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The Gun Control Debate: What Debate?


The Gun Control Debate: What Debate?

Tulsi Gabbard

Too often, when you raise the issue of guns in this country, it sparks highly divisive rhetoric with both sides drawing lines in the sand and pointing their arrows at each other. Caught in the middle, we see the faces and hear the voices of children who’ve witnessed the slaughter of their friends and teachers and who are crying out for action. The question is, will we hear them? Will we care enough to do something about it?


The time for debate is over.

You’re either Pro-Murder or Anti-Murder.

No Regulations to protect People, or Extreme Regulations to protect People.

There is no middle ground.


While these extremely modest “common sense” gun reforms pushed by the Sanders-Our Revolution groups are useful, they are not nearly enough.

  1. All gun owners should be federally licensed annually only after a vigorous background check, insurance and stiff licensing fees;
  2. All guns should be federally-registered, limited in number to each gun owner and registrations should be re-upped annually;
  3. All open-carry and conceal-carry laws must be repealed;
  4. All assault weapons, semi-automatic weapons and hand-guns should be banned. They have no other purpose than to kill and maim human beings;
  5. All weapons makers and distributors should be fined when their weapons are used in crimes;
  6. Ammunition purchases should be limited;
  7. Private sales, guns shows and on-line sales of weapons/ammunition must be banned;
  8. Plice must be forced to arm down and get back to policing instead of mass murder;
  9. Etc.

About 25% of the U.S. population owns/possesses about 300 MILLION weapons and millions of tons of ammunition. This cannot stand. At some point confiscation of these murder caches may be necessary. And for all you violent revolutionaries out there I challenge you to get to it or shut the eff up. Thousands of civilians - the vast majority who are unarmed innocents - are diving each year in the most immoral, murderous nation in the history of the United States.

The common sense gun reforms suggested here make no sense in the context of what is happening now.


Also I left out the environmental issues: the production, distribution and shooting of guns causes massive damage to air, water and soil. Guns, among other things, are highly toxic killing machines. And as many people are sure to point out, the gun culture contributes to the culture of imperial militarism which is the centerpiece of life in these United States.


Now have a think about this from Australia:
"NOTE: Personal protection or the protection of another person does not constitute a genuine reason for possession and use of a firearm. Additionally, the protection of property does not constitute a genuine reason for possession and use of a firearm "

I would imagine that the above would be the majority reason given for gun ownership in the U.S. Until that is addressed …?

The above regulation is from: https://www.police.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0016/131164/Info_on_obtaining_a_firearms_lic_FACT_Sheet.pdf


When the debate is misinformed, it cannot be useful.

Tulsi might not be aware of it, but there are too many facts that contradict the various events upon which her analysis is based. That includes SH, the Pulse, Las Vegas and others including Parkland.

How can those events mean what she says they mean when the narratives are contradicted by facts?


As we all know, public opinion polls have little to do with government policy. Yes, the polls support more gun control, but they also support single payer and a whole host of progressive measures. The problem with public opinion polls is what they don’t generate - money. This is what you get in an oligarchy and the corrupt political system that serves it. If public opinion generated money, we’d have change, overnight.


I think this is the best approach as well. Someone should maintain a long list of proposed changes and the percentage support that each one has. As Tulsi said, there is wide support for banning bump stocks (I have never read a gun owner saying they needed one of those). On the other hand, the previous assault weapon bill was pretty widely derided by gun owners I’ve talked to (I’m not an owner), so I’d want to see proposed bans broken down to sub-components and understand attitudes of each one before proposing another one (probably we aren’t going to get anywhere on this anyway until a shift in Congress).


I posted this in a different article - interesting read and it give me hope that maybe we can eventually ban all lead ammunition in the US.


Adults are giving kids a bad example. Stop the Wars of Choice.

The Masters of the Universe teach our kids to kill, then sends them to do their war profiteering. To waste men, women and children who have done nothing to US. PTSD and veterans suicides are skyrocketing as a result.

Conservatives have made war the new normal. Rich paleocons use their media to keep the public in fear, suspicious of each other, of foreigners, and armed to the hilt. Fertile ground for reactionary violence.

Changing politicians can’t change a system of legal political bribery because politicians can’t survive without bribes from NRA, Wall St., Big Banks, the Kochs and the rest. These oligarchs live off the blood of our kids.

We need to get the money and revolving doors out of politics. Let the public make the laws and we will finally have peace.


I call BS. There is only one side of the non-debate that points arrows at the other.

Fvck this both siderism lie.


Nice little unnecessary jab at Sanders. Clinton supporter, were you?


It occurred to me after surviving NRA pathologies of communication - people who want gun control have no need, none at all, to demonstrate that controls will work. We are not the ones enabling the slaughter. We will do our best to make sure gun control works, and there is no need to receive NRA authorization or approval. We don’t go to the Mafia to ask for permission to fight organized crime. We don’t care what the sick minded Mafia (NRA) think. They’ve missed their opportunities to demonstrate patriotism and humanity many times.


Well, well, well! Active military officer in the Hawaii National Guard, Tulsi Gabbard has her say and (surprise, surprise!) she’s not quite sure that the protesters understand the issues!
For such principled statesmanship, I propose Tulsi get the Elizabeth Warren-Hillary Clinton award for irrelevance.
Then she can join the Bernie Sanders club for Democrats who never met a military bill they didn’t like when it benefits their state. Vermont has the ,money guzzling flying joke otherwise known as the F35 and Hawaii has 13 military facilities scattered throughout its islands. https://militarybases.com/hawaii/

She is a pleasant eye full, but what a waste of time her article was!


SCOTUS “found” a personal right to own a gun in the Constitution. That’s a precedent that won’t change. I don’t agree with the ruling, but I don’t agree with many things our gov’t does.

This is a bad hill to die on.

Also, Arsenal makes really, really wonderful AK-47s. I urge every socialist to get one. Or a dozen. Whatever.