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The Great Corporate Buy-Up: Because of Corporations, Our Cities Are Not Our Own


The Great Corporate Buy-Up: Because of Corporations, Our Cities Are Not Our Own

Laura Flanders

Think you can tell the difference between a city and a business park? It may not be so clear. A corporate buying boom since the financial crash is gobbling up city property and leaving us with places that are literally not our town.

Purchasing took off after 2008, when foreclosure rates were high, bank loans were drying up, and record levels of commercial properties were standing vacant. Last year, major acquisitions by corporations topped a $1 trillion in 100 large cities and by major we do mean major – in New York, that’s only counting property-buys of worth $5m or more.


"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."
--attributed to Thomas Jefferson


The "privatization" of America - and much of the rest of the world - bankers and Wall Street/financial parasites are the mechanisms of greed and usury - privatization of nations the goal - health care, energy, war, police/prisons, and soon, private education coming to a town near you! No messy government "regulations" or oversight, no silly environmental roadblocks, no accountability from the outdated "Justice" Department for greed or theft - only prosecutions to enhance the scam and wonderful massive profits! Vulture Capitalism thrives and the 99% become wage and interest slaves.......

Allow the 1% and corporations to amass vast wealth via lower taxes and offshoring, and at the same time shrink, starve, the public sector. Then push for a sell-off of public assets to corporations for private profits. Allow wealth to create 'alternatives" to public sector responsibilities, and viola! huge profits from the lives of millions! A grand scam that enriched the top .01% and connected - the whole world run as a business........


It is not about issuing currency but you did get to be first as always.


In ancient times and diverse cultures, the ruler, pharaoh or king owned everything. I don't know how they got theirs (I'm sure swords were involved) but I do see how they must have gotten started.

First a bunch of wealthy powerful nobles arranged things so that more and more wealth was collected by themselves until just a very few had most everything of worth. Someone owned the land, the trees in the forest, the town, the smithy, the baker's oven (maybe even the baker)... We call that feudalism. Then having far more than they needed the most powerful desired to have it all, as was their nature. Last came the titles and the thrones etc. They had it all. Sound familiar? Except for the swords... Well you get the picture.

We no longer call them nobles, although they are equally above the law, control government, write laws and own ...and own...and own. We call them oligarchs and billionaires but the game remains the same as ir did through the centuries. True a multibillionaire may only have 30 or 40 billion and not actually own everything but they are just getting started on that game that the wealthy Nobles play.

Eventually will come the marriages of 30 billion to a family fortune worth 40 billion and junior will inherit 70 billion. 70 will marry 50 and little punkin will inherit 120 billion and someday she will marry and so forth.

Like the old nobles of yore, each oligarch will employ an army of servants... I mean employees who will help them manage their wealth so that it continually makes them even more money automatically. This all goes on until somebody owns it all. It also encourages the advent of dim witted but fantastically wealthy people marrying their wealthy cousins because they really are that greedy and eventually they inbreed to the point where no matter what happens ...sigh!

Yeah well... I ain't calling anybody sire ...no matter how much money they have...and own all the apartments and own all the businesses and own...and own ...and own...


Ok, I just have to ask, why the grump about wiseowl being first poster in the thread?
I mean, so what?
I appreciate what you both bring to the comments here btw.


Kid's stuff. Narcissistic ego games keeping it light and fun to play. Makes it appear that CD has only a small readership of regulars who so dominate the forum that the same person is always first. I don't know but maybe I just think progressives shouldn't be so selfish and that it is not the way progressives should act. Give others a chance sometimes? It becomes his thing and not CD's after a time.

I think mostly I'd like to see other people's first impression of an article too besides just his. To see how they react to what is written without being influenced by anybody else before hand.

He actually has stuff to say when he isn't hurrying around just to see how many times he can post first everyday. When he isn't first he puts more thought into what he writes.


It was a lot more than $700 billion that was handed to banks. With Q.E --a fancy word for printing money--to the tune of several TRILLION dollars, apart from new yachts for banker CEOS, where did the money go?

One answer is that banks set up real estate consortiums that bought up all the foreclosed real estate.

I witnessed this in parts of Florida.

I had hoped to get a loan to purchase a simple cement block home in the range of $75,000-80,000 (which became the going post-foreclosure rate in places like Clearwater) for my daughter and grandchildren. My credit is very good; I had 20% down, but as a self-employed writer, I don't show much income.

In short, I could not get the loan.

I tried a few different realtors and most told me that consortiums had come in and were buying entire BLOCKS of homes with CASH.

I believe that same cash was what citizens/taxpayers were forced to hand over.

So this is a triple whammy.

First THEY get OUR money.
Then they give themselves obscene gifts and bonuses (when not purchasing lobbyist power and through it, future policies)

Then they buy up the properties their own malpractice helped to send into foreclosure.

Oh, and then they raise the rent on these properties!

As the Piketty Study explained, there has been a huge TRANSFER of wealth since the 2008 Recession/Depression.

Catherine Austin Fitts thinks those trillions could come back to We, the People, and finance our nation's decrepit infrastructure, bridge by bridge.


Nothing like a tag team mocking itself...

This "small readership of regulars" could very well constitute people on PAID assignment.

Not long ago, a self-identified lawyer from Colorado was frequently "first up." Now, why would a lawyer find C.D. his "go to place" at what would have been 6-7 a.m. HIS time EVERY day?

Nor is he alone.

It's a pattern.

I've brought it up so it's amusing to see another poster do so when said individual sounds to me like a card-carrying member of that same team.

Oh, and another thing about "that small team of regulars...." MOST people have day jobs and cannot be sitting in a forum of this nature during business hours; and those who are really committed to causes are "out there" doing them.

There are many articles and You Tube exposes on the kids sitting at computer stations generating opinions. THAT is their job.


That reading comprehension thing?

Makes it appear... Is not saying that it is the case.

I don't impart sinister conspiracy motives to his penchant for being first and woe betide the hypocrite Madame who did the exact same thing back in the early days of CDs comment section years ago when I posted as BugsBBunny III and you only used one screen name like everyone else. I remember how you actually discussed the need for it because you felt only the first posts would get read by forum goers). You are a hypocrite and see conspiracies everywhere. He is a bit vain maybe and not a member of the NSA (I hope...lol).

By the way you are really lousy picking out shills just saying. Anyone who criticizes you is CIA somehow or part of a conspiracy of tag team members(?) ... You are also vain but in a different sort of way. I'm sorry but I don't think that you are all that important to intelligence agencies. I just don't...sorry.

I'd rather see wiseowl post (even if he has to be first for no real reason) than not post. I get the sense sometimes that you feel only you should post here because everybody else is part of a conspiracy or something... And i bet that you are even a bit suspicious of yourself too.


Here genius...

The metrics I describe are hardly personal or attributable to any illusions on my part:


This one is even more in-depth: (the 20-minutes point PANS in on what I have sought to expose here for years.)


Flanders does us a public service in showing what Wall Street has done with their rip-off of the melt down of 2008. But it also shows more. The money that they've created via derivatives, scam investments, etc. is always going to burst. So they're investing it in real estate to launder their ill gotten gains.

All the while they foreclosed on people, kept these homes off the market until there was some recovery.

It's its own form of money laundering.