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The Government Breaks Its Streak of Cutting Off CIA Torture Lawsuits


The Government Breaks Its Streak of Cutting Off CIA Torture Lawsuits

Dror Ladin

While President Obama acted quickly to dismantle the CIA’s torture program when he took office, his administration has consistently shut the courthouse doors to the victims. But a recent government filing in a lawsuit against the two psychologists who designed the torture program — and profited enormously from it — suggests that this policy may finally be changing. For the first time, the government will not try preemptively to shut down accountability for those legally responsible for torture.


Any rays of light pointed at the Deep State are welcome and overdue.

"The CIA fought for years to block the public release of the report, warning that violence throughout the world would follow any exposure of the CIA’s wrongdoing."

There may not be any organization in the world with as much depravity, blood, and sadism on its collective hands.

And my response to the following is that these cowards hiding behind the label of psychologist are incredibly deranged human beings. What happened to the Hippocratic Oath: "First do no harm"? These bastards designed horrors that they could profit from and have ZERO compassion (or compunction) for their horrendous acts:

"On Friday, a federal judge will hear Mitchell and Jessen’s arguments that the case against them should be dismissed. Their attorneys will argue that torture is a “political decision” that can’t be evaluated by courts, and that federal contractors are immune from liability."


Sure, these guys were bastards, but they're letting the contractors take the fall!

Awe inspiring.