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The Great American "Welcoming" Break-Out: What’s Not to Like?


The Great American "Welcoming" Break-Out: What’s Not to Like?

Jerry Lembcke

My hometown of Worcester, Massachusetts is dealing with the sanctuary city issue. Officially, Worcester is not a sanctuary city but its Mayor, Joe Petty, has declared that it will not cooperate with federal law enforcement efforts to identify undocumented residents. One disgruntled city counselor, aching for a fight, is demanding that the city either formalize the Mayor’s position or get in step with federal practice; other council members, some openly supportive of the Mayor, seem content to leave the matter as is.


Thanks to Common Dreams for publishing this piece. It remains critically important for all of us to speak the actual history, not any comfortable history that serves to embellish US myths of eternal goodness and innocence, or of beneficent neoliberalism.

Trump is a horror, AND the horror has been unfolding since long, long before Trump emerged.

We have to understand that "the answer" must go far beyond simply undoing the Trump regime or interfering with its programs, as important as this is now. As we resist the Trump regime, we must go to the deep roots of the human and ecological crises in colonialism, militarism, nationalism, industrialism and capitalism. The settler-colonialist USA, built upon foundations of theft, genocide and slavery, has been a solid platform for the export of terror and the sowing of chaos, since long before Trump's nasty father was even born.

If we do not recognize the plain truths that the refugee crisis was created long before Trump came on the scene, and has been fueled in large part by US-led militarism and corporate globalization -- and similar truths about ALL the crises that the Trumpists exacerbate -- then we will have no true answers to the crisis, and no truly effective targets for our resistance campaigns.


Never let historical contradictions get in the American Way of a comforting and comfortable national myth


no doubt many of the attendees at the worcester rally, the so-called women's march and the protests that are occurring all over the place these days do not have your level of knowledge or understanding about u.s. history. and how could they? the facts you mention and the connections you draw are concealed from most people, who are too busy scrambling to stay afloat in a ruthless system that is about to devour us all. each of us can teach when the opportunity arises. talk to people about these things. correct them when you hear them spouting platitudes. but we can't wait for the vanguard of the Left. we will march alongside all kinds of people in this pre-apocalypse. we are in triage mode.


That thinking begins by considering war as Obsolete. I know General Phuckoff and Major Fuqup insist war is inevitable. The key is overcoming fear!


Yes war is obsolete. So are capitalism, and industrialism, and colonialism, and the limited liability investor-owned corporation...

General Collapse, and Major Extinction Event, have their armies on the march, as we blog...

Can General Ecological Principles, and Major Cultural Transformation, mobilize in time to avert utter defeat?