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The Guardian Reveals Its True Face by Sacking Progressive Columnist Nathan Robinson for Criticizing US Military Aid To Israel

And for left wing sites that stray too far from the corporate herd, the ETM (Evil Tech Monolith) employs a kinder, gentler form of censorship known as “demonetization”.


Also this was said a time when opium was the best last-resort pain medication. Marx did not mean “the heroin of the people” as an addictive drug, he meant “the palliative of the people,” as pain relief.


hm…wouldn’t have been too long after coleridge’s early 1800s opium fantasy either…which i believe was widely known enough for km to know, before or during his british library research…heaven as ordered luxury vs the suffering and squalor of life on earth…

…dunno when 19th c. opium dens started…but, as to opium and the proletariat of the time, i see in wikepedia, "For the [working class](h ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Working_class), there were many low-end dens with sparse furnishings. The latter dens were more likely to admit non-Chinese smokers.[[1]](h ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opium_den#cite_note-OpiumMuseum67-1)…

…so opium may have had a contemporary function km saw as linked to religion…


While its coverage of Assange – mostly non-coverage, by the way – is instructive,
it isn’t the clearest or best evidence of the paper’s rightward turn. As Cook
persuasively points out, The Guardian’s long and exhaustive smear campaign
against Jeremy Corbyn and other British socialists is definitive.

Also noteworthy for those naive enough to think the paper is left-wing is its disgusting
coverage of Venezuela, Nicaragua and other Latin American political contests.


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Thanks for posting this, Baska. To contend that any religion
– regardless of its philosophy, mandates and guidelines
– is above criticism is an abdication.

One among many problems: who decides what is a legitimate religion?


“regardless of its philosophy, mandates and guidelines”

not to mention its institutional record…

…‘religion is as religion does,’ to paraphrase one anti-communist slogan challenging socialist utopian-ism stressing good intentions (an apologetics, as the right would have it) vs bad results…

there’s as much convincing evidence that 9/11 was a false flag op, for those who aren’t still brainwashed to dismiss the very idea that all ‘conspiracy theories’ are hogwash and have taken the time to look deeply into the matter, as there is that the earth is a sphere. i mean, there’s no doubt whatsoever, but i’m not going to bother reciting here any supporting documents or sites; they’re easy enough to find for anyone curious and open minded enough to look. the same applies for the fact that for the u.s. political establishment, israel’s shit doesn’t stink, not ever! now why should that be? i don’t know, but obviously, zionism carries far more political weight than one might expect, given what a small minority jews are in the world. something fishy must surely be afoot, for a nation like israel to be able to militarily attack the most powerful nation, as it did in the case of the u.s.s. liberty in 1967, and instead of seeking retribution or at least a public apology as would be the case with any nation besides israel, american officials sought to hush up the incident. something very fishy’s going on when the tail wags the dog, when it should be the other way around. i don’t know what precisely that is, have nothing against jews per se, am simply perceiving and stating the facts as they appear to be. if that’s ‘trafficking’ (a term of bias which is always used to demean the alleged ‘trafficker’) in ‘jewish conspiracy thinking’, so be it. at any rate, conspirators of one sort or another, who control ‘intelligence’ agencies, which in fact operate as organized crime syndicates for deep state interests, are behind many world changing events, false flag ops, assassinations, coups d’etats, and such. lots of suppressed history, partially documented in books, but not taught in schools or reported by big corporate media. lots of stuff sheeple never learn except for a small minority who think critically and independently, who can delve into time consuming independent research. doing so, one ultimately learns that we live in a world filled with deceit, violence, and concealed conspiracies to manipulate and exploit public opinion, so that the desires of ‘elites’ may take precedence over the needs/desires of the masses. this is our world. if u wish, wake up, and smell the dystopia.

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“something very fishy’s going on when the tail wags the dog”

I listed three reasons the US supports Israel - three ways “Israel” is the instrument of US domestic and international right wing purposes.

For example - as I posted - mainly Republican efforts to paint Democrats as “anti-Israeli” in order to gain mainly liberal Democrat Jewish voters is an open and declared right wing strategy.

h ttps://thehill.com/homenews/437754-republicans-to-spend-millions-in-effort-to-split-democrats-jewish-voters-report

Such reasons are obvious and easily verified. In the above case, the purely domestic political stakes are obvious. None of them require hypothesizing ‘something fishy going on.’

Indeed - evidently, in your case, given your failure to reply to the main point of my post - ‘something fishy’-type thinking actively prevents basic political reasoning.


(lost earlier post and CD wouldn’t let me cancel or rewrite, or post for some time)

It’s true that The Guardian has excellent coverage of environmental issues.

But its retrograde coverage of Latin America and the British left as well as of Israel/Palestine, especially under its current editor (and Jonathan Freedland)
bespeaks its fundamental mission. The environmental coverage can been seen as a fig leaf, a form of greenwashing darker purposes.

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While I have only skimmed this, let me say that -like the BBC, which an also be really criticised by me, the Guardian is a Broad church. It is the only (mainstream-enough) paper where I can go and I don’t have to disable my ad blocker or pay to read an article; the only ones (It used to be the Independent) who are bang-on about our wordly and already-happening climate crisis… It has also very good arts overage.
The BBC also has excellent dramas and documetaries and radio stations (i.e. 4 and 6 Music) - that are surely the best in the world… BUT it is and was very bad with ‘socialism’, and will probably get even worse now a former-donor to the Conservative party is running the show!
Bit I could not believe how Jeremy Corbyn, someone who I have met a few times, was treated before the 2017 election. The RWMedia got rid of him with those anti-semitism slurs, which I agree the Guardian has a blind spot towards. We were aware of that. But apparently it is much more than a blind spot! .We have the worst printed media in Europe for its RW bias by the way!
But it is a Broad church and I am not gonna stop reading their stuff, their excellent stuff, on the climate and other things. Not every journalist is quiet about the Israel Palestine conflict - George Monbiot -which I have gone off recently, can make these remarks!
I shall read your article with care when I have time and shall comment further on! And glad you have got a video of Chomsky, one of my true heroes!

The Grauniad may be the best British paper, but unfortunately that doesn’t say much.
But you are deceived if you think it’s progressive, except on the environment.
For lack of anything better, I also read it – and ignore its incessant appeals for donations.

Cook says Monbiot and Owen Jones, the house leftists, have written little about Julian Assange
as well as Palestine.

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With all due respect, I am not deceived! Saying this to someone, is massively disrespectful: You don’t know their experience, their intelligence… You are putting your own view (-which I probably don’t disagree with) over being able to know what I am saying!
It is progressive or just great on the ecology, it is beautiful on it: when I read something often, you know intuitively how it is! We are well-aware of its disloyalty to Corbyn over anti-semitism. I am not going to repeat my points! I owe it no loyalty.

Terrific letter to Mulholland by SJWs. No Matt Taibbi, Czar of anti-cancel culture.


I’m glad you are not deceived … and I didn’t accuse you of being deceived.
I only pointed out that IF you think it’s progressive, you’re deceived.

For further reading, I recommend:

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I do not know what I have to say to reinforce that: (1.) I agree with you But it IS (2) Very Good on the climate. Ask the scientists which media are good for their choiceless message and they would site this paper!
You know …there are large cities some bits are great, safe and good; other areas are very dodgy… Big institutions will be the same!