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The Growing Case to Ban Fracking

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/23/growing-case-ban-fracking

WATER is LIFE, fracking is DEATH. That seems easy enough to remember, so why can’t the government>
Maybe someone should bring fracked water into Congress and give everyone a bottle and then ask them to smell it and drink it. It would be interesting tn see what would happen.
A long time ago, someone said that an army moves on its stomach----i.e. plan ahead and don’t get stuck without People Fuel aka food and water.
I once called a pharmacy pill maker for allergies to see if they manufactured their product close to the business center in PA. They asked why and I said I was worried that their allergy pills might be impacted by fracking and wanted to know how close they were to that. They hung up— I was not surprised, but I could never use that product again either.
Doesn’t Congress wonder about all the products made that could be impacted by fracked water—I wish they would be worried.


The reason the Government can not understand that water is life, is that they are a death Culture.

The economic system they use is premised on destroying things for the sake of profits. In the Oil and Gas Industry , life itself is labled as “Overburden” that gets in the way of the profits that lie beneath it.

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