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The Green New Deal: Fulcrum for the Farm and Food Justice Movement?


The Green New Deal: Fulcrum for the Farm and Food Justice Movement?

Eric Holt-Giménez

Over eight decades ago, the Dust Bowl devastated over 100,000,000 acres of agricultural land and the Great Depression threw 15 million Americans out of work. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt instituted The New Deal with sweeping national programs for work, agriculture, food, and land conservation.


The Green New Deal is great. Unfortunately, without system change how can any change last? The oligarchy set us up.

Liquid Democracy NOW!


The Green family farm should be considered the life blood of a nation, but is not…we do desperately need.a farm and Justice Movement! Remove the usurers and corporate poisoners from the equation…


I agree. I advocate an alliance between progressive people in cities and farmers–specifically, the farmers in the rural area surrounding their city. Rural areas usually have regressive voters and politicians, so leaning on the city people could be helpful in the political arena. Meanwhile, this alliance could guarantee farmers a decent price for their crops, since they skip the monopolies and middlemen; in turn, the city people get guaranteed access to local, unprocessed, perhaps organic food whose production they can check on. Eliminating the heavy use of fossil fuel by farms will also mean a need for much more labor–AKA jobs, likely supplied by those city people. Focusing on food also means a better chance for survival through the coming crashes, as relocalizing means less dependence on the delivery of food from myriad distant places. Food is the most critical need.


Good article . The solution is not complex. Marketing boards exist here in Canada and in other Countries and can work very well. The groups promoting “business as usual” will use the same old memes to fight against this such as “We must allow the FREE market” to do its work and “Marketing boards are an attack on FREEDOM and liberty”. It hogwash. They only seek to protect the profits of the few and will do so at the cost of the Environment.

Overproduction of food crops using industrial farming methods is affecting the entire globe. It destroys livelihoods the world over, it wreaks havoc with ecosystems and the profits generated do not reflect the TRUE costs which are all externalized in the “Factory farm” system.

Capitalism is often claimed to be “the only economic system that works” it does not WORK. It cheats and it cheating by stealing from the environment , the commons and the future.


Thanks for reposting these!!! I read the article from the Guardian when it first came out and was deeply moved.

Our family farms and farmers have sustained rural communities for generations and 100’s of years. They passed the land, experience, and knowledge down to the next succeeding generation for even longer, going back to the indigenous peoples of this land. Growing or raising food in community is a way of life that gives life meaning and purpose. Working the land gives us connection to the legacy and history of place. It literally grounds us to life on Earth. Industrial agriculture strictly for profit has broken our intrinsic connection to life itself. We have become mindless consumers with no life force.

And YES we need a Farm and COMMUNITY Justice Movement!


Sounds like a page from the hippie counterculture days of self sufficiency, co-ops, and organic farming. Add off grid energy or non-electrified optional existence.


This should be a no brainer but isn’t because of our vulture capitalism, greed and profits come before people and planet.

Thanks for article.


Yes. We may have a couple pages to write yet on that one.


From the article you linked… and thank you

"(…) Rosmann has developed what he calls the agrarian imperative theory – though he is quick to say it sits on the shoulders of other psychologists. “People engaged in farming,” he explains, “have a strong urge to supply essentials for human life, such as food and materials for clothing, shelter and fuel, and to hang on to their land and other resources needed to produce these goods at all costs.”

When farmers can’t fulfill this instinctual purpose, they feel despair. Thus, within the theory lies an important paradox: the drive that makes a farmer successful is the same that exacerbates failure, sometimes to the point of suicide. In an article, Rosmann wrote that the agrarian imperative theory “is a plausible explanation of the motivations of farmers to be agricultural producers and to sometimes end their lives”. (…)"


Misandry and racism in the leadership, mostly in the form of white women and or women only in leadership is rampant. take a look at food first and other food industry groups, where women are 90 to 100% of those hired. Men of color are very often the least hired group.
Here in Seattle, straight men of color are excluded from hiring as white women control the hiring and divide men of color according to their sexual identity and straight men of color commonly get demonized and seldom if ever get hire!
Gender bigotry and gender bullying by white women and gays of color, have creates a very hostile work environment for folks who are not gay or are not white women.
Food first and other similar groups are intentionally not hiring in gender and racial parity, gender equity and are not hiring men of color.
The women who work at Food First, told me that not hiring men of color is not important at all, and that their bigotry and misandry is justified as women are being mistreated some where in the world. They, like most women in the green industry, refuse to understand that gender justice and gender equity is impossible unless men are hired in numbers equal to women and that when men are seldom hired, it is straight men of color who get targeted for not hiring.
gender and racial parity in hiring and in leadership is not being practiced by women, particularly white women, who are in leadership, which condemns generations of men of color to being marginalized and targeted due to their race, gender or sexual identity!
White women, women of color and gays only groups must be challenged and confronted about their misandry and racism and refusal to practice gender and racial parity in the green industry and social justice industry!


With the exception of Mr. Holt-Gimenez,