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The Hard Lessons of Dianne Feinstein’s Encounter with the Young Green New Deal Activists


Maybe some cognitive functioning standards as well.


Survival of the fittest is a fabrication that benefits the strong (wealthy/politically powerful) and allows them to feed on the weak (poor). The minority dominates the majority. But real humans do not need to live in a created system that deceptively enables predation when we could democratically install cooperation and equality.
It is not a necessity but rather a brutal contrivance.


Sorry, I meant to include that.

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Sure it’s not real but it’s part of our reality .
Thousands die each day as millionaires become billionaires .


There is another emergent factor in our climate change conundrums. Nuclear power is not in any way a safe option for many reasons known and unacknowledged or unknown, so that is where I must disagree with some activists. For information on game-changing developments that need more acknowledgment and support see ufsolution.wixsite. com/unifiedfieldsolution . The problems with nuclear is here, docs.wixstatic. com/ugd/1521ac_73578623cbf14d219c70772592abecdd.pdf . Just a far more efficient design for wind power is here, ufsolution.wixsite. com/unifiedfieldsolution/featured .


Bill McKibben, you have sent my senator a good message. I sent an even tougher message this AM via email (since both her DC and SF phone lines were busy, understandably). I told her that a climate scholar by the name of Lester Brown, has an answer for her, when she told this upstart group of Sunrise, that there is no money. THE ANSWER IS, according to Lester Brown, (in his book Plan B, 4.0), putting ONE THIRD OF THE DEFENSE BUDGET to this task. How appropriate, since climate change has already been determined by the Pentagon, to be a national security issue. Senator Feinstein has been sent 4 copies of this book for herself&staff, plus 16 copies of his 2015 book, The Great Transition. I ADDITIONALLY TOLD HER THIS IS A TIME FOR BOLDNESS, that I believe she has it in her. But she has to FIND IT FOR HERSELF, for her younger constituents, as well as for her own grandchildren. Mitigating climate change is NOT GOOD ENOUGH. A BOLD SOLUTION is what we all want. IT NEEDS TO BE THE HIGHEST PRIORITY FOR ALL OF US. THIS IS OUR FDR MOMENT not to be wasted.

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Lower the voting age!


I’m with you on most of your list but why ban aluminum cans? I skimmed https://earth911.com/living-well-being/recycled-beverage-containers/ which said more or less what I would have guessed: Al cans are one of the best options. Low shipping weight, better packing efficiency, less injuries from no broken glass, it’s valuable enough as a recycling input even without a deposit, and you can crush it to reduce space before recycling.

The only issue with cans I see is the lining. It’s very thin but both in its interaction with food and drink before I consume them and in the way it burns off when the can is recycled, I’d want to make sure we are using the best option of bio based plastic films.


Can’t we just hold her feet to the fire?

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“Feinstein has amassed a career’s worth of legislative savvy,…”

She drives very well, but only to the wrong place!

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Cut the bloated military budget by the amount needed to pay for the GND.

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Feinstein when outlawing declaring bankruptcy for medical expenses said that the wealthy should get 95% of the benefits of any legislation and it was enough to give the commoners 5%.


Feinstein is almost fossil
I wanna go matrix on her before she dues turn.


McKibben is a paragon of courage, civility and journalism.


Absolutely. This is one of the reasons that Democrats and Republicans in Congre$$ have more in common than they do not (and thus we find most Democrats at center or center/right).


We haven’t got time to squabble with this kind of world view , those folks have had their minds mined as John Trudell would say .

Time to transcend those in positions of borrowed authority and create a New system that works for the highest good of all.

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You didn’t vote for me. How out of touch are you? Pitiful creep.

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“Thank you Sir. May I have some more Sir?”

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Want over 7.7 Billion people to be living in holes in the ground and eating roots ??


" Medical debt should not be allowed to ruin Americans’ credit scores," Feinstein said. "Even the most financially responsible family could find their credit damaged through medical expenses incurred through no fault of their own.