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The Great Flood


The Great Flood

Chris Hedges

How many times will we rebuild Florida’s cities, Houston, coastal New Jersey, New Orleans and other population centers ravaged by storms lethally intensified by global warming? At what point, surveying the devastation and knowing more is inevitable, will we walk away, leaving behind vast coastal dead zones? Will we retreat even further into magical thinking to cope with the fury we have unleashed from the natural world?


Good gosh. I am sorry for all who endure the devastation caused by these storms including the wonderful animals. I am also sorry for those who have suffered due to war , greed and any other anamoly caused by humans. People in the carribean endure these storms all of the time, but this time it seems like it’s larger damage.


The bell tolls, so long human race… soon just another anonymous extinct species in the universe?

It “seems undeniable that severe environmental problems are likely to escalate the degree of global conflict….conflicts over land and water use are likely to become more severe – and more violent. As states become increasingly desperate, the pressure for action will grow.”

The 1% owners hope that as “abrupt climate change lowers the world’s carrying capacity aggressive wars are likely to be fought over food, water, and energy. Deaths from war as well as starvation and disease will decrease population size, which overtime, will re-balance with carrying capacity….

Peace occurs when carrying capacity goes up, as with the invention of agriculture, newly effective bureaucracy, remote trade and technological breakthroughs. …But such peaceful periods are short-lived because population quickly rises to once again push against carrying capacity, and warfare resumes. Indeed, over the millennia most societies define themselves according to their ability to conduct war, and warrior culture becomes deeply ingrained. The most combative societies are the ones that survive. …

However in the last three centuries… states merely kill enough to get a victory and then put the survivors to work in their newly expanded economy. States also use their own bureaucracies, advanced technology, and international rules of behavior to raise carrying capacity and bear a more careful relationship to it.

All of that progressive behavior could collapse if carrying capacities everywhere were suddenly lowered drastically by abrupt climate change. Humanity would revert to its norm of constant battles for diminishing resources, which the battles themselves would further reduce even beyond the climatic effects. Once again warfare would define human life.”

The U.S. Empire has convinced its subjects that permanent war is necessary to fight “terrorism” and keep them safe.

“In this world of warring states, nuclear arms proliferation is inevitable. …China, India, Pakistan, Japan, South Korea, Great Britain, France, and Germany will all have nuclear weapons capability, as will Israel, Iran, Egypt, and North Korea.

Managing the military and political tension, occasional skirmishes, and threat of war will be a challenge.” A challenge that no elite has ever successfully met.

‘Droughts, floods, famines and disease will eventually see the collapse of social cohesion in large parts of the globe, including U.S. coastal areas. The insecurity, hunger and desperation among the dispossessed of the earth will give rise to ad hoc militias, crime and increased acts of terrorism. The Pentagon Report ‘An Abrupt Climate Change Scenario and Its Implications for United States Security’ bit.ly/2gXEYQZ is blunt. ‘Disruption and conflict will be endemic features of life,’ it grimly concludes.’”

A Nasa-funded study anticipates the collapse of global industrial civilization “in coming decades due to unsustainable resource exploitation and increasingly unequal wealth distribution…

While some members of society might raise the alarm that the system is moving towards an impending collapse and therefore advocate structural changes to society in order to avoid it, Elites and their supporters, who opposed making these changes, could point to the long sustainable trajectory ‘so far’ in support of doing nothing."

Nasa-funded study: industrial civilisation headed for 'irreversible collapse’?:


“It seems to me unlikely that civilization can survive”

Noam Chomsky: Can Civilization Survive Capitalism?:


So it’s now either socialism or the end of the human race. “An ethic that makes possible the construction of a new, fair international economic order and solidarity, where poverty, exclusion and the fratricidal war become, sooner rather than later, the remains of a historic step for mankind overcome.”

The Eco-Socialist Alternative: Capitalist Destruction or New Civilization?:


I wonder what sea creatures will live in my NYC apartment, or the rubble of NYC after a nuclear WWIII?


