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The Grand Old Party’s Over. Make Way for the Trump Party

The Grand Old Party’s Over. Make Way for the Trump Party.

Michael Winship

You’ve probably heard the story. It’s said that in ancient Rome, the emperor had a member of the Praetorian Guard who, amid all the pomp and all the accolades, would stand behind him and murmur: “Remember, Caesar, thou art mortal.”

Sadly, the Little Caesar who currently rules the United States from the nearest Trump golf course is instead surrounded by guards who murmur enthusiastically, “Anything you say, boss. You’re a genius!”

While drumpf going third party is a bit of a reach, what is really striking is that he allows someone to do all the adoration including finding positive things in the news media. You would think that anyone with any self-awareness at all would feel badly about that as if they were being mocked. You need some praise to carry on with what you’re doing, but when it gets shoveled on by the wagon load, then it gets a bit much and should become a negative force.

What kind of person not only tolerates but demands this kind of adulation

We knew the GOP was broken as Trump somehow made his way to nomination. We concurrently understood the Dems were broken, not just because the distrusted Clinton came to represent that party, but because it dismissed and rigged against its most popular and core candidate: Sanders.

Knowing that the stage of government and democracy is an asset of global elite, meaning nothing much of primacy has changed, still, the questions remain:

what is the conclusion of Constitution and state when both parties of a duopoly superpower are broken?

has power been so concentrated and the erosion of democracy corrupted both “teams” so much so that they are left to be publicly seen as carcasses on scoarched Earth?


I did not vote for Trump (I voted for Stein), and strongly oppose Trump’s positions on the economy, and on the environment. On the other hand, Trump, in the face of strong opposition from the Democrats, has been trying to establish good relations with the Russians, a very important matter. His position on immigration, while badly stated, is, unlike that of the Democrats, basically supportive of working Americans, and is, almost certainly, the reason he was elected.

Your article is yet another crude attack, full of insults, and devoid of serious arguments.

I think we should perhaps more concerned the way Trump had divided the American people than the way he has divided the Republican Party, which actually has been headed toward the right for decades and finally reached the far right edge of fascism and white nationalism. I don’t think the American people have been this divided since the Vietnam War. But that was a single issue, this is deeper. This goes to views about whether this is a secular country or a Christian country. Whether this a racially diverse country or a country for white people (perhaps excluding Jews). Whether this is a country that cares about seeking truth or a country that favors making up convenient falsehoods. The agreement of the people back in 1776 to stick together for the good of everybody seems to be falling apart. It took Trump to make this obvious. And another factor that has sped this up is the internet which has allowed extremist right wing websites to flourish and reach many people and has allowed fake news to be confusingly mixed up with real news. Is there a way to reunite the people or is this tug-of-war about what this country is about going to continue indefinitely?


Well, just what the DP PTB hoped for - Trump is looking soooo bad that they figure all they have to do, without changing a thing, is present themselves, once again, essentially, as the LOTE - no need to go left …


I’ll give it to you Lrx, you hit the mark with this latest comment.

Trump has literally turned the people of this country into those who love his hateful ways, and those who hate his hateful ways.

But, I am not sure that you can only mention the Republican Party’s fascist bent. For months, the Media, the Democratic Party, and the Deep State have spoken of nothing but the Russian hacking of the DNC’s emails, in an attempt to influence the 2016 election.

If this were true, surely there would be sufficient evidence to remove anyone from any position of power, even the President.

And quickly.

However, there are reports being made by select journalists that those emails were not in fact hacked, rather, they were leaked.

Now, most commenters here know my ‘hatred’ for the Duopoly. I came to the realization a number of years ago that the Duopoly is not interested in supporting the People of this country and providing them with a peaceful place to raise their children, the Duopoly is mostly about maintaining the Empire. There’s lots of money to be made in Death and Human Suffering all around the world. Just read the news. Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, North Korea, Iran.

The Empire is costing us our futures in endless wars, greedy Oligarchs bleeding us of our treasures of the things that give us life such as clean air and water.

No, it is not just the Fascist Republicans, it’s the Devious Democrats that pretend like it’s all the Republicans fault.

Many here at Common Dreams refuse to admit it’s possible that someone within the DNC leaked those emails, sinking the Democratic Party Establishments favored candidates hopes of winning.

They have chosen their path with pushing the Russian story with the help of the Media and the “Intelligence” community.

The American People will never see the evidence they say they have.

National Security reasons would prevent it.

No. Duopoly Security reasons will prevent it. Both of these parties are so fucking criminal and corrupt that they will kill to prevent it from coming to the public.

The truth will continue to be called “Conspiracy Theories.”

And, 95% of the voting electorate will continue to vote for these criminals each and every election.



Thank you for your compliment on my comment. I think the main reason that I almost always vote for Democrats is that I believe they are trying to protect the environment while most Republicans seem to care less about protecting the environment. For voters who want to protect the environment there does not seem to be much of an option except vote for the Democrats. Both the Clinton and Sanders wings of the party in my view are committed to protecting the environment. And now with climate change being such a threat, voting for Democrats literally means voting for a planet that remains largely habitable for humans. Voting for Republicans, conversely, almost means voting for a party that will let global temperatures rise to the point that there will be few places suitable for human life.


