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The Health Care Uprising Is Just Beginning


The Health Care Uprising Is Just Beginning

People's Action

WASHINGTON - In the dead of night, the Senate voted to confirm Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) as Secretary of Health and Human Services. The vote was 52 to 47, along party lines, with Democratic Senators unanimously opposing Price, a drug corporation insider who has pushed legislation that would benefit corporations in which he has investments.

Price also wants to dismantle Medicaid and Medicare, health programs that families have counted on for more than 50 years to cover everything from early childhood screenings to nursing home care.



I watched Senator Warren grill this flagrantly corrupt individual and felt myself wince, at his remarkably vapid responses. Warren had the goods on Price and he seemed incredulous at times; as if he were uncomfortable with being publicly shamed for having his 'impaired integrity' exposed.
He should be in prison.


This is all fine but what about real action? Why don't health professions volunteer to help citizens with their health issues? The country will only survive if those sucking at the teat of profits offer their time and expertise to others.