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'The Greatest Sngle Step' to Help Elephants Was Just Taken


'The Greatest Sngle Step' to Help Elephants Was Just Taken

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

In a development widely described as game changing for the ecosystem engineers, China has announced it will enact a total ban on its domestic ivory trade by the end of 2017.


Well this is truly good news, for a change. Let's just hope poachers don't crank up the killing in their last year.


Organized Religion that believes that are we not OF the Animal Kingdom, but rather hold DOMINION over it, results, ultimately in tragic situations like this one, now possibly ameliorated, that has long victimized Elephants.


We are all Gods creatures, if such a being exists at all. One is no more valuable than another. The life of a human is no more important than that of a elephant.


Well, it's about freaking time. The last 200 years the ivory trade and killing of elephants has been carried on with the blanket complicity of the oriental ivory carving trade. Now if we can just convince horny old Chinese men that rhino horn is not an aphrodisiac maybe we can stop the killing of those poor creatures.


Great White Hunters were slaughtering Rhinos, Elephants, Lions. Giraffes, other game for centuries. The Trump boys still do. The great beasts did not reach endangered status due to the Chinese alone.


China says no as of next December while the local Hong Kong traders are irate because HK has given them 5 years to sell off and shut down.

If they can't sell it in China, they have four more years to do so in HK. Too bad HK govt cant take a similar quick step but allows this barbaric practice to continue for 5 more years. Buying as well as selling ought to be banned as well.


Why not immediately?


sbrownn - You're not helping.


Hopefully - we are coming to our senses.


Nice deflection. But Great White Hunters did not penetrate into central Africa until the 1890's, not centuries. I never said it was the Chinese exclusively. I said they were complicit, which is true.


Save, but for how long! Surely elephants will join us in the "sixth extinction" now occurring.


Now if they would just face the reality that most of the horribly destructive Chinese folk medicine ingredients are basically inactive, a lot of other creatures, from sharks to pangolins,to rhinos, to bears would have a shot at surviving the plague that is humanity.


Organized religion the greatest pox on the world.


Yes, and the Trump boys said they were doing the people a favor.


Yes, the gilded age.


Anybody doing this needs to be jailed for life.


Absolutely and elephants actually take care of their herd.


Organized religion is for profit and control.


I agree, and also why are Afican people who are starving continuing to have kids and develop even more land?