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The Great Game in Afghanistan (Twenty-First-Century Update)


The Great Game in Afghanistan (Twenty-First-Century Update)

Dilip Hiro

Call it an irony, if you will, but as the Obama administration struggles to slow down or halt its scheduled withdrawal from Afghanistan, newly elected Afghan President Ashraf Ghani is performing a withdrawal operation of his own.


Good article Dilip, with one exception: The U.S. war profiteers never lose a war. They love all wars because they always make billions and billions of war profits… win or lose.


In the US ignoring global reality is our greatest pasttime. Meanwhile, the empire races headlong into the rising seas, as we also ignore our radical contributions to climate degenerations.

Thank you for an excellent reading of another US decade-and-a-half-long massive bipartisan blunder.


Thanks Dilip for sifting through that.

Not mentioned is Afghanistan’s other neighbor - Iran. Iran is actively courting Kabul promising to expand and upgrade and make accessible by formal agreement Iranian ports nearest to their common border. China will probably counter with a rail spur to the new silk road (is that topographically possible?) - a conduit for precious and rare-earth metals to China’s high-tech industries. Iranian ports could funnel some of that to other markets.