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'The Greed of UnitedHealth Is Killing Americans': Outrage as Insurance CEO Bashes Medicare for All

'The Greed of UnitedHealth Is Killing Americans': Outrage as Insurance CEO Bashes Medicare for All

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The CEO of America's largest private insurance company faced a flood of pushback from progressives Tuesday after he launched a misleading on Medicare for All.


In former times, I was a salesman for United. It was easy to sell and paid well. A salesman of such insurance must repeatedly tell him/ herself that time spent on the phone, going out and seeing prospects, and securing the necessary signatures and money is something like “doing God’s work.” Selling then becomes a sort of religion and everyone BELIEVES really hard that it is the best way. It is NOT. Bernie’s way is BEST.


In the 1936 presidential election, Alf Landon fought ferociously against Social Security with the same apocalyptic arguments that are being used now. Right wing groups even outspent the Republican Party savaging it. We won.


The Parasites last gasp.

It will be increasingly important as this progresses to remind everyone that:

Health Insurance companies do not make their money by PROVIDING Healthcare.
Health Insurance companies make their money by DENYING Healthcare.


Time for these “robber-baron” insurance executives to go away. They’ve basically raped the system for their benefit. Who needs $83 million dollars for one year’s work? It is sick and that is what the U.S. is- a sick country with a sick culture. Time for radical change.


The fact that For Profit private insurance providers are beginning to use defensive scare tactics is a Great Sign that Bernie is winning the debate.


Medicare For All, Private Insurance Companies For No One.


The inefficiencies of the private health insurance system are absurd. Who could invent a sillier way to pay for health care? Not one smidgen of actual health is represented by the $4.5 billion in profits made by United Health in just the last quarter of 2018.

To add farce to absurdity - a middleman to the middleman - consider the role of Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) who charge insurance companies to negotiate drug prices for them. A recent Congressional hearing showed how the PBMs end up “negotiating” in a way that allows them to skim off the most possible for their own coffers.

Then to add mockery to farce to absurdity – a ruler for the middleman to the middleman - it turns out that three PBM companies control about four-fifths of the PBM market. They are CVS/Aetna, United Health, and Express Scripts.

The cycle is completed by adding ludicrous slapstick to mockery to farce to absurdity by them having the audacity to label single payer systems as costing too much.


very sick celebrity worshiping culture … celebrating the ultra wealthy: athletes , movie stars … all very sick and used by the establishment to say “you too can be wealthy if you work really hard at (acting, basketball, baseball… whatever)”
Wealth is mostly a matter of inheritance or luck if you don’t have the inheritence


We need some new medicine to cure us from the sickness of soul that shrouds this country. We really do need a breath of fresh air.


UnitedHealth Group ranked number 5 on 2018’s Fortune 500.

They won’t go without a brutal fight.


Yep - United Health calls itself a partner with consumers sharing an elevator on the rise. It’s a simple partnership - they get the elevator car and we get the shaft.


On C Span this AM someone had the nerve to ask: What will happen to all of the poor people who work for private insurance? A pox on them!

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Fear not progressives! Nancy is on the case! Just like impeachment and green new deal, single payer is off the table.
The only way single payer has a chance is that if Bernie is elected POTUS, and democrats take back the senate with some actual progressives.
Oh, and of course it will require Nancy, Chuck, Hoyer, and the rest to of the clintonites be exercised from the party. I’m not holding my breath.
This era could have been a defining moment for Pelosi and Perez. Instead they have chosen to keep their faces in the trough and their curly tails in the air.


Very good!

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could not be happier that the healthcare CEO vultures’ stocks are going down. next, they need to be dispensed with so that every american, from birth to death can have affordable, accessible,expanded MEDICARE FOR ALL! GO BERNIE, the only person I trust in politics today besides AOC!


This greedy CEO wants his $83 Million a year.

Medicare-For-All would likely put him in the unemployment line.

All he can do is lie.


Three out of four TV ads in October and November are for Medicare Advantage Plans. In my area, one half are by United and the other half by Humana. Medicare Advantage Plans cost Medicare up to 22% more than regular supplemental gap plans and account for 60% of all gap plans. Each September, seniors on Medicare get a booklet explaining benefits for the following year. Four years ago, one could find 16-20 plans listed to provide regular gap insurance. Now one can only find 3-4 Advantage Plans, including United Health peddled by a well known senior citizens scammer organization.
Why does Medicare only advertise plans that will cost 22% more? Don’t know…but if you have a United Advantage Plan or any Advantage Plan and you get sick you will understand why United Health Care ranks #5 the Fortune 500 list.


Perfect! I fear it’s getting late for a progressive movement to be in time to save the whole US experiment from imminent collapse. As wealth is extracted on propped up economies built on debt the whole house of financial cards is soon the fall taking the world down with it. The insurance scam here in America has been gaming the system for a long time. Just one of many cars the system is built on.


It’s happened to me. I used to have a good gap plan that was bought up by Blue Cross-Blue Shield. Now it sucks. My costs–out of pocket costs–have risen about 350% over the last 7 years.


It might be effective to try and get more candidates to jump on the Medicare for all bandwagon. While this could lead to the messages dilution, it would help legitimize the platform in the eyes of the center. The performance at Fox News should be evidence of the platform’s anti-gop base potency, but the establishment, willingly or reluctantly, needs to made to at least play along.

After all, Trump cowed Republicans on free trade.

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