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The Green New Deal Is Indeed a Big Deal


The Green New Deal Is Indeed a Big Deal

Sonali Kolhatkar

The most visionary resolution to emerge from Congress in recent years, encompassing both the climate crisis and economic inequality, has captured the imagination of many Americans. In less than a year we went from having never heard the name Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to watching the impressive, young rookie congresswoman achieve more in a month than most of our representatives do in a year as she rolled out the Green New Deal (GND) resolution along with Sen.



A direct tax on carbon is so fundamental to dealing with global warming, I will believe these GND people are sincere when they actively pursue this goal.

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Corporate America’s response to the GND:

Instruct corporate media to ignore the proposed legislation. Never debate it, never comment on it and pretend that it doesn’t exist.

Target all politicians who support the GND by withdrawing any and all corporate funding for their campaign. If the politician is still gaining traction, bombard them with frivolous lawsuits thereby bankrupting them.

Pass legislation to prevent the internet from being used by left wing groups and individuals who are trying to educate the public about how corporations are willing to sacrifice the planet for short term profits.

Increase funding for Democrats and Republicans who promise never to acknowledge, support or debate the GND much like the legislation that prevents sitting members of Congress to acknowledge Israeli nuclear weapons or their overt oppression of Palestinians.

Create false articles about the GND that label it as a Chinese/Russian/Socialist/Communist/Jihadist conspiracy to “destroy our freedoms and imprison all of us!” …but only if the GND movement proves particularly stubborn.

As the military is wholly dependant on fossil fuels to fuel its imperialistic quest for empire, label the GND as a “threat to our national security” and threaten those who support the GND as “enemies of the State” with promises of sending GND supporters to prison or worse.

Encourage people to go out and shop more.

Remind people more often that they live in the freest country in the world and that America is the greatest country on earth because we have the biggest military the world has ever seen!

Crack down on scientists and activists who know the truth.

Shop some more.



US Navy routinely synthesizes diesel from carbon extracted from carbon dioxide captured from atmosphere with sticky traps made by Global Thermostat and hydrogen extracted from sea water. It costs US Navy more than our too big to fail fossil fuel firms are willing to spend, but it is proof that we do not absolutely need fossil fuel.w



Many are comparing the GND to Agenda 21/30. If the GND is advocating for “smart cities” and smart grids, 5G technology, then we should be very concerned. There are too many health hazards surrounding these mini cell towers that’ve been going up at a rapid pace nationwide already, near school playgrounds, which is particularly alarming since it may cause sterility. These are things we need to talk about.

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(it is still carbon based fuel, with the same disastrous effects to roughly the same degree as other carbon based fuels)



As far as a rundown on the movement’s development goes, right after a day of work this article struck me as a bit exhaustive, but this morning it struck me as essential and perfect. Many thanks to Sonali Kolhatkar and Common Dreams.



Not that it’ll matter to us in the next 10 or 20 years, but even if tiny little marginal Wakandas in the far future were able to somehow get enough rare earths…there won’t be enough energy-enabling-oil around to facilitate mass production of any of their advanced communication devices, let alone tech-turning-holograms-into-real-3D-items. Maybe folks’ll remember how to build crank-up field phones (maybe using crystals), and some lucky folks’ll talk to each other on the same frequency…over a distance of 20 miles or so. Maybe. For those generations it’ll be back to Whole Earth Catalog days. Science Fiction’ll be refuted in toto, and IMO the modi operandi advocated by Vandana Shiva, for instance, will be the way humans survive.

I’m learning to save CD comment links so as to preclude typing things over and over. In this comment the paragraph just above the Naked Capitalism link begins what’s perhaps relevant to what you’re saying, Kristin_Lee. With Major Party Backing, Ocasio-Cortez and Markey Unveil Green New Deal Outlining 'WWII Scale Transformation'



At this point in the conversation the GND has to be the squeaky wheel that needs the grease. If we keep it in the minds of people until it is a common dinner subject, the media will be likely to put it higher up on their agenda of reporting.
Can’t ignore it if people keep as a live topic.



Isn’t it crazy that we are willing to spend anything to do the wrong things, and next to nothing on the good stuff?

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There is no energy replacement for the living arrangements and activities we conduct with fossil fuel. We can only reduce the worst of our most wasteful, air water and land polluting, chemically poisonous industrial uses. Official denial of global warming meant only to increase dependence upon wasteful fuel/energy consumption is a crime against humanity.



Except for wind, solar, geothermal, reduced consumption and energy efficiency.

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Activities which require more fossil fuel than any zero emission, renewable bio-fuel nor energy efficiency can allow their continuation: trans-oceanic shipping and trucking from ports. Luxury air travel. Massive daily single-occupancy vehicle cross-county and via mass transit commuting. Ships, trucks, planes, rush hour traffic. These activities cannot continue business as usual with renewables and energy efficiency. They must be reduced a minimal amount as most necessary transport and travel which can mostly be met with renewables.