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The Growing Irrelevance of President Trump


The Growing Irrelevance of President Trump

U.S. President Donald Trump
Robert Reich

 He is still a dangerous showman and conman, but when it comes to the actual work of governing America, the president is becoming utterly and completely irrelevant.


And this we’ll be dealing with long after he’s gone!


This is what is central to Trump, certainly not health care, taxes, environmental regulations, etc. He is playing a major role in the international white nationalist movement. This movement appears to be a growing threat in the US and in Western Europe, and Russia is using the internet to help this movement in order to undermine Western democracies. A right wing extremist party just did very well in the German elections. Right wing governments have taken over in Poland and Hungary. Right wing extremists have been causing trouble in Sweden. Trump has been making progress in instilling fear into undocumented immigrants. He has revised his Muslim ban to make it more acceptable to the courts and we will have to see how that works. And perhaps most importantly his actions have helped energize the KKK, neo-Nazis, skinheads, etc. When it comes furthering the white nationalism movement I would say Trump’s relevance is increasing.


Would we be in this predicament with Trump and the GOPers if the Democrat Party had nominated Bernie instead of trying to force us to vote for Kissinger’s buddy, Goldman Sachs protege, Gaddafi and Lybia’s assassin Hillary? No? So do we get rid of the neoliberal Democrats, take our party back and win? Or do we high tail it to a third party and lose for sure as always like the Kochsters want?


Not really. Most of what he has done can be repealed by executive order. Sure we will have to clean up the mess but, at least the messing will be stopped without significant damage to the basic structure.


“neoliberal democrats” is correct…Bernie is really and truly a democrat, HRC is a republican, the shift to the right started with Bill C…now the right is off it’s rocker…a real hard swing to the left? Bernie seems to be handling it rather well, me thinks…will we survive trump? most likely not, europe is a neoliberal disaster…global warming and climate change will wipe the slate clean…


There has to be a sustained movement for a new party of strength that actually has ‘the people’s’ interest at stake. Ever since the ‘new deal’ was in place, by FDR after the great depression, the capitalists have been attacking relentlessly all the taxes, social systems, and various other actions that eased the impact of the depression. Then with WW II the war brought the country out of the depression. Now the economy of the US is dependent on ‘war economies’ big banking and endless regime change actions to increase profits. This has only increased this century. The presidents keep these policies in place with cabinet picks that ensure their smooth operation between administrations. Trump is just a warped cog in the wheel of government, an ineffectual one at that, unqualified to govern. He has put Goldman-Sachs in charge of the economy, put an ultra-conservative judge in the Supreme Court, gave the military, with Congress’s blessing, an enormous increase, and insulted many top officials around the world. Irrelevant, I don’t think so, harmful, most certainly, dangerous, immensely and divisive to boot . He’ll only be irrelevant when no one pays any attention to him, at all.


It would have been hard for the Democratic Party to nominate Sanders at the convention given that Clinton had about 400 more pledged delegates. If you want to place blame I would say the place to start would be South Carolina. Sanders had some momentum coming out of Iowa then got a big boost in New Hampshire and really still had momentum coming out of Nevada. Where everything started to fall apart from him was South Carolina. The landslide victory for Clinton in South Carolina carried over to Super Tuesday. After Super Tuesday the question was did Sanders still have any chance. The following Tuesday pretty much sealed his defeat, particularly his loss of Florida. After that the odds of Sanders winning became almost impossible. A number of very unlikely things would have to happen and they didn’t. You can already see potential Democratic candidates for 2020 shifting left so I think party will be further left in 2016 than in 2020. Without Hillary Clinton being a candidate which discouraged many people from running in 2016 there will probably a long list of candidates. Should be great for the hotel business in Iowa. Potential candidates are probably already making visits to that critical state.


After a brief hiatus the Deep State has resumed control.


Iowa is only important to party zealots who believe that even a sliver of votes shows who is leading. They have picked the eventual party nominee possibly once out of the last 9 or 10 elections so they aren’t really critical for much more than bragging rights.

This nonsense of 4 plus years of election season needs to stop by drying up the flow of money. Quit allowing campaign donations to be wrote off personal or corporate taxes and the money would be slowed to a small stream instead of the uncontrolled and overt bribery that it is today.


I’m note sure what Reich is trying to say here in this strange reversal from a position or alarmism to pollyannism but the enforcement Clean Power Plan was ALREADY been halted by the pro-big-business courts before Trump even got elected, and now the EPA is dropping it altogether. The federal register/review/comment process will only be a formality…


The similarities to the 1930’s are very disturbing.


The normalization of meanness, bigotry, racism, violence and misogyny that he has encouraged cannot be repealed. That evil genie is out of the bottle and in our midst. It’s not the structure I’m so concerned about, it’s the people!


Our disaster in chief is a impostor. Hopefully Washington will block his every evil intentions. I have mor faith in the American people.


Don’t get your hopes up. Even though I too have faith in the American people, unfortunately they have no political power in the kleptocracy that is the U.S. As for the people in Washington, they agree with most if not all of what Trump wants. They just don’t like how Trump is running his mouth off about it.