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The Government Cannot Force E-mail Companies to Copy and Save Your Account ‘Just in Case’

The Government Cannot Force E-mail Companies to Copy and Save Your Account ‘Just in Case’

Melodi Dincer, Kristin M. Mulvey
Paper letters have a final resting stop — whomever they are addressed to. From a practical standpoint, and a legal one, that feature of regular mail made understanding and applying privacy protections relatively straightforward. But as our communication technologies have changed, courts have struggled to grant a similar degree of privacy protection to communications in the modern era.

Digital communications present new problems. For example, your email does not live in your letterbox but in an online repository operated by a private company.

“Collect it all.”
Former NSA Director Gen. Keith Alexander

We need to vote for younger congresspeople and update our vague and antiquated laws more frequently. Other territories reform all their laws every ~10 years.

Not going to help in this situation, the younger generation has been conditioned to except the loss of anonymity, especially in cyberspace . Much like the Drug War, they’ve never known anything else.

Once again, thank you ACLU. I can’t imagine how busy you’ve been the last two years.

Loopholes for snoopholes

Alternatively, they could just pull a Hillary and when agents show up erase the server.

At least the younger generation understands new technology and cares about the long run. I had 2nd hand cringe when I watched our Gerontocracy question facebook. It was obvious that they knew nothing about facebook and did not care about our data being shared to foreign opponent.

In all fairness, that’s the whole point of having a private server. You get to protect your privacy against unwarranted snooping.

Not good for government business but that’s different than private communications.