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The Green New Deal Needs an Anti-war Message


The Green New Deal Needs an Anti-war Message

Arturo Desimone

"I have taken the conservation of our natural resources as the first lesson that points to the necessity for seeking community freedom." Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1912

The Green New Deal can only succeed as an internationalist campaign—and that means listening to many other, non-ecological concerns expressed by populations most impacted by global warming.


The problem with this is that the Democratic leadership are Pro-War.

Don’t ever expect this to change as long as 95 to 97% of the voting electorate continues to vote for both war parties.

Big Wampum for War Parties.


National borders may be useful for dividing the Earth’s people against each other, but they’re useless in stopping the free movement of pollution, pathogens and the many other consequences of climate disruption. It’s long past time we looked beyond those arbitrary and all-too-mutable lines on a map and started looking for global solutions to our mutual problems.


The Pentagon uses more petroleum per day than the aggregate consumption of 175 countries (out of 210 in the world), and generates more than 70 percent of this nation’s total greenhouse gas emissions, based on rankings in the CIA World Factbook.

Common Dreams 7/31/18


I wish people on the left would have more common sense about linking one issue to another. Yes virtually everything is connected in the big picture but they aren’t when trying to define or present an issue to the general public. It is naive to think everyone has the same grasp of the issues especially when an issue or an idea may be new to them. It is therefore self defeating to mix (or muddle) one issue with another when trying to convince someone about something they aren’t well versed in.

While those of us (like the author for example) who understand that things are connected whether scientifically or through societal or other linkages, that doesn’t mean that you will convince someone of the merits of your cause by confusing or rather conflating it with other causes.

People on the left resort to this conflating of issues far too often. The result is to find the right mislabeling or mistagging the main issue with confusing side issues or even with outrageously bogus mischaracterizations that stem from these side issues.

The right says the Green New Deal wants to take away our hamburgers! Now vegetarians may have a serious point about eating less meat (cutting down forests to create more grazing for more cattle) and that the meat industry creates a lot of methane. Similarly, the author points out the connection between war and climate change. Or does he mean excessive military budgets? Or the increase in pollution caused by the military? Clearly his is an anti-war message which is important to people on the left as peace defines us.

However the Green New Deal is a starting point for discussing ways to save the planet and in fact he is almost arguing against the GND in favor of his own main issue.

This muddling of issues is often what the right tries to do, hoping to turn off one person to climate issues by linking it with some other issue. Take away hamburgers?

Personally I would rather that someone on the right who disagrees with me on other issues would link arms with me as we both protest march against climate change. We can disagree about those other issues (like war and third world poverty et al) later.

On fighting climate change … we both agree.


can’t fight climate change without fighting against war. in fact, that is the easiest target because it does not take away hamburgers.


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AMEN!, Arturo Desimone.

Somebody needs to inform AOC and others about this. The Green New Deal becomes irrelevant in a time of perpetual war.


A more correct declarative would be to assert that you can’t fight climate change without fighting fossil fuel use.

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Hi GuildF312s: Yes, I agree that borders are used to divide people----but really, REMEMBER the disasters of war come to the environment: to the air, soil ( i.e. growing our food) and the WATER! OMG, that should wake people up.
Wasn’t learning that the U.S. and Israel used depleted uranium in Iraq and we saw the Iraqi babies born with their internal organs on the outsides of their bodies? How about the American soldiers , along with the Iraqi citizens, who inhaled all the toxins from the burning of all the plastics etc. in the burn pits of the American occupiers?
How about “Collateral Damage,” and hearing those helicopter pilots speak of the people as unimportant targets for practice? How about all the awful injuries from all the roadside bombs?
I would have thought that Americans learned something important when the smoke from all those California fires went EAST and compromised air for the nation. And as pathogens: look at all the people that suddenly refused a measles shot—for religious or what ever reasons.
Hmmmmm in the 14th century plague worked like that ----when the air buried we all breathe is everybody’s ----- it’s scary to realize how vulnerable humans are-----and as for the pandemic of 1918—I always wondered if all those ancient germs which were previously buried and built over with centuries of building atop the old-----I wonder if all that 1918 really did was to wake up and free ancient pathogens for a world awakening. : (

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Silos never let the sunshine in

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Mr Arturo Desimone thank for your article about uniting several forces to combat further damages to our air, water and land. It is obvious that international efforts to educate citizens about the cause and effects of our war economy and never ending push to use up the earth’s resources are imperative. Also important is a need to question the values of Academics and Politicians who constantly evaluate life by quoting the GDP’s and other economic gradients instead of the quality of human existence within our polluted surrounding.

I think it would be helpful for you to give more specifics when writing about citizens below the Tropic of Capricorn and the financial capital living in a bubble ie Singapore.


What is denial of global warming but a declaration of war?
With the same grisly results, death toll, destruction, misery.
Mother nature and/or our vengeful God having fits of anger?
Human nature induces anti-social segregation and class division.
It will cost too much to save human modernity as we know it.

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There will be no green new deal 'til the military is told to quit killing people.

The number one polluter is the US government. And the military is #1 in the US government.

Central plans spending deficit budget money give us constant war,

A seven facet constituent assembly form of government is needed now.


My demands for the US federal government in priority order:

  1. Declare a #ClimateEmergency, tell residents the truth, enact laws to address the emergency, establish a citizen’s assembly for oversight, eliminate all government subsidies to the fossil fuel industry.
  2. Withdraw all military personnel to within the US borders, cancel all DoD contracts, defund the DoD by at least 75%.
  3. Impeach Trump, Pence, Barr for obstruction of justice.
  4. Prosecute GWBush, Cheney, Obama, Biden, Trump, Pence for war crimes related to Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen.
  5. Prosecute all current and former elected officials for complicity (who voted in favor of funding) in war crimes related to Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen.
  6. Prosecute all current and former flag officers for complicity (who obeyed illegal orders in violation of international and domestic law) in war crimes related to Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen.
  7. Implement universal, single payer healthcare.
  8. Enact comprehensive immigration reform, grant asylum where justified.
  9. Rescind the PATRIOT Act and FISA, those portions of the NDAA which violate the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.
  10. Dismantle the Department of Homeland Security, review and retain those components that are necessary and do not violate the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

This is just my beginning demands. I will not vote for any candidate that does not agree with these demands.


Spot on assessment of human nature. An anti-war message in the GND however is probably necessary as Mister 45 is plainly preparing for war. His “America First” slogan may mean the USA First as the ‘least bombarded’ nation. His tone of voice is ‘resentful’ toward those whom he intends to harm. He has brought harm and threat of wars to come. Any GND should inspire Americans. So far, I’m not impressed. Our current economy is built of iron standing on clay feet.

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Thanks Sunflower for pointing out this key element in the biggest reason for fossil fuel pollution and contributions to Climate Change.


This Wereflea, is exactly why all of the Republican party is denying Climate Change exists.

They’re providing cover for the Oil Industry.

Their deep pockets pimps.


You, my fellow Common Dreamer, are either the “Second Coming of Christ,” or "DarkAgesAmerica In Wonderland."

Either way, bravo!

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Any GND campaign message should highlight the positive benefits of new energy sources, new systems for travel and transport, new ways of living - new form and shape of more resilient development especially where natural disasters take their toll and rebuilding must occur. Shouldn’t we prepare beforehand for disaster? We’ve all seen how MrTrump crudely treats disaster victims and refugees.

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