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The Green New Deal is Not Enough: We Need an Alternative Globalization


The Green New Deal is Not Enough: We Need an Alternative Globalization

Michael Galant

The Green New Deal is the most ambitious climate plan in Congress.

Developed through years of grassroots activism and propelled to fame by the rising star of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the proposal has attracted the support of more than 40 members of Congress, Senators from Sanders to Booker, and even 64% of registered Republican voters.


Finally, an article that meaningfully addresses the need to fundamentally attack the decision-making apparatuses that are (mis-)labeled(/measured) the economy. Only when humanity recoils from the absurdity of trying maximize “economic” activity can sanity have breathing room. Peace doesn’t run on a treadmill. In fact it abhors such.


“Domestic policies like the Green New Deal, however necessary, are insufficient. To prevent global climate collapse and the emergent right-wing authoritarianism that lurks in its wings, the global economy must be radically restructured.”

Great article, but don’t expect the world’s oligarchy to restructure the global economy. That we have to do ourselves.


Excellent article. The roots, of course, go much farther back than just the dawn of neoliberal globalization cited by the author. Here’s something related i just posted on another thread:

i propose we abolish the “limited-liability, investor-owned” corporation. It is the basic building block of the modern capitalist economy. It was, quite literally, invented to carry out colonization – the first limited-liability, investor-owned “joint-stock company” was the Dutch East India Company. The British East India Company was reorganized to follow the same legal structure. In carrying out colonization, these marauders adopted any practice to promote profit and claim to “own” what they “discovered,” including enslavement and mass murder / genocide. Today’s inheritors of this business model, the corporations that rule the world today, carry forward this model of colonization (of lands, peoples, resource, and consciousness) and of profit above all else, very well, with more sophistication and more tools, and more penetration of politics and society and consciousness, than the original such corporations. We need to recognize, name, confront, and abolish this organizational model for “the economy,” and replace it with corporations that are chartered to prioritize social and ecological accounting, above financial accounting, and that are owned not by investors, but by communities: for example, communities of workers (worker cooperatives), communities of consumers (consumer cooperatives), political communities (nationalized or municipal corporations for example, like public utilities), or are held in trust on behalf of these communities and the ecology (community housing trusts, ecological trusts, etc.).

This is just one key step in de-colonizing the economy. Additionally we need reparations for genocide, enslavement, colonization, capitalism and neoliberalism, with land reform, wealth reform, and legal reform (like the rechartering of corporations along these lines). We need to take the stolen wealth of humanity and the Earth from the inheritors of colonization and everything else, who today claim to “own” everything, and redistribute this wealth democratically, with controls like wealth-cap and income-cap to prevent future such distorted accumulation of “ownership” by a tiny “elite.”


The question now is how do we go about changing the entrenched system? Personally, I prefer a peaceful transition via the ballot box, but as we all know, that is rarely an option. Therefore I feel that the first step in placing humans above corporate investors is to create a national list of politicians who have a voting record of undermining the public interest. This would be more than just a national shaming exercise, it would also help people quickly (hopefully online?) identify the corporate sycophants in their district so as to avoid empowering these agents of corporate America. Until we “clean house”, meaningful progress on any environmental front will be impossible.


The kind of revolution it will take, just in this country, to bring down the oligarchy will make the French and Russian revolutions seem like picnics, but, as in those revolutions, the number of citizens who have nothing left to lose will need to reach a critical mass. The numbers are growing with each passing day, but there are still far too many Americans unwilling to rock the boat, leaky though it may be and still far, far too many brainwashed citizens who seek salvation through political saviors and a corrupt political system. Voting either D or R will never produce a true revolution. It only further entrenches a corrupt and malignant two party system.


What I’ve linked below is slightly off topic, but I believe it all ties together. The link is with a blogger named Greg Hunter talking with Catherine Austin Fitts, hunter is a little annoying the way he keeps interrupting her, but the information she talks about is big, big enough to interfere with anything we want to do like the Green New Deal. For those who don’t know, Fitts worked on Wall Street, was the Assistant Sec. of Housing under daddy Bush (where she first found the discrepancy’s in the federal accounting systems, she talks about in the video), and was teamed up with Dr. Mark Skidmore trying to audit the Pentagon in 2017 and came up with the number of 21 trillion missing that AOC tweeted about a few weeks ago. If you haven’t seen it yet, I strongly encourage you to watch it, if she’s correct our government as we know it, is toast.
Tried to link it 2 different ways, someone doesn’t want this video seen, so go to YouTube,
search Catherine Austin Fitts - Federal Government Running Secret Open Bailout. (44:14), 2 weeks ago
Sorry for the trouble with the link.


A capitalist rose by any other name would smell of shit.

Aren’t you aware of the various other names for capitalism? The exchange economy. The profits system. The wages system? Commodity Production? Production for Profit? The buying and selling society? Your alternatives do not do away with capitalism or exploitation.

It seems that Marx after all his years in the British Library writing his volumes of analyses of what capitalism wasted his time if people don’t read his works


i’ve read lots of Marx. i’m not sure you understand what i’m writing, but since you just say “Your alternatives do not do away with capitalism or exploitation” without any explanation or specifics, i can’t respond.


Great article.

One example of what you are a talking about :

Africa under the World Bank and IMF rules for getting loans, which they pay back massive interest charges and creates total dependence are banned from growing Hemp.

Hemp is the planet’s number ONE plant ,it can replace so many nonrewneable resources at a tenth of the cost.
You can make tens of thousands of products from Hemp.
The seed from the plant could itself almost end world hunger ,it’s that good for you.
Do not take my word for it just search up The Benefits of Hemp.
We are being seriously undermined by those in positions of so called authority.


