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The Green New Climate Deal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/30/green-new-climate-deal

Our grandchildren will know and experience AGW ( anthropogenic global warming ). They will never experience the average temperature of the 20th century. We humans made the earth with this warmer climate by burning fossil fuels. Now we must change out of fossil fuels or create an even more grim future for those not yet born.

Really good piece.

Join the Global Climate Strike, Sept 20-27. Parents, join your kids.

In some phase of this we’ll get around to stopping extraction. On the one hand, the fossil fools are too powerful to arrest, on the other hand, they are committing omnicidal outrages which dwarf those of all previous global fiends. Seems to me we’re past the point of making deals, because there aren’t really that many absolute vampires sucking the lifeblood from Mama Earth. After all, there are more of us than there are of them.

But then again, many of us still like their candy, their cheap energy. And so it goes. We are that close, imho, to initiating a long, slow carbon feedback from thawing permafrost which will rival, then surpass direct human emissions. We may already be there. The sky could turn green and everybody would be looking down at their smartphones.


I would put the first phase of the climate movement at 1972 when the Limits of growth was published. Lyndon Johnson was given an accurate to this day projection of climate collapse; he chose to help destroy the world with a war in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. We all saw the hockey stick graph turning toward vertical. And the latest 2018 Scripps CO2 graph is so steep one can easily see Co2 concentrations crossing into where it was during the Dinosaur age before next year is over. check http://www.constituentassembly.org

In national affairs, as in baseball, you can’t win just by scoring runs; you also have to stop the other side from scoring runs. Carbon tax, Amazon conservation, solar roof panels, etc. are all welcome measures against global warming, but the other side is scoring more runs with out-sized tax breaks, suppression of voting, packing the courts, discriminating web speed, and marketing fear - fear of bankruptcy from an illness, job insecurity, lifelong indebtedness of college loan. Allow them to score more runs, and they will end up controlling most law makers, mass media, the courts, all the while concentrating even more wealth to themselves. Every day that passes, the oil and coal Kochs and the Fox News Murdocks gather more power to their billionaire class .

In a sense, managing the game is what Elizabeth Warren is doing with her policy proposals. She aims to turn things around, level the playing field a bit to make it easier for our side to win at controlling environmental pollution, and much more. Listen to the lady: she knows how and when to fight global warming, by starting with the fundamentals first - Medicare for all, free public college, taxing the ultra rich, fair elections, etc . And Biden and Harris? They are raking in money from Wall Street hand over fist as we speak, with a wink to the elite that the field will stay tilted, while marketing themselves to the 99% by vaguely re-defining their version of Green New Deal with Clintonesque/Obamian half measures.