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The Government Shutdown Expands the Ranks of ‘Underwater Nation’

The Government Shutdown Expands the Ranks of ‘Underwater Nation’

Chuck Collins

As the government shutdown drags on, the image of federal workers lining up at food pantries has dramatized just how many workers live financially close to the edge.

By one estimate, almost 80 percent of U.S. workers live paycheck to paycheck. Miss one check and you’re taking a second look at what’s in the back of the pantry cupboard.

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Without the shutdown these workers would be fine

Dear Dimwit Donny, you said that you would take the mantle for the shutdown. Perhaps you meant mantel. We will gladly hang you from the latter and build a yuge fire below. You like your meat well done now don’t you.

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These workers have pensions- while it does take some doing to take money from an IRA or a pension, the money is still there. Still, it is downright insane and immoral ( not to mention illegal ) to not pay a worker. The people who are working without pay do not make any sense either.

While I can understand your sentiment, I also understand that the fear of losing your job can force a person to do stupid things.

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I get that- but it is also illegal to not pay someone while they work. These people are not on strike nor are they refusing to work. I think it is in article 13 of the constitution. Also congress and the administration ( including aides) are all getting paid.

While not all people are like that- it seems that many are so fearful that are afraid of even protesting. This is very different than when I was young. These days( and I know this is different) we seem to have the word “bullying” crammed down our throats. Yes, it’s different if someone is physically harmed or has sexual or bigoted threats against them. But, these days some young people are insulted if someone disagrees with them. I see kids on the playground now saying things like" So and so likes pink and I like blue. She is bullying me." Huh??? This mentality is taught to them by parents and some teachers . So… this culture of fear carries on and on. And people then get taken advantage of. If we are to survive, people cannot always live in fear or they will continue to be taken advantage of…

I know I would not work without getting paid. These people are not volunteers.

There are so many aspects of society that I find hard to swallow. One of the top gripes I have is how people allow their offsprings to take charge instead of parents being responsible to set the basic everyday standards. For example a high schools kid agrees to help with yard work, after not showing up three times the kid feels he should be given another chance. What the hell?

I certainly would not work without payment but I have never been hungry or unable to pay my bills. For one thing I learned to live below my means so that I had have a bit of savings.

I wish for solidarity in protesting privatization, the war economy, the fouling of our air, soil and water, the war against common workers but until folks turn off the TV and begin to educate themselves nothing much will change. Soon I’ll be 74 so I have nothing left to fear.


I agree with you wholeheartedly Mary! I have even seen parents of school kids allow their little kids to talk back to teachers then tell the teachers that the kid is always right. Huh??? These will be the kids who will turn out like mini me Dumps or even worse. They will think it is okay to shoot someone because he or she disagrees with them. I know what it;s like to experience lay off even from years back but this is different. It certainly is not the workers’ faults but they are not unemployed- also if someone expects one to work for free, I think it is illegal according to the constitution.
Another thing I do not get( among many): Why do people have kids when they cannot even take care of themselves? Then if someone says something : you’re told you’re mean or don’t understand. Like you, I find there is too much to swallow. For instance: what is the great attraction about talking or texting on a cell phone instead of actually meeting in person?
Or how about this? People collecting disability because they are depressed- they insist they cannot work. I am sure I will catch “guff” for that one. Then of course there is so much corruption forget the swamp- it;s more like an ocean of graft.

I intend to march this weekend- hope the weather holds out!

I think it would be more realistic , as today’s jobs are often just gigs—and saying that people don’t have $400 for an emergency." —LOL, this is 21st century America, so it’s more likely that people can’t even come up with 4 cents! : )

These federal workers ( like TSA or IRS or the Coast Guard) are not doing gigs. Of course they should be paid, but they are also working for free. They need to be paid- not filing for food stamps.

I agree with the TV also- when they turn off reality TV or whatever- maybe they can get into reality a bit.

Good sentiments, but people shouldn’t have to do anything except vote and pay the representatives via our taxes. As much as we want certain behaviors, with politicians you are lucky to get the results you want only half of the time.
So Coulter, Limbaugh, and Hannity want Trump to destroy this country over a stinking wall. Who are the stupid ones here?
Trump said Mexico will pay for the wall. If that isn’t true “Forgeda-boudit”

Well, maybe the country should require all citizens to do some service ( outside of military if that is necessary) - that way maybe more people will be united with a purpose and we can get things done.

I have been writing and calling about this to reps for about 20 years. So… it’s win win. More work will be done on roads, bridges, schools, communities- whatever talents a person can offer. Other countries do it- Israel, Italy, Spain I think and others.

Trouble is- many people do not vote- remember Kennedy and other presidents before him? Ask not what your country can do for you but what can you do for your country. This is of course separate from Dump and the rest of the clowns. It is our country- our planet- really we belong to the planet not the opposite way around.

One outcome of this ridiculous assault on the 99% via the government workers, is how poor their wages are. Everyone knows now that we need a massive pay increase for government workers ($25 an hour minimum) as the tight millionaires in Congress pretend that they represent us. E need to know each and every politician who supported not only the shutdown, but the politicians who don’t support %25 an hour for government employees as a base pay. Once we have our “list”, we then systematically begin tossing these corrupt politicians from office once and for all!

Who will get the list? Many of these clowns will deny they support the shut down. You have good ideas though. This is a Dump , Nancy, Mitch and Chucky show.