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The Green New Deal: A Strategy for a More Equal United States

The Green New Deal: A Strategy for a More Equal United States

Jeremy Brecher

he Green New Deal often gets portrayed as simply a program for climate protection. But the Green New Deal — as proposed in a new congressional resolution from Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Ed Markey — stands just as boldly as a strategy to counter America’s grotesque and growing inequality.

I’ve always believed that the things I experience in life, the history the world goes through and my point in it, are somehow meaningful - that I need that context to carefully examine the moral debts I owe. In particular, the extraordinary debt all adults owe younger generations.

Regarding what we experience, it’s time to recognize the meaning of the continual weather insurgency which has overtaken us. Younger people may not even realize, at this point, that it didn’t used-to be this way. My interpretation of the show Mama’s putting on is that it’s time to stop fooling around with politicking and what any expert thinks is socially possible, if that’s what we’re doing, because it’s a sad disservice.

It’s time for serious demands, such as an immediate cessation of fossil fuel extraction. “Oh, that could never happen” people tell me. They shouldn’t tell me, they should tell their own children. Somehow only the children have anything like an appropriate sense of urgency.


I would change “jobs for all” for an “Unconditional Universal Basic Income for all”. We can find our own jobs if we don’t have to worry about surviving.

Also, I would change “tax the rich” to “cap wealth to cap the power of the rich”. Taxing the rich can’t work because the rich make the tax laws through the politicians they own. Establish the Wealth Cap by yearly referendum and distribute excess wealth equally to all citizens.

Change the obsolete and corrupt oligarchy system, for a Direct (Liquid) Democracy:

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That’s right because many older adults are obese and rich.