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The Hatred That Killed Them


The Hatred That Killed Them

Another 9/11 commemoration. Again, victims' families read out the solemn names, and wept for their own loved ones, and the cry rang out to "Never Forget." Yes. Let us never forget those lives lost - and that Iraq had nothing to do with it, the unholy war that followed was one of lies, its carnage haunts and divides us, and its many thousands of brown-skinned victims - Twin Towers to Mosul - were just like those now under siege by the same kind of hatred.


I don’t recall Afghanistan having anything to do with it either…??? Wasn’t it a Saudi (Bin Ladin) who facilitated the training of the (non-Afghani) perpetrators, IN Afghanisatan? How in the world did anything that went on justify the most powerful country in the world waging war on Afghanistan for 16 years? And the result? Last time I looked, most of the heroin in the US is from opium produced in Afghanistan.


Beautiful, just a beautiful article and poem. I have nothing to add, because it has all been said here.


9\11 The big lie that just keeps on giving and taking. 9/11 destroyed the United States Constitution, little bits at a time over the last, long sixteen years. The Patriot Act and The National Defense Authorization Act are but two glaring examples. It’s past time to invoke the message of The Declaration of Independence, I believe.