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The Gulf Oil Spill You Never Heard About May Be the Largest Ever


The Gulf Oil Spill You Never Heard About May Be the Largest Ever

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

While Gulf Coast residents and environmental groups focus on the upcoming five-year anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, a damning Associated Press investigation has exposed the lingering impacts of a separate 2004 leak in the Gulf of Mexico—one that few people know about, and one that is far worse than the industry wants to admit.


Just imagine, if the Obama’s Fast Track TPP comes to “fruition”, and this story is genuine, this non compliant, corrupt Oil Company, Taylor Energy, will have A good shot at suing the US Government and the States in the Gulf for any and all profit losses because even though it is Taylor’s fault and they are most definitely guilty of non disclosure, irresponsibility, gross negligence and various other Environmental crimes, the TPP is there to serve the greedy and not the needy…Corporate Justice in the 21st Century in the year of the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carte-


I find it hard to imagine that this environmental destruction has been allowed to go on for so long.


There a reason for firing hundreds of rounds into a suspect from dozens of cops when the cops want a killing done.

It is so it very hard for the courts to determine which was the shot that did the killing so as to establish blame. Charges against those cops can than be more easily dropped as the prosecution can claim it would take too much in the way of resources so as to establish blame from a legal point of view.

This is very much what will happen in the Gulf. Taylor energy will claim oil found killing sea life and coating the ocean floor is from the BP spill. BP can claim that damages against them should be lowered because some of that Oil from the Taylor Energy spill. Shell and others can all get in the picture as they kill for profit. It is Pemex!! It is Exxon!!

Now throw TPP into THAT mess where it will become all but impossible to establish standards so as to prevent such spills in the first place and you will get the ideal world from the perspective of the Oil majors.

The state can not pass regulations that will PREVENT such spills and limit corporate ability to make profits and if there ARE in fact such spills , well the state can not establish blame as “everyone is doing it”. Like those cops pumping someone full of rounds, they will make a killing.


Who is shielding Taylor and why? How much flow is too much and who decides? Where is the federal or state oversight? I am very thankful for the AP’s reporting, but I want to know more.



It’s a lot worse than that. The Gulf has something like 4,000 abandoned well heads that are capped off but never inspected, since regs don’t require they do so. They are all going to rust out at some point and then Zim-Zalla-Bim!, another ruined Nigeria Delta, that the Seven Sisters refused to clean up. Dead pipelines full of oil are rusting away all over the place.


It is really hard to believe intelligent people would do what is going on. I guess greed? That kind of people should be incarcerated.


TPP is the official end of the republic. Corporate lawyer staffed, Investor Settlement Dispute Boards ISDBs will rule the world. The corportariat and their lawyers will be dictators. How did we get here? Years of corporate skullduggery. Starting with the collusion of military, corporations,CIA and corporate owned media. Feeding the people a steady diet of fear, lies, and propaganda. Buying congressional and state politicians. Rigging voting districts and using unverifiable electronic machines. Sabotage of the Vietnam Paris peace accords, Iranian coup, murder and mayhem, JFK, RFK,MLK,Wellstone Oklahoma bombing, 911. All toward the goal of the fascist patriot act and its extension and NDAA. An electronically monitored 24/7 gulag. 60+ years of passive acceptance of political and economic BS and oligarch racketeering and theft. We need to march like no people ever marched before. Goals,

  1. The oligarchs pay off the national debt.
  2. A constitutional amendment declaring money is not speech, and requiring all contributions have to be publicized on donation. And all candidates who meet petition requirements get equal media time.
  3. A constitutional amendment that makes voting an uninfringible right with a national polling standard.

We need to shut this country down. No one buys anything but food and medicine until both demands are met.


What we have seen in recent years in the Gulf of Mexico is but a harbinger of massive problems in the future. There are “many” (some say thousands) of wells that were drilled and then capped off for any number of reasons. It is a fact of life that salt water and electrolysis eventually destroy submerged metal objects. Beer cans go fast, and and heavy, exotic copper-nickel alloys can last centuries–which sounds like a very long time, but with the number of wells involved, it is odds-on bet that that we are likely to see some these abandoned wells commencing to discharge black oil at virtually any time. One would be a fool–an idiot–to believe that when capping well-heads under thousands of feet of water, corners are never cut; quality control is airtight; and that capping deep-water wells is a “forever” event.


We should put the ‘slicks’ to a good use, concrete life preservers on all the corporate pillagers and ‘bloop’!..problem solved. Yeah, I know, but how does it feel to out-gunned in a fascist war, which this certainly is? Fuck these oil pimps and the ‘nags’ they rode in on.