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The Government’s Antitrust Suit Against Google: Go Big and Do It Right

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/26/governments-antitrust-suit-against-google-go-big-and-do-it-right

Let’s play the oxymoron game:

  1. U.S. anti-trust enforcer
  2. original copy
  3. old news
  4. act naturally
  5. pretty ugly
  6. living dead
  7. jumbo shrimp
  8. rolling stop
  9. constant variable
  10. exact estimate
  11. paid volunteers
  12. civil war
  13. sound of silence
  14. clever fool
  15. only choice
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You know Oxy-moron comes in 5 gallon buckets now?

This suite is meaningless as long as Barr is running things. And probably meaningless with Biden in the WH too