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The Green New Deal Is Going Global

The Green New Deal Is Going Global

Kyla Tienhaara

It’s the third period of Game 7 of the Stanley Cup playoffs and we’re trailing, badly. It’s time to pull the goalie and send out the top forward line. We don’t know if we can actually win, but we’re going to give it everything we’ve got.

I wish that Kermit the Frog would appear in a lot of Green New Deal information. He could sing, "It’s Not Easy Being Green, " and then he would explain that its not impossible either. Kermit would have different ideas sent out so that all the little kids would bug their parents into Greeness! : )

To save the planet, increase renewable energy, make smaller cars, turn off the air conditioners and go to ceiling fans.

The idea of the Green New Deal is going global.

The enactment, funding and implementation of the GND is non-existent pie-in-the-sky. Tick, tick, tick…

That’s nowhere near enough to ‘save the planet’ but at least would be a start. More comprehensively, to get down to zero emissions:

Exactly. Have you ever heard of a bill sponsored by 12 Senators that was put up for a vote and received 0 votes? I don’t remember that ever happening before the Green New Deal. What an embarrassment!

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Is it, I’m ‘global’ and must have missed that. Not even sure what it is other than something new happening in US politics along with the discovery of social democracy…

I played with the article title. You are certainly correct that the idea itself is hardly global.

Yeh, I got that. I was just also adding to critiquing the inflated, unrealistic optimism of this article.

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The Concept of “Green New Deal” is still emphasizing endless economic growth and that is simply not possible in a planet with finite resources and also extracting many resources has been getting rapidly more expensive science the early naughts. And combining “growth mentality” with scarcity will significantly increase the gap between the “haves” and “have nots” in this world(Although temporarily China is one of the exceptions).

The Green New Deal is great! It’s getting the word out about the climate emergency. It should be passed. I applaud AOC. The one thing I hesitantly bring up about the Green New Deal is that many feel it is a partisan issue. There are too many elements attached to something that is meant to reduce carbon emissions. It will take a long time to get this passed, time we don’t have. A more immediate solution is the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act of 2019, HR-763. It is currently in committee. Citizens’ Climate Lobby, CCL, is working on it being a bipartisan bill. Technically, it is. Believe it or not, there are conservatives who are in support of it, and there is one Republican co-sponsor, so far. The bill is very simple, and studies show it will reduce carbon emissions by 40% within the next 12 years, which is better than anything that is happening now. British Columbia has been using a similar program for years. It has been so successful that the entire country of Canada will be implementing the program this year. Please call congress members and ask them to co-sponsor HR-763. CCL is hoping people will call on June 5 and tweet on June 11. By the way, the bill has 36 co-sponsors. The Republican co-sponsor is Francis Rooney of Florida, which makes sense. Florida is one of the states, if not the state, being most affected by climate change.