This is true but I don’t see how it can be done. On the issue of global warming/climate change, the delema is considerable. How can oil driven vehicles possibly be eliminated? There is no way I kniw of to mass produce enough vehicles to replace all the oil burners fast enough to replace all those currently on the road burning up our atmosphere. If it could be done, where would all the now useless wrecks be put? Wouldn’t: want to dump them into the ocean. It has quite enough junk in there already. The only viable idea I’ve ever heard about was to pack up thousands of rockets and shoot them into the sun, There has to downside problems with that many junk ships headed into the sun. But what else to do with all the junk we will have to get rid of!?

Even as simple a thing as ridding the planet of disposable plastic bags. That idea is pretty popular as eco ides go. But living here in the Philippines and buying much of our food in open stall marketplaces shows problems with any attempt at reform. They are good here in that they fold newspaper pages into neat little carry bags, but those don’t work too well for holding wet meat or dribbly wet things like that. The commerce system has established itself with rolls of disposable plastic bags and it would take a major communication and coordinated efforts to reorganize the way these transactions are done especially since most people here are relatively poor and their needs must be taken into account and given consideration or else they will feel shoved aside, and that is no way to get them to buy into working for a cleaner healthier future.

Of course it would be great if, for example, if meat consumption could be phased out due to the pollution and health problems meat production causes. It would take a monumental support and effort to get a majority of the people who are barely managing to get by and survive to change their food preferences and habits without dissing and disrupting their culture which is not a good way to motivate enthusiastic participation in far reaching life changes for reasons that may not be able to induce the kind of understanding of why these changes are necessary for the survival of all.

I would love to believe that it isn’t too late, that terrestrial life can be saved, that a vast ugly die off which seems to the direction things are headed for can be staved off. But part of the joy for me in doing my retirement here is seeing all the beautiful interesting small children with their adorable and interesting behaviors and thinking how great the odds are against many of them surviving to transform into the kinds of people they are capable of becoming,

I try to be hopeful and optimistic, but the events I am constantly made aware of make that challenging. I don’t want to be dispenser of depressing downers so I will do my best to cheer people up and facilitate hopefulness and positivity as much as possible, but the destructive and mean spirited components of humans nature don’t make that easy,


We Need An Alternative Reality.

In much of the world, governments rule with greed and hate and total disregard to what the masses commonly desire.

A flashy named political platform stolen from a repressed, progressive political party, will never amount to anything, as long as those who attempt to enact it’s policies, do so without the people as it’s main benefactors.

Corporate rule degrades society, and erodes any Democracy that exists.


Catherine Austin Fitts is one of my she-roes.
Thanks for your post; she needs to be widely viewed.


Yet another alternative to the pervasive problem facing civilization and the climate system that sustains it. Naturally, as progressives, we agree with the merits, wishing it could become a reality.

I cannot be the only CD reader/commentor who realizes we are a miniscule group, here in our corner of the information network. Imagine if vast segments of the population alluded to in such proposals of massive, fundamental change were as aware of these possibilites as those of us who routinely follow them online.

In short, there will need to be some way of spreading this message, such that millions, not just a few, embrace and act upon the knowledge that will facilitate the transition required.

Perhaps concepts such natureboy’s linked ‘Hacktivism’ article will work. My technology skills are not that of the younger citizens. But it is their world we’re really talking about, as we all move into that future ahead.


Recently I had a eureka moment. It seems I’d found a specific fossil fuel use that if immediately curtailed 90% would act like the first domino to tip whereby the other fossil fuel use dominos would fall, even though this use is only a perceived 2% of overall fossil fuel use. Guess which fossil fuel use is the first domino. I’ve given a couple hints on this comment board and others, but this time I’ll repeat my projection: If the first fossil fuel use domino is tipped, measurable reduction in CO2 and atmospheric temperature will occur in 5 years. No smartass answers please.


Right you are, and I do, talk with others every chance I get, or create.

But after reading this latest gloom-and-doom piece, I took a trip to my local library, and found it reassuring, as I have all my life. Without sounding too, well, philosophical, it evokes the Cartesian in me.

Then my thoughts became of what remains positive in our world, and all that is outside the shadows of the ‘ruling elite’, as Hedges comments. I chuckled at my own humor, that Chris is way more than a glass half empty sorta fella. Nope, he hears the ringing echoes of a damn near empty glass, that’s cracked and chipped, and needs to be replaced.

Yeah, there’s a lot of, um, stuff in the world, and more than a fair amount of it stinks to high heaven. But as others have remarked, his stuff tends to be depressing in its intensity. I wonder if he really feels that way, with his everyday life, or it’s just his writing style. I mean, he gives Steven King a run for his money.

And whether it’s him or CD, but I’d like to see a more recent photo of him, instead of that badass boy look from his younger days, with the upturned collar and thinner look. Like the rest of us, time takes its toll, Chris.


A land value tax would hit the rich hard as their obsessed with large homes and owning land .

Number two would be a maximum wage, they can still earn ridiculous amounts of money but it would be tens of millions,there would not be billionaires.


You nailed it Space_cadet. We need to keep the horse in front of the cart with issues as well as making sure our voting system is honest before any changes in legislators can happen. Especially in the gerrymandered senate districts.
We need to start at the roots, the beginnings, not the middle or the end.


What you linked is important, but it’s a different topic than the link I was unsuccessful in posting. In that video, she talks about a new system that’s been put into place in our government that allows corporate entities to remove funds from the treasury of the US without Congress’s or the Executive Branch’s approval, or being able to stop it. She calls it a secret open bailout. Scary stuff if you haven’t seen it.


Your complimentary remark is much appreciated.

As if to put a finer point on this issue, we happened to watch a documentary, Sustainable, last evening, which is indeed inspiring.