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The Government's 'Predictive Judgments' Land Innocent Travelers on the No Fly List Without Meaningful Redress


The Government's 'Predictive Judgments' Land Innocent Travelers on the No Fly List Without Meaningful Redress

Hina Shamsi

In the movie Minority Report, Hollywood depicts a future Washington, D.C., in which people are arrested by a special police force called Precrime, based on predictions that they will commit murders in the future. These predictions are not based on science, but on near-infallible psychics. Precrime asks for deference from judges, and gets it.


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A major cause of repression is conservative’s fear:


No trick to predicting future state transgressions, is there?


Thanks for linking to the O’Malley expose from First Look. Two keys i picked up:

O’Malley is a past chair of the DLC, the group founded by Bill Clinton to sell the Democratic Party to the highest bidder (of course the DLC framed its work not as prostituting the party, but as pushing Democrats to out-compete Republicans for “campaign contributions” from the corporate sector).

The more recent Democratic Party group that O’Malley co-founded - to promote “pro-business Democrats” in the wake of the financial meltdown and bank bailouts - had the gall to call itself NewDEAL (Developing Exceptional American Leaders). The message of this intentional irony: New Deal? What New Deal?

That O’Malley positions himself as a “progressive” alternative to H Clinton is transparently ridiculous.


Looking Glass Logic:

"The Queen replied in a careless tone . . . ‘there’s the King’s Messenger. He’s in prison now, being punished: and the trial doesn’t even begin till next Wednesday: and of course, the crime comes last of all.’

’Suppose he never commits the crime.’ said Alice.

’That would be all the better, wouldn’t it?’ the Queen said. . ." - Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There by Lewis Carol (1871)


…once upon a time…in a country called America…there was a Constitution…

how patheticaly despotic and nazi-stalinist america is today.no longer the home of the free,unless theyre shopping and no longer home of the brave, unless theyre white men who spend our tax dollars as CONgressmen infringing on and limiting our rights while securing the best deals for the already wealthiest in the world.

remember,the FREE market means the rich spend our money on useless wars and investments and then get us to pay for their insane machinations when the bills come due. you could also call this a Crapitolist Society.

btw thank you for the article.


“Your papers are not in order. Sargent? Take Zem away.”

1937 Nazi Germany


And yet, there are some serious flaws in this article and the conclusion drawn, insofar as it states:
“a party that wants change (the more liberal party) and one that is afraid of change (the conservatives).” Given that the situation the so-called conservatives are promoting is of the most dangerous, reckless and out-of-control actions, contrary to many basic traditions, and which are destroying the very life on this planet, the article doesn’t sound much like the real world that I am living in.


It doesn’t take a Constitutional scholar to recognize that “Guilty Until Proven Innocent” turns the Constitution upside down.


Well the law has to protect us from them Muslims! Everyone knows they’re all out to git us! My sister told me that Obama is a Muslim-in-waiting. He’s waiting to take over the US and turn us all into Muslims, don’tcha know? Their Koran tells them to kill anyone not like them, especially Christians, who’d never hurt ANYONE without good reason. We’re just tryin’ to defend ourselves from them “others.” Anyone who ain’t like us is suspect, and many of those who claim to be like us are suspect. Anyone can be turned into a terrrrrrrist if they listen to other points of view than the one the corporate media dictates! The Shrub was right on when he told the world, “Yer either fer us, or against us.” Anyone who doesn’t go along with the dominant paradigm is suspect. It makes for a MUCH safer world, don’tcha know? (For the minions, at least.)

The DHS has a document called, The Domestic Extremism Lexicon, in which it predicts which group of people are to be suspected of “non-Islamic domestic extremism.” “Alternative media” is second on the alphabetical list. It reads" “A term used to describe various information
sources that provide a forum for interpretations of events and issues that differ radically from those presented in mass media products and outlets.” That means this article. It “differs radically from those presented in mass media products and outlets.” BOOK 'EM, DANNO!!

America has been turned into Amerika before our very eyes. Hitler would cream his jeans at the police state Amerika has become in the last decade and a half.

Good luck on getting the government to follow the law, OR the CONSTITUTION, which is supposed to be the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND!


Though conservatives cause almost every problem in the world, Ralph Nader wrote “Only the Superrich Can Save Us”. If the superrich cannot possibly be liberals, does Ralph think we should vote for Donald Trump?


“The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.”

― John Kenneth Galbraith


Indeed. ‘Conservatives,’ or ‘craven’ by any name, eh?


Once upon a Midnight dreary
As I pondered weak and weary,
There came a knock upon my chamber door.
Peeking through the keyhole I saw clearly
A Craven Politician demanding entry,
Through my chamber door.
To whom I cried sincerely,
"Thou Craven, Nevermore!"
(With apology to E.A.P.)