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The Great Moral Issue of Our Time


The Great Moral Issue of Our Time

Bernie Sanders

Let me begin by congratulating Chloe Kim, a first-generation American, who won a gold medal for the United States in the women’s halfpipe snowboarding event this week.


Bernie, post Dem Convention, has become a cynical opportunist politician. Bernie has consistently waffled on gun control, supported Clintonian 3-strikes legislation and consistently takes the position that the US. should be the most militarily powerful nation on the face of the Earth. So when he talks about “morality” he has to look in the mirror.

While he has done many great things, when he threw his whole being to supporting Clinton, he abandoned any claim to moral positions.

In fact, if Bernie was honest, he would say that politics has little to do with morality. It has to do with building enough power to achieve (hopefully moral) goals.

The U.S., and all of its citizens, abandoned all claims to morality of any kind when it was founded as a white supremacist, patriarchal, property-owning nation. No U.S. citizen can claim being moral if s/he does not fight those three pillars of the United States - a a patriarchal, white supremacist capitalist imperial nation that has extended its hegemony over much of Grandmother Earth.


Good grief, not this nonsense again. He made a principled decision based on his reasoned opinion that Trump would be an unmitigated disaster as a president. And he was right. I have no love loss for Clintons or the DNC and neither does he. But for god sake, give it a rest.


What a refreshing change from mindless, ignorant, moron, racist/bigoted/sexist “tweets” of few characters we are inundated with!

Sanders is not perfect and chooses which issues to go all-in on, but he knows which issues to fight-for and when - challenging all power-centers and corruption all at once is a fools errand… A real test will be how he challenges the Dem status quo big-money whores… or not. Millions are looking-up to his integrity…I hope we all get the actions we hope for. As always, one must walk a mile in another’s moccasins before throwing mud…


What makes anyone think that Bernie can solve anything??
Bernie is TOO OLD, and he is PART OF THE PROBLEM.

Bernie will not be able to get the OTHER CAREER Politicians to change anything. Who in the government is going to get behind him??



The colonies were founded by the British. If you don’t like the way things turned out you should blame them. Do you think the early character of the US came out out of thin air? But regardless of how the US started the country was based on high ideals and these ideals have had a powerful influence here and around the world. I think what the US did was take the ideals of the Enlightenment and put them directly into government. And we are still trying to live up to those ideas. In almost all countries people can own property. The USSR was a major exception and we know what a disaster the USSR was. White supremacy and patriarchy are key beliefs of the alt-right. All people who support the Democrats are in effect fighting against white supremacy and patriarchy. That is a major reason I would urge everyone to vote for Democrats in November to get as many Republicans out of office as possible.


So tell me, do yo live in Cali DisneyLand or Orlando DisneyWorld? BTW, look up the fascist history of Walt Disney and his work as a propagandist. Oh, never mind. Will you get me some free passes though? Nothing personal and all that.

And Give Hiilary a kiss for me and check in on Debbie Wasserman Schultz… She tweeted about the FL massacre yet?


I tried to write it better…and I failed. Excellent comment.


You are wrong Emphyrio. The moment you accept corruption anywhere, you are accepting it everywhere. It is systemic at this point. The reason we are where we are at, is because people didn’t confront those very power centers and corruption before it was too late. Now, nothing short of enlightenment and outright revolution will save us.


You are correct…Citizen United needs to be overturned for a start. This system is corrupted to its very marrow…Nothing short of outright revolution will solve anything at this point.


“You can jail a Revolutionary, but you can’t jail the Revolution.” ~Huey Newton~


You’re too young to say something that insulting. Respect like Bernie has is earned; in that sense it is ageless, among politicians today it is priceless.
57% and being Numero Uno is called " clout ".
Turn your sour grapes into sour wine, drink it, get back to me.


Sorry, but the great moral issue of our times is climate catastrophe and what the rich people, corporations and countries of the world will do about it. Whatever other issue one thinks is important, climate change will make it worse. In a world where a couple of million refugees in the Middle East can cause a global crisis, what the hell is going to happen in 20 or 30 years when there are 100 or 500 times that many? And in 50 years with a billion or 2 refugees? We need to plan now, set up institutions to deal with the many people who will need help or face death, and make a huge effort to spread some compassion (and a little education about who the real enemy is) in the red states.

We’re already facing many internal and external refugees and nothing Constitutional can (or should) be done about citizens moving from one state to another. We need a plan.

"More than 156,000 Puerto Ricans have moved to Florida — a key swing state in U.S. elections — since the [climate change-worsened] storm hit the island in September."
http://www [dot] miamiherald.com/news/local/news-columns-blogs/andres-oppenheimer/article184816303.html#storylink=cpy


I do agree with your point Dan - similar to “if there is no justice for all, there is no justice for any”.I expressed myself very poorly, even tho there are other parts of my comment beyond the one you point-out - I hope they make some sense.
Evils, including corruption, should not be tolerated, white-washed or ignored. I guess what i was trying to say was to point-out the contrast in communication between Sanders and trump, and that a candidates first goal is to actually get elected to effect any change - otherwise it’s self-defeating. To build a winning coalition is paramount and attacking all power centers all at once may not be the strategy needed to win in our corrupted, manipulated political system and subverted media - all based on big-money.

The possibility of real change is slim to near none in today’s world via “elections” or revolution.


For me the moral question is why do we have a global economic system that allows some countries to prosper and others to fail forcing their people to leave to seek the means to live with dignity? Why do we have an economic system that creates inequality then singles out those that become a consequence of that as our president did with the comment about , “shithole countries”.
The problem is a global economic system that creates winners and losers, and to make sure those that are the present winners stay the winners so that they can look down their arrogant noses and call them losers and accuse them of not working hard enough, as if many of those that have extreme wealth every worked a day in their lifes.
Of course the nasty little truth is that all wealth as been stolen form the poorer countries and taken by the richer ones.


You’re here illegally. Your parents are the responsible parties, not the citizens of the US who desire the maintenance of rule of law. The lack of same makes the place they fled what it is, and their willingness to violate US law with full intent, brings that same toxin with them.


You’re right about the winners and losers, and the system which creates this zero sum game is the abuse of rule of law in service of both actual corruption and central economic planning and it’s zero sum outcomes.


What is wrong with you? Sanders is one of the most, if not THE MOST


E - I’d really like to see the end of your sentence
— My guess is that you and I are in agreement.


Bernie skips the only argument. Immigrants aren’t the problem. The scapegoating is a ruse being used to normalize Authoritarianism for all of us.