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The Green New Deal Can Work – Here’s How


The Green New Deal Can Work – Here’s How

Jeremy Brecher


Let all the people decide:


Interesting- nothing on Sen Warren calling out corruption? Warren is addressing the number one issue----THE CORRUPTION IN WASHINGTON-----deal with the corruption and we will see movement on all fronts. I do like Sanders but Warren has a way of going in depth on these issues. But then Warren was on with Chris Hayes and NOT one question on Venezuela-----ow corporate media don’t want to cover the stealing of another countries wealth.


Not on the list, the political will to do any of it. That will only come city by city, county by county, and state by state. Washington will let the world burn until a mass movement forces them to action and by then it will probably be too late. Anthropogenic Climate Disruption is a slow motion firing squad; the oldest (my) generation and most responsible for the crime will be dead before the bullet arrives, the next generation will get the bejesus scared out of them but still die before suffering major life disruption, but the third person in line will get their brains blown out.


This article made me think of Nancy Reagan’s “just say no” campaign. “The GND can work! All we have to do is radically change every institution that is digging in its heels to resist change, and do it using money from people who will do anything and everything possible to protect their wealth.” Yeah. That’ll happen. Still and all, pep talks do help a person face another day, I guess.