhaps what you really mean to say is, “Why are they worshipping Bernie or Trump while ignoring Hillary, the Queen of Heaven?”


Your sarcasm, or whatever, seems oddly ought of step. In fact, perhaps one of Hillary’s “faults” is that she is not a person one would normally worship. She is simply a smart, decent human with faults just like all the rest of us. Our weird personality contests for President seems to have finally, truly damaged our nation. The rise of the cult and fake news is a problem for democracies the world over. I’m left to simply hope that voters and politicians avoid the very worst mistakes.


Jerry Falwell, Jr recently said Trump was evangelicals “dream President.” I do not understand how most evangelicals can even call themselves Christians. They are clearly Old Testament folks whose ideology is the opposite of Christ’s.


That’s part of the worship mentality I’ve noticed with Trump. Prior to his nomination, there was a lot of news coverage about the Christian right being upset because he was so, well, anti-Christian. After his nomination, those same people see nothing wrong with considering him an evangelical-type, good, Christian leader.

Of course, this omits the Klan-rooted fake Christian, whose religion ends at hating queers and abortions. They always thought Trump was wonderful.


Unfortunately, however, the saying “A rising tide lifts all boats.” has not been applicable here in the United States for the past several decades.


Powerful, Mr. Norman. Powerfu…


Obama pre-compromised in his negotiations with himself.

He gave lots of ground hoping to win over a Republican or two, but didn’t.

We were spared being savaged by his catfood commission and its push for more austerity only by luck.

But he was playing 11-dimensional chess, so ‘no worries.’


How rich, coming from a worshipful congregant of post DLC Orthodoxy known as the current power center of the Democratic Party that aligns with Republicans to push corporate governance.

You should start pushing the insufferable prick Joe Lieberman’s group No Labels, as that is a direct continuation of that Orthodox Corporate club of Democrats.

It is no wonder you are pushing that NYT article written from that same perspective of Corporate under the desk servicing Democrats who would refer to people demanding things like single payer as being “militants”.

Good fucking grief.

As far as support for Sanders. I hold no such orthodox support for Sanders. Check my comment history.

You? Clinton style Corporate Democrat Orthodoxy certainly fits the bill.

Light another candle on that alter, and have some crackers and grape juice.


Good article, and the accompanying photo cries out for alternate and creative captions!


Simply a smart decent human with faults? What?

Shucks, golly gee. She’s like just a normal everyday person who means no harm!

She is a lying opportunist who has spent decades working diligently to gain money and power and she has certainly succeeded at that, even with being denied her ultimate dream to command a mighty military and do the bidding for large corporate donors directly from the Oval Office.

It is hard to imagine a more FAKE person than Hillary Clinton. What is genuine about both Bill and Hillary Clinton has been a very long track record of taking pay from taxpayers to leverage their own success servicing corporate power.

How low will Hillary Clinton stoop to gain power and wealth? She will gleefully support war crimes and weapons deals, and of course wrap such action in the words of “security” and “strategic relationships” and such.

You know, the same old same old for highly paid sociopaths.

Shucks, she’s just a human with faults.


That NYTimes article featured this headline:

“Democrats in Split-Screen: The Base Wants It All. The Party Wants to Win.”

Then the article goes on to totally NOT mention that the party, under their establishment leaders, has not been winning a damn thing. But I encourage the D-Party to stay the course, ignore the left-leaning Sanders youth movement and fritter away the D-Party future, and above all, continue down the Chuck Schumer pathway to victory:

“For every blue-collar Democrat we lose in western Pennsylvania, we will pick up two moderate Republicans in the suburbs in Philadelphia, and you can repeat that in Ohio and Illinois and Wisconsin.”


Naivety is your forte. I guess that’s not all bad.


Thanks for that whopping dose of irony.


Good come back. I know there is some truth in your viewpoint. I don’t know if you see some truth in mine or not.