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The Great Seed Piracy


The Great Seed Piracy

Vandana Shiva

A great seed and biodiversity piracy is underway and it must be stopped. The privateers of today include not just the corporations — which are becoming fewer and larger through mergers — but also individuals like Bill Gates, the “richest man in the world”.


Food, neoliberalism's final frontier. This is what happens when corporations make the laws; they come up with laws that give them ownership of the commons, in this case seeds. I can hardly believe that we have come to this: the privatization of nature.


Bravo to Dr Shiva and all the food/sustainable-ag activists that fight the power of poison/profit-driven agriculture - if indeed corporate big poison ag can even be defined as such....
All that untapped wealth, ripe for the picking......all those billions of mouths to rip-off.........if only we (Monsatan, et al) can force farmers all over the world to buy our seeds, our fertilizers, our "death-ready" GMO proprietary crap (and sue them if they interfere, we could be billionaires. If only.

But thanks to leaders that see the writing on the walls of corporate greed and lack of concern for any semblance of sustainable agriculture, the task has been getting push-back.

Open-pollinated varieties - those that seed can be saved year to year by farmers - that have been selected over a century in some cases to be highly nutritious, tasty beyond compare, adapted to local conditions and cultures are still around, not thanks to the kindness of corporate dead-agriculture.
Big-ag varieties are designed to pack and ship well, look nice, and produce lots, but they don't have the nutritional value, the taste or traits of older varieties. Ag lands become dead, numerous animals and insects are destroyed and the quality of life - live soil is lost.
Government has become corrupted by money and profits above all else - rule Of the corporation, By the corporation, and For the corporation - with highly malleable (read corrupt) officials and politicians serving vulture capitalism in all its destructive mechanisms......a deadly state of being we will be lucky to survive.......




It is also an evisceration of the Feminine force of Creation seen in how men, science, and the man-made codification of all things living leave the feminine Divine Mother principle out of it all. They want to clone life. They want to own birth channels. They want to command nature not live in partnership with the Divine co-creative force. And how women are viewed, valued, and treated in much of the world confirms this absence of understanding of the Divine equation: one writ in Partnership between He and She. DNA is itself a marriage of genes (in equal sum) drawn from both parents.

Bill Gates (as I have stated in the past) totally fits Edgar Cayce's prophecy about Ex-Atlanteans reincarnating in America and bringing their genetic engineering intelligence along with them.

Gates see life as nothing more than a series of codes.

He thinks children's minds should be coded to function like machines hence his investment in standardized testing.

He thinks all bodies react in the same way to standard medicine hence his investment in vaccines (lest it's something more sinister as the posted clip suggests).

And now the patents on life, the theft of ancient seed/farming knowledge, and ultimately the CONTROL of food and who has access to it.

The man IS a cold-blooded reptile and/or machine.


This is part II... I can post Part I, too. This is Abby Martin on Monsanto and it's a must-view... the history of this company is even worse than I thought:

MONSANTO by Abby Martin:


This is where Gates does "The Freudian Slip" that links vaccine circulation with population reduction/control:


That's his PRESENT bio.

What does that have to do with his anti-life sentiments?

Gates is the #1 funder of vaccines even though there is a HUGE and growing body of evidence of the vast harms the overload of vaccines is doing to children.

Gates is a huge funder of the entire "Standardized Test" model which is depriving children of the natural, inherent love of learning and turning them into clones whose minds must be formatted like machines!

And Gates' interest in owning seed copyrights... that is blasphemy to the Great Mother. All seeds belong to HER and HER children.

These men who play god make me very angry... because as a highly empathetic soul, I FEEL the pain they cause to so many.

Like I said the other day, watching the actions ("by their fruits ye shall know them") of the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson, Rupert Murdoch, and Bill Gates... it's OBVIOUS that there MUST be a cap on wealth. These people have so much money and they do horrible things--to justice, persons, places, and things--with it. In a very real way, it would help their karma to liberate them from all that mullah!


The Gates clan also funds charter school legislation to assure that they can brainwash kids in addition to profiting from their schools.


And some people still do not understand that all property is theft...