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The Guggenheim's Dazzling Burn: Sorry Mr. President, All Outta Van Goghs But How About This Golden Toilet?


The Guggenheim's Dazzling Burn: Sorry Mr. President, All Outta Van Goghs But How About This Golden Toilet?

Behold the glorious panache of the Guggenheim's chief curator after the Trumps made the tacky request to “borrow” a Vincent Van Gogh painting for use in their living quarters. No can do, she politely responded, but we can offer an "alternative": an 18-karat, fully functioning, solid gold toilet, an interactive satirical work by artist Maurizio Cattelan entitled "America." Because, notes one pundit, "Nothing says Trump's America like a solid gold toilet." Well-played, artists all.


Good on ya, Guggenheim! A gaudy seat for one of the world’s biggest a**holes. I like the toilet paper, too. I hope they included a case with the fancy biffy.
*If I knew where to get them, I think I’d buy a few rolls myself. An excellent chance to get close to the president. :wink:


I couldn’t believe it was real, but you (and WaPo, and the G’s chief curator) have made my week. And Cattelan, of course. The moment is the art.


Just perfect…a solid gold S**t*ole!


Is this the Best or What?

Thank you for your Heartfelt Message


Abby, if you think i will stop, forget it. I know your work. I have enjoyed it for 10 years. you can be great when you wanna be. But you must leave trump-every-day, which is where you have stayed all year. Please Abby this is not doing anybody any good. you are beating a very dead horse.
now stop


Seemed to be doing 4 of the rest of us a lot of good.


Go have a seat on that golden throne!


Amidst all the doom-and-gloom and horrors we are bombarded with everyday, this was a bright spot in mine. How cool is this, and apropos? I’m sure it went waaaayyy over Trump’s head, with his IQ of a table lamp, but oh did I enjoy this!


Sorry - no offense meant to table lamps…


Thanks, they do light up my life. :-)))


Unfortunately some of my ass-o-ciates are DNC table lamps. It’s a dark tale. The lights just don’t come on

Where as my RNC a-quaint-ences are all bricks
Thick and Dense.
What does one do with bricks.
Build a wall evidently


Methinks they should have paired it up with a “golden shower”.


Trump should accept the seat…and set a up a memorial for Obama in a rest room in the White House… Dedicate it to all the people Obama left “hanging” without anywhere to use the facilities…or confused about which facility they were legally allowed TO use… But the most inappropriate thing Obama failed to do…was borrow another few trillion dollars to build restrooms all across America to provide for the 50+ new “sexes” he created out of his__________. Fill in blank as deemed appropriate…
And don`t forget funding for the paper…After all…ITS A RIGHT TO USE THE TOILET…! (SOMEWHERE…)


It must have been salvaged from Hilly`s State department office… Good to see them recycling…