Another sapient and excellent article from the intelligent and perspicacious Mr.Hedges. Articles like these is why I support Common Dreams.

" The damage suffered by Houston, Tampa and Miami is not an anomaly. It is the beginning of the end."

Like I have posted before, we are on the eve of world wide climate devastation unless there is drastic climate action, starting with elimination of fossil fuels. But unfortunately, probably not going to happen until it is too late…but lets hope I am wrong!


Angela Merkel is apparently cultivating a working relationship with Germany’s Green Party.

Here in Canada, in British Columbia - the socialist party is running the show because they have teamed up with BC’s Green Party, whose head is a professional climate scientist. Merkel is of course a professional physicist.

China is going all electric for vehicles - timing to be determined.

In the United States - things do look like they are going from bad to worse.

It is going to be close one - the survival of homo sapiens and half the world’s species.

Glad to see Chris Hedges citing James Howard Kunstler - whose “Long Emergency” is in fact not coming - but here already - for some time in fact.

I’m almost done reading “The Ends of the World” (2017), the best single book I’ve ever read on geology’s deep past, and the recurrent mass extinction events - all of them concurrent with greenhouse events such as we are producing right now - and by a brilliant new author, Peter Brannen.

For the time being, keeping up to date on science’s latest research findings, such as the articles cited by rusty above - is, I think, a really good idea.

The German election is fast approaching - all is not the USA ~


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Great work Rusty. Consider a theory: Globalization is like the automobile. I pose this hypothetic as an economic study. To wit, there are 5 scales of economy - local, regional, States, National, Global. Similarly there are 4 modes of urban/suburban travel - cars/trucks, walking, mass transit, bicycling. The similarity between the largest economic scale global and the largest industrialized travel mode, automobiles, which in practice eliminates the lesser though no less fundamental travel modes, plus environmental impact of longest distance travel, not excluding shipping and luxury air travel to escape car strangled hometowns. The car is a ‘link’ in the transportation ‘chain’ of the global economy. Finally, the global economy is likewise undermining the lesser scales of economy, a detriment to its own optimal level of practical use.

Here’s another one in case you can see what I mean:

Argument how Israel lost its sense of being ordained by God.
A theological question not at all meant to be taken as anti-Semitism.
-After receiving the 10 Commandments and years wandering the desert, God promises to give the land of Palestine to the Israelites IF they Kill all its people. With the Commandment to not kill, how could God condone this massacre? Could it have been a test? Did God hope the Israelites would say No. Was the original establishment of Israel the result of a failure to perceive the mind of God nor the difference between right and wrong? Did God not give up on Israelis because they could not bring themselves to kill everyone? The most important question along these lines - Is God disappointed again to see Israelis murdering Palestinians?
A caveat in this question is another biblical standard: The sins of the fathers are visited upon the sons, a tenet I disagree with because we’re all born innocent. This caveat is taken to mean that once a fertile land is for many generations grandfathered in by one people or another - Palestinians in this case - their right to that land is not challenged by the history of a previous culture.

Sorry if these two issues here is too much.
I was looking to drop the 2nd somewhere.
It’s probably been debated for millennia.
Globalization is history’s march to the cliff.
A lot less industrialization is in order,
starting with less luxury air travel,
less infrastructure based on football stadiums,
more on water supply and sewage treatment systems.
Let Trump be remembered for waste treatment, his own.


DN Scientists: Climate Change May Wipe Out a Third of World’s Parasites, with Disastrous Ripple Effects

Ain’t no ‘exceptionalism’ in the web of life - but try telling that to Monsanto, DuPont, and the rest of their ilk.


In the meantime, the DJIA is up 255 points today.

I don’t even know what to say (or do) anymore about this human induced sixth extinction that we are experiencing. There was a time when trying to string words and thoughts together about human induced climate breakdown (a term George Monbiot recently coined) seemed helpful.

