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The Grand Tax ‘Bargain’ Is Just a Bigger Bonus for the Rich


The Grand Tax ‘Bargain’ Is Just a Bigger Bonus for the Rich

Sam Pizzigati

How about an end to plutocracy?

"The rich who dominate politics are altering humankind’s age-old bargaining dynamics – and right on America’s grandest political stage!"


The most important point from this article:

“And plutocracy leaves those rich insatiable. They can never have enough. They always want more for themselves.”

That’s why the entire conversation needs to change from trickle down, to bottom up.

Let’s start the new conversation with this question:

How is that increasing wages for workers so that they can stimulate the economy (by, you know, buying stuff) is dismissed as a goal of public policy, but lining the pockets of the already wealthy is still viewed as brilliant?


Good article. The Constitution says: for the people; of the people; and by the people, but what it really is: of the 1%… rich people; by the 1%… rich people; and for the 1%… rich people.

Bush was correct when he said the Constitution was just a worthless piece of paper!