I sincerely hope that you may reconsider your devotion to the Democrats and in the future look to give you fervent support to a political party that puts People, Planet, and Peace over Profit.

The parties of the Duopoly will never be able to claim this without lying.

Supporting either of these parties is supporting the killing of innocent men, women, and children all around the globe. Maintenance of Empire is destroying our Democracy. The 50% of our budget being spent on this is insane.

Please don’t deny the brutality that exists within our Federal Government.

Support giving Peace a chance.


The prospect of Trump going third party is quite interesting if unlikely. If he did so and was successful, what remains of those who call them selves Republican will merge with right wing Democrats into a Center Right/Center Party. Trump breaking ranks and running an at least moderately successful third party in all levels of government would fundementally change American politics.

I see three candidates on the ticket in Indiana Republican, Libertarian, and Democrat. No matter how moderate our Dems are they are the best option on the ballot. Im really not interested in wasting time on a liberal third party where I live, reforming the dems candidate by candidate is the best option no matter how slow and disapointing. I vote on a candidate by candidate basis, and I know going in they are all democrats.

Nope, the politics of third party are a waste of time and a waste of a vote unless the third party candidate is ONLY runnig against a democrat.

Sounds like you voted Trump. Voting third party in a two party system allows the worst of two evils to win. Rememeber if there are two evils one is allows worse. One evil belives in Climate Change while not investing quite as much into renewables, the other evil thinks its a Chinese Hoax. ITS allways about the issues.

Ppolitical Party Identity has most certainly destroyed the original intent of our electorial processes.
When an Individual or group of individuals control the political process you have a Dictatorship of tje most sordid of details. Both parties set the agends between themselves and then control all debate boundaries, they also set the framework whereby each share the power and economic and social framework of the peoples.

Indiana, So to you it’s more important that the Duopoly maintain it’s destructive Empire, destructive to the environment, destructive to mankind through endless conflicts and the murder of innocents all over the globe, than to vote for a party that believes we can have a country that values Peace with others more than Money.

I truly feel sad for you.

Well sure the grand old party is dead, or being reborn… all of Trumps policies favor Repub issues so, no, not exactly dead. On the other hand, the democractic party is dead, or close to dead, or nearly dead, or lacks a pulse. “The Russians” is not working, and they represent very little of what the people are thinking. Actually I would say the Demo party is more dead at this time in history.

In the past few decades there has been a direct correlation between how much Democratic opinion writers gloat about the chaos and scandal within the Republican party, and how likely the Republicans are to win the next election.

Have any of you, other than pay lip service or spend tax deductible, actually got right into an environmental, fracas.?
The small local groups lack the ecomomic means, and wether county or city have to fight both firmly entrenched potical parties?
Not just ypur local elected, although that has hiven way to buisness model City, County appointed manager systems. If it is largely outsidr interest the power of both State Parties, someti mes acting upon their National Party contributors, wants, whilenot acting overtly pretty much exert every means to belittle that small minority as being fringe group nut cases.
If by surprise that group begins to gain in popularity #’ then out of nowher come the political hacks of Usually the Democratic party that lives off of democraticly funded fed paid lifestyles, professional tree, air and water weepers.
These professionals do not seem to lack funding or access to pu lic records, and soon unless you have a well informed beginning core group soon see thei local movement usurped by the loyal opposition.
The fed EPA that controls every state EPA’s largely paper pushing bureaucracy, has never punished corporate individuals because they only understand the legalise processes put in place by Fed Bureaus with their hand bought political officers.
The enironmentalist join huge corporate sponsored national Environmental Buisness models. Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy. Etc.
One of the largest most powerfull antenvironmental groups is Chamber of Commerce, who only look at bottom of their buisness profit margins and are among the easiest for Corporate interest to buy.
The second most viscious group are your neighbors who believe it is their best interest or say of course the increase in funding that lil Joany and Jonnys scools and police protection.
Wander the US today and you cannot see, feel, breathe and hear what ears of 60-70 year olds eyes matured under, .
It has deteriorated first step least harm and then least harm next step built upon built upon so as to of reached a point where today you breTh chemicals radioisotopes and drink the allowable levels of poisonous products.
No political party fully protects the people from ecological hZarxs or the mayhem that happens to eRth outside the more populated centers, none.
The casualty numbers of true grass root environment fighters is not seen in blood and gore but by the numbers who physicly rammed the ramparts until mind, finances and spirits are defeated.
Battles won 20 years ago are today being undermined by those whose paychecks depend upon corporate, Federal tX codes and a f’n dumb as rocks educational system of wet nosed babies.
UsuLly they call themselvez progressives, liberals andDemocrats.

What kind of person not only tolerates but demands this kind of adulation? A spoiled child would and a very crazy and immature adult. We can’t afford to tolerate this kind of dangerous behavior any longer. Trump must go by ANY means.

Why thank you.