Wendell Berry wrote:
“In this state of total consumerism-which is to say a state of helpless dependence on things and services and ideas and motives that we have forgotten how to provide ourselves-all meaningful contact between ourselves and the earth is broken. We do not understand the earth in terms either of what it offers us or of what it requires of us, and I think it is the rule that people inevitably destroy what they do not understand."

The great tragedy, as I see it, is that most humans don’t care to understand other life forms on this magnificent earth unless there is some personal gain.

Many do not have love, empathy or compassion for nonhuman life and many do not care to cultivate it. Many even scorn the notion of love for nonhuman life.

Even some “environmentalists” I know care more about how to sustain humans on the planet rather than trying to figure out how a critical mass of humans can love----- yes love and understand----- all the parts of the living world.


I’m all for forced closure of military bases. Any reason will do.


While I’ve no doubt climate change will flood us and many places permanently, Chis has become a doom sayer in too many articles now. Yeah, that will happen but do you need to wallow in it Chris? Wouldn’t it be better to make public the main companies and people responsible for causing it? 100 companies create 71 percent of the worlds greenhouse gases. (Corrected) If you don’t know your enemy you have nobody to blame and will start blaming ourselves when in fact we were usurped.

"The distribution of emissions is concentrated: 25 corporate and state producing entities account for 51% of global industrial GHG emissions. All 100 producers account for 71% of global industrial GHG emissions"

  1. China (Coal)
  2. National Iranian Oil
  3. Russia (Coal)
  4. CNPC
  5. PDVSA
  6. Peabody
  7. Total
  8. Petrobras
  9. Nigerian National Pet.
  10. Saudi Aramco
  11. ExxonMobil
  12. Pemex
  13. BP
  14. ADNOC
  15. Sonatrach
  16. BHP Billiton
  17. Lukoil
  18. Gazprom
  19. Coal India
  20. Shell
  21. Chevron
  22. Poland Coal
  23. Kuwait Petroleum
  24. ConocoPhillips
  25. Rio Tinto


The flooded cities of the past did not have toxic waste and flooded nuclear plants to deal with; this go round will be much, much worse. All of the ice on the planet is in unstoppable decline; it is all going to melt. Once the melting ice has sucked up all the heat it can and the seas have absorbed all the heat they can, the temperature will really begin to accelerate. Long before that however, all of the coastal cities will be well under water joining those flooded at the end of the last ice age. It’s a done deal and all of the electric cars, solar panels and windmills, while slowing down the progress, will not change the outcome. The die was cast when the population of the US did not follow Jimmy Carter’s example of putting on the cardigan sweater.


While Minister Hedges is correct in his apocalyptic report, his pessimism is irrelevant. Either we choose to live in the world that we are in and change it for the better as best we can, or we cry until we die – a luxury for the bourgeoise, but not t he rest of us.

So make your choice kids. Try this on for size: NO FEAR! FUCK 'EM!


They had all kinds of toxic wastes, especially sewage. While we must be clear-eyed about scientific reality, romanticizing the past does not help us.


Stick with a poet like Berry, Monbiot is pro-nuke power as a “green” alternative.




Miami has been in a building boom,yet what I learned this week is that the city is built on limestone which is porous,which means building some wall will not hold the water back-----and the people living and moving to Miami know this?


Miami is essentially built on a sand bar and the city is a brainchild of the syphilitic Al Capone. I’m serious. You can look it up. Capitalism personified.


We are human, in all that means

Therein lies our slim chance of survival

Or our certain date with demise


My God! The always prescient Chris Hedges has written another masterpiece! I expected this. When he skips a week or two on here, I have noticed that there is a big one coming, and that he is deep into his research and reading. He may just be the most well-read and articulate journalist/columnist/essayist that I have ever read. I take his work very seriously, as I have never found him to be wrong. I certainly take this one seriously, as well, and hope that all who read this will also!