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The Great Leap Backwards: Trump's Blueprint To Make America Not Great


The Great Leap Backwards: Trump's Blueprint To Make America Not Great

John Atcheson

The Trump administration is doubling down on oil, gas, and coal at a time when the rest of the world is committing to getting off the stuff and investing in renewable energy. Renewable energy, by the way, is the cheapest new source of energy, the cleanest source, and it creates more jobs here at home than investments in fossil fuels do.


Trump’s campaign theme song:


It takes the work of Many to keep the Low Income, Low Information portion of Trump’s Base Unaware of how he is Screwing them.


Nonsense. They are actively and consciously involved in screwing themselves. Just look at the recent vote at the Nissan plant in Mississippi as an example, and recall that is not the first time it has happened.

For decades conservatives cried that UAW workers made too much money and had too many benefits, so when the time comes to vote for union representation, they reject it two to one.

The workers’ struggle today is to keep their pay as low as possible and eschew any kind of healthcare insurance or retirement benefit. To be paid what you’re worth is to embrace “communism,” and we all know how horrible that is…


“user fees”=Republican taxation


For those of us used to reality-based politics it is a challenging trying to understand Trump who appears to be engaged in destroying his own country in many ways. I guess the first thing to try to understand is where does Trump’s political power come from. It seem to be based on a couple of essential things. First and foremost is stirring up white rage against minorities. To really get this going to the point that it creates real political power requires many lies about minorities. The claim about Obama not being born in the US was what got Trump started on his climb to the presidency. A second essential thing is claiming that the mainstream media always lies about everything. This is where fossil fuels become acceptable because the claim is made that the media is lying about climate change. While obviously Trump’s policies in the long run will be disastrous he only cares about the short run and having political power now. It is not clear what Trump actually believes, He is a conspiracy theorist and is delusional about his own abilities. But by promoting more use of fossil fuels and attacking funding for science and hiding scientific data his efforts can only lead to destruction.


The automobile is like globalization: Driving is a choice of other ways to travel,
yet, cars impede the other modes and become their own impediment.
Globalization likewise impedes ‘lesser’ though no less fundamental
economic scales small to large, local to state to national economic structures.
Coincidentally, globalization too blows hot gases in our faces and poisons waterways
from drill site to loading dock and everywhere in between.
But exotic air travel (ala global economy) is just sooo special.


Meanwhile the military, the church and other obedience based training institutions have had the budgets quadrupled.

Wait. Actually, there is no limit to how much money they can receive, because their balance ledgers are kept in the dark and the fed hands out trillions to them faster than Sean Combs can hand out hundreds at a Kentucky Derby.


Hence the distraction of his immigration policy. Does his base really think he cares about undocumented immigrants, considering how many of them likely work at his hotels and golf courses and the fact that his wife was once an illegal immigrant?


All this winning is making me sick of being Amerikkkan.
Adios, ninas and ninos.


The Nissan employees make $26 / hr. Roughly the same as the top UAW workers…without a union.


IIRC, China is currently producing 2/3 of the world’s solar panels and 2/3 of the world’s wind turbines – not just for itself but for sale to other nations as well – and is investing heavily in research to improve its already domin­ant technology.  We could have done well in the international renewable-energy market, but are already falling way behind.

And of course we’re doing all we can to improve our schools so our country can better compete in the future –
see https://www.commondreams.org/views/2017/08/07/back-school-more-expensive-year-yes-and-heres-why

Way to go, Tweetle-Dumb!   Make 'Murika Grate Uh-gin!!


Oooops, We may have to add Health care to that list.


Very good points. I think it is as basic as organization. Since Reagan they have been organizing by buying out media and have now expanded into just about everything. They don’t just have better organizational skills they are ruthless too. They destroy organization ability that gets in their way or undermine it just enough to make it useful to them. John Oliver did a piece about the NRA that explains this principle well. We the People is good too.



I know it’s no consolation, but history will not be kind at all, to the Orange Pig and his sty of Morally and Ethically Corrupt Oinkers.

It must be our life’s work to speak Truth to Power, and educate as many as we can of the dangers of the Duopoly.


Greed and fear keeps the oligarchy in denial that the most democratic countries are the happiest countries and often the ones with the highest per capita incomes. Or they simply don’t care what happens outside their little world as long as their Wall Street Casino keeps churning on.

Pity the poor super-rich who must worry about the maintenance of their mega yachts, airliners, mansions and keeping up with the Rockefellers while being threatened by economic democracy.


Are you sure ? Nissan hires through Kelley Temp Services and advertises more like $12.00 per hour from what I have seen here in MS.


Didn’t realize that all the Nissan Workers happened to be Trump’s Base.


No Democrats

No Republicans

No More


those are contractors. the employees make ~$26. Read the NYT or WaPo articles on the situation.