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'The Greed of UnitedHealth Is Killing Americans': Outrage as Insurance CEO Bashes Medicare for All


Get rid of all of this confusing crap they put out to confuse and deceive. They should be in prison.



But they care about you…in their advertisements.



Unemployment lines are for people like us…not the special elite who have basically robbed and raped the good people of this country for too long. I think a 90% marginal tax rate would be a good place to start correcting things.



Hi SequoaBison… oh that UnitedHealthcare ,CEO Wichmann is scary and stupidly being in people’s faces about how he’s undermining Ideas like Medicare for All.

It should be very interesting, and possibly scary if he has any need to go into the hospital------as people now know you that he cares only about money and the sick people can just be disposed of----------well, good luck if you need any surgery, Mr. Wichmann : (

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I was fortunate Reader. After graduating from college, I only had one break in my work history in which I took advantage of Unemployment.

The break lasted 3 months, and back in 1975, if you voluntarily left your job, you were penalized 8 to10 weeks before you could get any funds.

I received checks for a few weeks, then I got a job that I stayed at for 30 years.

End of story.

Here’s a tune.



Heath insurance jobs will be a necessary casualty. The corporate elites didn’t bat an eye when they emptied the nation of rust belt manufacturing jobs to pad their bottom line.



The trade off then is - a few jobs, a couple 1000 employees perhaps? - or millions dying and untold others going bankrupt as a result of outlandish medical expenses. Yep, gotta protect those jobs and profits no matter what the cost.

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They still won’t bat an eyeball. A pox on them!



Good job! Are you an engineer?



“The CEO of UnitedHealth made $83 million in 2017.”
I have a problem with the idea that someone who works for a public service corporation can be producing anything that is worthy of such compensation. What do these people do that merits the transfer of such great chunks of the nation’s wealth? For make no mistake, wealth is finite even though most of us must deal with quite a bit less then the absurdly bloated numbers reflected in the pay of corporate potentates. Again what do they actually do that is valued in figures that would support a town with three move houses?



It took the Great Depression to cause Wall Street to lose its strangle hold on America. It is back with all the greed and power of the twenties and the future is even bleaker than it was then. We really cannot afford the huge sucking sound created by these short term managers of out nation’s production. At least then we still had a healthy planet to live on.



The jobs lost in the insurance industry will be offset by the additional number of employees needed to process paperwork in the government medicare for all branch. Lots of people will be able to improve their income and retirement package by working for the government instead of lousy paying insurance companies!



The dust bowl helped drive the desperation that led people to stand up against the system, an early sign of a sick planet getting sicker.

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Medicare for All would “destabilize the nation’s health system”

YES! that 's the point. If you mean that it disrupts the insane profit and curilty of the system. It needs to be .
600,000 people went bankrupt last year because of industry greed. It needs to end.



Exactly, they don’t provide any healthcare for the premiums paid to them. These CEO’s and the share holders and investors all play on a level of greed that makes me want to hurl.

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Nope, I was a business manager.

Now, I’m a retired bum. That’s short for business manager.

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Good points KINGPIN.



Great! Like the shortcut- PM.



Yes, they might get a pension instead of a “promise”



I meant PB not PM.