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The Great Distracter

The Great Distracter

Mel Gurtov

Three of Donald Trump’s latest ploys to distract attention from Russiagate have failed.

I don’t know what would be worse, Trump or Pence in charge.

Direct Online Democracy

Trump, ‘little’ hands down.

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“The Watergate model looks more relevant by the day.”…Mel Gurtov.


I remember when the Committees of Congress called Alexander Butterfield to testify, remember him? He told about the existence of Nixon’s taping system.

I remember a young John Dean, a man who appeared to have a photographic memory, testifying in great detail, without notes, about his conversations with Nixon and others, including his warning to Nixon of there being a cancer on the presidency.

And James McCord testifying about the Plumbers who broke into the Watergate Hotel.

And the critical mysterious gap in the Nixon tapes, and his secretary, Rose Marie Woods, took the blame, her contorted explanation for the “accident” provided a little dark humor to the affair.

Remember Herbert W. Kalmbach, the bag man for Nixon, getting the hush money out.

These are just a few of the Watergate witnesses and players.

Where are the witnesses in Russiagate? Aapparently, neither Party wants to give General Flynn immunity.

When will the Senate call Christopher Steele?

If treasonous acts occured, and or, are still occuring, isn’t there a patriot inside the inner circle willing to come forth and testify for the good of the country? There were honorable men close to Nixon, William Ruckelshaus and Elliot L. Richardson were two, both resigned because they refused Nixon’s order to fire the Special Prosecutor.

Edit: Robert Bork fired the Special Prosecutor.

So far, there is no there there.

Trump deserves contempt from many quarters, but I am not going to be part of a New McCarthyism, lining up with the likes of John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Dick Cheney, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, The New York Times editorial page, and some of the worst in the neocon/security state foreign policy establishment. If Donald Trump, or anyone else, favors detente over war, good, I do too.

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Mush as I disagree with them to varying extents on different issues, I don’t think it’s fair to lump the other four in with war criminal & traitor Dick Cheney.  It’s unlikely that the Flint, Michigan corruption would have gotten national attention were it not for Rachel’s persistence.  OTOH, Chris Matthews is a loudmouth, arrogant boor whom MSNBC should have fired years ago.

IIRC, Sir Neville Chamberlain tried detente with another insane autocrat roughly 80 years ago, and look what that led to . . . *   SFAIK, both dictators (one currently ruling his country and the other a mere wanna-be) see concessions of any kind as a sign of weakness.  IMHO, this whole situation stinks of corruption, and needs a Special Prosecutor and Independent Investagation A.S.A.P.

MSNBC isn’t helping any with it’s stupid poll questions on the air today (reminiscent of Fahrenheit 451?) as to whether the House should end its investigation and whether Flynn should be granted immunity. The first question should have been whether Nuñes should be fired and the open hearings scheduled for last week with Sally Yates et al be held. (Answer = YES!!).**   The second question should not even have been asked at this time – it’s just helping Tweetle-Dumb with his cover-up.  If Flynn’s innocent, he’s got nothing to fear. Or he can plea-bargain during his trial for treason if it comes to that.

  * “Those who do not remember History are compelled to re-live it”, or something to that effect.

** Nuñes should also resign from the House.  He’s proven that he can’t be trusted to do his sworn duty to Uphold and Protect the Constitution.

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Probably Pence. While I would love to see Trump frog walked to a jail cell, right now he has absolutely no credibility even with large segments of his base. As long as he doesn’t start a nuclear war, let him continue to bring derision and the collapse of credibility to the Republicans that they so richly deserve.


The decades long movement toward detente with the Soviet Union is part of the history of the 20th Century. Conflating detente with Munich and Chamberlain is more than a stretch. Detente is a process of mutually lessening tensions.

Unpleasant as it is to contemplate, Cheney’s recent statements are indistinguishable from the likes of Rachel and others on MSNBC, or CNN.

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Man I hope your right. I’ve gotten way too cynical having lived in red country a good portion of my life.


Recall that prior to Nixon resigning, several of his inner circle including his elected VP Spiro Agnew were forced out, weakening the foundation of his administration, thereby making Nixon’s departure a more effective blow to the right wing than it would have been if only Nixon had been pushed out.

As Bubba said, “I feel your pain.”

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I took a long time for Watergate to reach the point you mentioned. It was a low profile news story for quite awhile, If Woodward and Bernstein hadn’t been so persistent on this story it might never have been broken. It also had an unthinkable quality. Who would have believed that a president would be behind a break-in of DNC headquarter and ordered hush money paid in paper bags? It is also hard to believe that a presidential candidate would work with Russia to hack the election but Trump was like no other presidential candidate and his whole campaign would have been unbelievable had it not occurred. Also, the way he is acting a president would have been unbelievable but we are witnessing it.


Cheney is just trying to extricate himself from “the greatest foreign policy blunder in American history”, for which he is to a VERY large extent personally responsible and for which, IMHO, he should be publicly hanged drawn & quartered as a traitor.  While it IS difficult to ignore Rachel’s support of Krooked Hilliary last year, to lump her in with scum like Cheney is simply wrong.

. . . Which leads me to wonder, HS - are you nothing but a Russkie 'bot, helping Tweetle-Dumb to destroy all trust in what little is left of non-Faux media?

[quote=“natureboy, post:2, topic:40234, full:true”]"
I don’t know what would be worse, Trump or Pence in charge.

[quote=“PonyBoy, post:3, topic:40234, full:true”]“Trump, ‘little’ hands down.
ME TOO - or, I’m not so sure either.  While Pence would hopefully get rid of Bannon and not get us into WWIII quite so quickly, he is much more likely to work with the Repooplicans to enact their austerity budgets, tax cuts for the fat cats, etc., than is the Bungler-n-Chief Tweetle-Dumb.  OTOH, Bannon wants to dis-establish most of the Establishment bureaucracy, so it boils down to whether you are for anti-disestablishmentarianism or against anti-disestablishmentarianism . . .

And you both have to admit that Hair Drümpf is a MUCH better subject for cartoons and SNL skits than boring old Mr. Dullness himself, Mike Pence.

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I have no interest in Mr. Cheney’s motivations, what he is saying is the new standard narrative agreed upon by the estabishment. Now your reveal yourself, like most who refuse to look at reality as it is, you revert to McCarthyist name calling and slurs. Rachel Maddow and the msm crowd are in bed with the neocons and the war mongers, face it. Now enough of your childish sophomoric name calling.

I’m hearing Pence is right in the middle of this, so it looks like the whole cabal of cretins will get flushed together (why do you think the horrid harridan is out among us again?).

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You make some valid points, what is lacking from your argument is the element of time. Watergate didn’t happen overnight, but rather, worked its way through the same process that trumpgate is now slowly going through. One of the chief differences as I see it is that Nixon had a brain to work with while trump seems rather clueless. I think that, at the end of the day, we will learn that it was the people around trump who have done the damage to the nation’s interests and trump will be shown to be a senile old buffoon who was more-or-less along for the ride.

Trump is our only hope!

He’s yours not mine.

That nuclear war thing would give me pause.