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The Great Convergence with Iran


The Great Convergence with Iran

Richard Javad Heydarian

A final, comprehensive agreement is yet to be drafted and signed, but by all indications negotiators have finally achieved a breakthrough in the decade-and-a-half-long Iranian nuclear negotiations.


If we are converging with Iran, who is on the other side? The Israel-ISIS-Saudi side. Yes start thinking of those forces as Robert Parry has convicingly argued as allied. You want to see war- look to the apartheid state of Israel, they love to start wars. You want to see savagery look to ISIS, you want to see beheadings, stonings, religious intolerance and disrespect for women look to the Saudiis, the wahabies fanatics, the very ones who brought 911 to us, the corrupt oil barrens, our supposed ally, or at least the ally of the Republican party.


Seems fishy to me. Why don’t we all start thinking outside the box and throw renewable solar energy into the intense debate over nuclear regulation and supremacy. After all, it is much safer and is actually a more democratic and decentralized form of energy production.


Preserve the current balance of power? If there ever was balance that has been destroyed with the removal of Iraq and Libya as functioning states. Now SA, Turkey, Egypt, and Israel and other players attempt to consolidate their spoils. What would be preserved now is an imbalance. The socio-political situation in Iran is many different things but it is not the moribund, completely corrupt situation that exists in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi’s should be afraid, because they are a one-trick pony, and Wahhabism has chained them to a dead past. The whole world sees it; it is telling that Israel chooses to ally themselves with other violent racist reactionaries.