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The Government’s Indictment of Julian Assange Poses a Clear and Present Danger to Journalism, the Freedom of the Press, and Freedom of Speech

The Government’s Indictment of Julian Assange Poses a Clear and Present Danger to Journalism, the Freedom of the Press, and Freedom of Speech

David Greene, Kurt Opsahl

The century-old tradition that the Espionage Act not be used against journalistic activities has now been broken. Seventeen new charges were filed yesterday against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

The US gubmit did the same thing to Aaron Swartz in 2012. Hopefully Assange won’t commit suicide.


Aaron was the best that humanity can offer. They squashed him. As he had had the naive illusion of living in a free society. Similar, albeit not the same for Snowden, Manning etc.

But what they are doing to Assange, and what they did to several others of the free thinking revolutionaries of the early internet culture (which include many in Sweden, New Zealand, etc. that the US press does not even cover), is an explicit assertion of the empires global aggression. All through processes and institutions and submissive nations. Not different at all from the Soviet Block’s approach to its dissidents. They too, left everybody alone, and fought hard to squash the intellectuals and the dissenters - to instill fear.

The Assange case is unique and historicy from so many angles and perspectives - but most of them converge with the early pioneering culture of the web that sought to use the internet to democratize society.


I’m good with the article until the tail end. And this should have been written by MSM from the start.
At the end you are still buying obliquely into collusion with the old personal smear attack with “Regardless of what one thinks of Assange’s personal behavior” disclaimer. If that’s a problem what about Trump’s personal behavior? Please, one of the first items in the CIA playbook is to discredit someone, far better far more often than arrest or assassination. Most of those stories are just that. Compared to not just a few convention goers, as a former convention-hotel bartender, I see Assange’s “behavior” as pretty respectable. In any case, when you let stand attacks on character which are in lieu of attacks on substance, you are looking at a smear because that is all “they” can come up with.


Hi dream dancer: I totally agree with you. I was reading about how John Kerry was in Vietnam --but the funders of Bush, he who joined the Texas Air National Guard, and ten just walked away one day and suffered no consequences—while Kerry was accused of lying about his Vietnam experience. It’s an amazing read on our own history. Soulless ,media, and so much soulless government------that’s when you know that America , is like that old movie line, " I Coudda been a contender," but selling out was so much easier.
There’s still time America-----Orwell world is a pretty awful place tp live.

It’s time for news anchors to bring the public the truth, regardless of the owners of those news outlets desire to bend the truth to their own agendas.

Would that it were

But I’d bet not one of them has the guts, or integrity, or patriotism required to do that.

I would love to see any of the news anchors on MSNBC or CNN support Assange but alas, I think they are in the pocket of the corporate media. The only news source that spent 1 hour on this issue on May 24th was Amy Goodman on Democracy Now. Fortunately we can still receive this channel via KCET in Los Angeles.

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You can get Democracy Now, in pieces, on YouTube. Best news show available.

Have a wonderful Saturday Night, Shipleye.

Or the whole thing at democracynow.org

If you can stomach Amy Goodman’s support for outfits like the Syrian “White Helmets”, or the propaganda she aired prior to the US military intervention in Libya.

Or Juan Gonzalez scolding their viewers to vote for Hillary Clinton.

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Here is an example of how the Mainstream Media works. The so called Journalist interviewing the Journal has an earpiece. It very obvious her OWNERS order her to cut the interview short . There are no Journalists left on mainstream media. They are all pretty faces who do as they are instructed.

This is why Julian Assange so important. He recognized the MSM is in bed with those same corrupt Governments so as to ensure the people never get the TRUTH.

People are not so much ignorant as they are taught to be ignorant and teaching ignorance is the mainstream medias true role.


Thanks for this reminder Hans.

Being human has it’s challenges.

Overall, Democracy Now reports the truth more consistently than any other news outlet.

Except Wikileaks.

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I agree, but Democracy Now! Is a gatekeeper for 9/11 because Amy never does any interviews with any of the over 2,000 professors, Architects, and building engineers many with impeccable credentials and Phd.s that have alternative theories about 9/11. But it may not be Amy’s fault as Pacifica may have had their broadcast license threatened after they interviewed loose change about their alternative 9/11 theories, because ever since it looks like Amy has been censored about 9/11.