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The Government’s System of Censoring Its Former Employees Is Unconstitutional

The Government’s System of Censoring Its Former Employees Is Unconstitutional

Vera Eidelman, Ramya Krishnan
Individuals don’t lose their First Amendment rights by entering into government service. By now, that is black letter law. You wouldn’t know this, though, from the system of lifelong censorship that the government imposes on former intelligence agency employees and military personnel.

Under this system, known as “prepublication review,” millions of former public servants must submit their writing to the government for review prior to publication. And the government can censor their words with very few constraints.

This censorship is clearly an affront to everyone’s free speech and publishers rights under the constitution. It is clear that the government is not interested in facts, truth, thought, research, or debate by the people, reporters, or publishers. They want to control everything, especially the narrative of what people hear. They control almost all of the mass media and communications channels now that just spew government/deep state fact free propaganda to keep the people blind, deaf, and dumb to the truth of empire.

We now live in a Stazi state of global empire ruled by the global oligarchs.

And in the next election, 95 to 97% of those that vote, will register their continued support for the same two political parties that have given us this unconstitutional form of rule.

The voters in the US have bought the bullshit “lessor of two evils” strategy they have been spoon fed by the D’s. It never ceases to amaze me that the D’s don’t get that the lesser of two evils still gives them an evil government if their candidate “wins”.

I don’t think anything is going to change until the voting system itself is overhauled so that people can actually vote for candidates that might represent their interests and needs. That means more parties and platforms to choose from, ranked choice voting, and multiple party/independent access to the ballot. And paper ballots of course.


That’s a fact, Farmer.